Fall, Family & Their Pup | Edmonton Photographer

17 November 2017 | Family

The colours were nearly gone by the time I met with the Rietveld family. The wind was chilly, so we found a spot that still had some of the pretty autumn colours, and they cuddled up together to keep out the cold. There is nothing better than fall, family & their pup playing together.

By the time the third child comes around, life is super busy. There are lots of kids vying for attention, and so there aren’t a gazillion photos of that new beautiful baby in the family. We made sure we documented their new addition, and she is so alert at three months old!

They played in the leaves, the kids ran off some steam, then came back for another cuddle. It was a beautiful session!

Thank you so much for braving those last chilly days of fall in Edmonton, just before the snow came. It was worth it!


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Theodor’s 6 Month Session

15 November 2017 | Children

We met Theodor as a beautiful newborn with dark hair (check out that session here). Holy moly he has grown a lot when he came to visit us for Theodor’s 6 Month Session!

Being a newborn photographer is pretty great because it means that a lot of our babies (yes, I think of them as our babies!) come back to see us for 6 month photos and/or 1 year photos. It really is a pleasure to document these babies as they grow!

Theodor is a baby with a BIG personality. He spent a lot of the session sticking his tongue out at me, and then he would laugh and laugh about it! I’ve never ever seen a 6 month old do that, I couldn’t stop laughing! Seeing him made for a pretty fun day of work.

If you follow us a lot you’ll also notice that I’m posting these blogs in NO order. We also photographed Theo’s mom and dad’s wedding, and it still hasn’t made it on the blog. it’s really silly too, because their wedding is gorgeous and full of dramatic dark skies and they have some more of our amazing clients in their wedding party. I’m still planning on blogging it! Two years later isn’t too late…right?

Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your big moments! It means so much.


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Baby Rhett | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

14 November 2017 | Newborn

We first met Rhett’s mamma at an amazing fall wedding last year (check it out here, it’s stunning). We had such a great day with this whole wedding party. When I opened the front door to welcome our clients for baby Rhett’s newborn session, I said “hey! I know you!” It’s rare we forget a face after editing a wedding.

As soon as the session started it was so obvious how these parents were meant to be with Rhett. They just gazed at him with wonder, smiles on their faces. It’s sessions like this that makes it so amazing to be a newborn photographer!

Rhett’s mom asked for pure photos for their session. No hats, no props, no distraction. They just wanted to focus on timeless photographs, so that’s what we did.  More and more clients are coming to us with this desire, and it makes my heart so happy. Let’s focus on this new life in the world, with nothing else clouding the photograph.

I am so honoured to have met Rhett and documented his first weeks in the world. Newborns make way to smiley, moving babies far too quickly, these photos will always serve as a reminder to those first days.

Shauna & Gareth xoxox

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Berezowsky Family of 5 | Edmonton Photographer

12 November 2017 | Family

I have started writing this blog post and deleting in a few times now. There is a lot to say about this lovely family, and yet there isn’t a blog post long enough! We have photographed this family since Kendra was 1, and we have been there along the way as each new addition came along. They’re dear friends, and I am so grateful we get to photograph the Berezowsky Family as a family of 5.

These kiddos are friends with my kids, so I know them well. We make faces at each other and play peek-a-boo. They take a minute when they need it, and then they come back when they’re ready. We haven’t photographed them outside since before Josh was born, and their last session was just gorgeous. Candace chose St. Albert for their session this year, and it was a great choice!

The fall light is always gorgeous, and along with the changing colours it made for a beautiful evening. It’s nights like this that makes being a photographer in Edmonton so wonderful!

Thank you for another fun session guys! Until next year xoxox


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Tamara & Eric’s Wedding at the Quarry

9 November 2017 | Weddings

Tamara and Eric met with us last year, and we could instantly see how excited they were about their wedding at the Quarry in Edmonton. As we listened to their plans we knew we wanted to be a part of their day. It helped a lot that they’re the kind of couple that we ended up chatting with for ages, forgetting work and wedding and any sort of photo talk. All four of us love traveling, and it was so easy to get lost in conversation, about past and upcoming trips, and dream destinations. I had so much fun with them at their engagement session, it was so obvious to me how much they love each other, and that made my job so much fun out at Hastings Lake Gardens.

The day of their wedding was bright and  sunny. I arrived to a loud, buzzing house full of beautiful ladies getting ready. Tamara’s pup hung out close to his owner, as bubbly was popped and poured with orange juice. The girls were all so excited, and it was completely contagious.

In the moments leading up to the ceremony, the air was electric. Tamara was all but bouncing with excitement, so excited to have her dad walk her down the aisle to Eric. Their love was just pouring out into the room.

The rest of the day was celebration time! Their wedding party was a BLAST, seriously such a good group. It makes weddings so amazing for us when we can hang out with everyone and just feel so welcomed. The reception was gorgeous, and sneaking out for photos at golden hour was the best. Always, always sneak out for golden hour photos if the sky is looking good and you’re in a pretty location.

Tamara and Eric, from the absolute bottom of our hearts, congratulations. We think the world of you both, and we are thrilled we had the chance to document your wedding day.

