Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Kurtis and Melissa

I don’t know why, but blogging weddings is really intimidating to me. It’s a ton of photos to cut down for a small snippet of the day, and when there are emotional connections to photos I always want them included!

I’m going to do my  best to get our weddings from last year up before this year’s are ready to blog…I dont know if it will happen but wish me luck!

I remember being excited about Melissa and Curtis’ wedding, but holy man when I walked into the reception my jaw literally dropped. The building from the outside was so ordinary, and we were transported into a Paris themed wonderland the moment we stepped inside. Melissa’s mom told me Melissa had been collecting items to decorate her wedding with for years…YEARS! That is amazing to me. Seriously worth it, it all came together in the most stunning display. Who knew we could feel like we were in Paris after driving through rainy St. Albert!

On top of all of that, Melissa rented out The Little White School in St. Albert for some of their photos, since she is a teacher. It made for a unique spot; I love when our couples think of ways to personalize their day.

Your wedding day was gorgeous. The people in your life fun. We had a great time with you and Im so happy we were there to celebrate with you.

Congrats guys!

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Edmonton Child Photographer | The White Sessions

It’s just them. Just the boys. No fuss, no muss, no distraction.

I can’t even tell you how much I love having this comparison to see just how much they have changed in the last year. I think we are going to start offering this as a mini session to clients periodically so you can see the change in your kids too.

What do you think, anyone in?


Roughley Originals Photography001-2

Roughley Originals Photography001

edmonton child photographer 1

edmonton child photographer 2

Edmonton Engagement Photographer | Sarah and Braden

If you know me, you have probably heard me say “everything happens for a reason”. I know it can’t apply to everything, but a lot of the time, things work out the way they’re meant to.

Sarah & Braden and I went to 2 different parking lots the night we were meeting, and my phone wasn’t working properly so we ended up starting their session a lot later than planned. But the light was perfect and the evening was warm, so even though we started a bit frazzled, we settled in quickly and had a great night.

We’re traveling to Saskatchewan next summer for their wedding! The location looks beautiful, we can’t wait to shoot somewhere new.

Thanks for the sun night you guys xoxo

Edmonton wedding photographer 1

Edmonton wedding photographer 2

Edmonton wedding photographer 3

Edmonton wedding photographer 5

Edmonton wedding photographer 6

Edmonton wedding photographer 7

Project 52 | Week 22 | Perfectly Imperfect | Shauna

This crooked dock holds a ton of memories for me, and it brings us an incredibly amount of joy.

I had promised myself I wasn’t going to use an iPhone photo for this challenge, but that’s the camera I had with me when it was utterly still and this amazing reflection happened, so an iPhone camera is better than no camera, right?

Roughley Originals Photography001-6

Edmonton Family Photographer | Bundziak Family

When a family this close to our heart wants a family session done, you better believe we’ll do it! We’ve now photographed 2 of their weddings, maternity, newborn, 6 months, 1 year. The list seems to keep going with these guys.

Hands down, some of our biggest supporters. Thank you isn’t even enough to say to them for being some of our biggest cheerleaders. You guys are AMAZING.

They’re also a really fun family, I’m so glad I got to spend this warm summer evening with them.

(and I also adore that so many families with adult children are having photos done again!)

Thanks so much guys xoxo


Edmonton Family Photographer 1

Edmonton Family Photographer 2

Edmonton Family Photographer 3

Edmonton Family Photographer 4

Edmonton Family Photographer 5

Edmonton Family Photographer 6

Edmonton Family Photographer 7

Edmonton Family Photographer 8

Edmonton Family Photographer 9

Edmonton Family Photographer 10

Edmonton Family Photographer 11

Edmonton Family Photographer 12

Edmonton Family Photographer 13

Project 52 | Week 21 | Around the House | Shauna

Life of a work at home mom – there is a helper for everything do be done. This is how a lot of the work gets done at our house.

Our yard is a massive part of our life, especially in the warm months, so we literally spend a lot of time AROUND our house.

Roughley Originals Photography001

Edmonton Newborn Photographer | Charlie

From photographing their beautiful backyard wedding on a warm Edmonton summer day, to meeting their baby girl. Charlie was the smallest newborn we’ve ever had in our studio – she was so tiny!

Thank you so much for trusting us with your memories you guys. Charlie has changed a ton already, so happy we captured her in those first few days.

Shauna xox


Edmonton Newborn Photographers. . To see our newborn portfolio click here
To book your newborn session email me at: shauna@roughleyoriginals.com

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 1

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 2

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 3

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 4

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 5

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 6

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 7

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 8

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 9

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 10

Edmonton Engagement Photographer | Felisha and Cody

I met Felisha and Cody in downtown Edmonton on a beautiful March evening. It’s not to often that here in Edmonton we get to be outside soaking up the sunshine at that time of year, so we made the most of it – time for a couple of locations and an outfit change.

Most people have never had professional photos before their wedding day, so we use engagement sessions to get to know each other a little better and have some fun. Felisha and Cody are a great example of why we think they are so important.  Like so many grooms to be Cody is not big on being the centre of attention, but he was happy to do the photos for Felisha. We tailored the session to make everyone comfortable, to reflect their lifestyle, to put them at ease.

Our time together was fantastic and I think that is reflected