Tamara wrote us the most amazing review the day we delivered their photos:
We just got our wedding photos back from Shauna and Gareth and we literally could not wait to write them a review! From the moment we contacted them they were amazing to deal with. Always easy to contact, even when they were in another country, and made everything so easy for us. Our engagement photos turned out perfect for us and we get so many compliments on them. Our wedding photos honestly leave us speechless. Gareth and Shauna have exceeded our expectations on so many levels and we could not be happier with our pictures! Thank you, Shauna and Gareth, for all of your hard work and for being a part of our day!

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Christmas 2017 | Edmonton Photographer

5 November 2017 | Children

Christmas 2017 sessions are underway, and I’m loving them so far! This year’s theme is plaid, and it’s lovely. These are the perfect photos for Christmas cards, and we have an adorable sign this year to remember what your child is asking for for Christmas.

We’re also offering, as always, our Milk & Cookies set, with our homemade oreo cookies!

Our Christmas Sessions include:
-2 set ups
-milk and cookies
-10 high resolution digital images you choose from an online gallery

$300 plus GST
(add on family photos for $50)

Weekend dates available, as well as weekday spots.

Please email me at shauna@roughleyoriginals.com (or use our contact page here)

Can’t wait to see you!


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Meeting Lane | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

1 November 2017 | Newborn

What a fun session, meeting Lane. The whole family was so excited to celebrate his arrival, and his big brother Noah was SUCH a good sport. He was so agreeable to being a part of the photos, and he’s such a happy boy that it made the sibling photos go quickly. The family photos were a very happy occasion as well, and their happiness shone through.

Dad’s motorcycle boots were brought along to the session to use as a prop. Noah was photographed in the helmet, so it worked perfectly for Lane to be photographed on the boots.  We’re always happy to include sentimental props!

The rest of the session went quickly. We had to capture those adorable lips and that HAIR! Those tiny toes and little rolls aren’t around for long, so we always try to capture it.

Thank you for spending the morning with us and having us document your growing family. It was a pleasure to meet you all!


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Becoming 5 | Edmonton Maternity Photography

26 October 2017 | Maternity

We’ve known this family for quite a long time now. I met them a few summers ago in the warm evening light to document Sawyer coming at their first maternity session. From there we photographed their newborn session, Sawyer’s 6 month photos, and his lovely woodsy cake smash. They first heard about us at a family member’s wedding, and they have become such good clients! Jessie always a breath of fresh air when we talk, and she always makes me laugh! I couldn’t believe it when she said they were expecting twins this time around! And so – they’re becoming 5.

Fall was tricky this year, the weather was all over the place and the wind was insane, causing the leaves to disappear faster than we would have liked. Luckily we had a beautiful evening for the Osborn’s maternity session! Jessie was radiant (as always) and their outfits were perfect. Sawyer entertained us all with his silly faces and his endless energy. They smiled and laughed and we had such a fun evening!

These babies are definitely going to keep them busy, but I couldn’t think of a better family for them to join.

Congrats to all of you, I cant wait to meet the new ones when they arrive!

Shauna xox

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Mom and Me Summer Session | Edmonton Photographer

25 October 2017 | Family, Children

There is a fact that almost every single mom I’ve ever met knows – we are not in enough photos! We spend our days with our kiddos, document them as they grow, but because we are usually behind the camera we aren’t in the photos. I really wanted to give women the opportunity to change this, so this summer we offered Mom and Me sessions. They could be in the studio, or outside, it didn’t matter. What mattered was that  moms were having the chance to get in the frame, feel beautiful, and document this time with their children. This day could not have been better, it was perfect for this Mom and Me Summer Session.

The air was warm, the promise of a long and eventful summer in the air. I chatted with Angela a lot about how motherhood was going, experiences she was having and I remember well.

Thank you for such a lovely afternoon, for taking the time and effort for these photos. They are so worth it.

Shauna xox

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Lakeside Sunset Maternity | Melissa and Curtis

22 October 2017 | Maternity

One last weekend up at the lake. One more weekend to go for walks and cook on the fire. One more walk down to the lake, one more sunset to watch. The last weekend at the lake is always bittersweet, but but having this lakeside sunset maternity session with some wonderful friends make it so much easier to say so long for the year.

We have never photographed a fall session at our lake lot. We took our time and found new spots that we’ve never used during a shoot. I’ve walked the dirt road, the paths, a million times. First as a child and then with my own kids. It amazes me when we can make it look different and new and special.

Gareth and I don’t do a lot of photo shoots together anymore – just weddings and babies. It’s too hard with the boys and constantly arranging childcare. But with our built in babysitters at the lake (thanks mom and dad!) we were both able to hang out and document this session. Gareth did his thing and jumped in my shots, but I had to include a photo of him demonstrating a pose for them! haha! It’s always such good fun to work together.

We have known Melissa and Curtis for a long time now. They’re the type of people that pop in and out of our lives, and they always seem to fit when they come. They are absolutely wonderful people, and they are going to make the best parents.

Thank you so much for making the drive to the lake, so we could document this amazing time in your life. We are so excited to meet this baby!

Shauna & Gareth

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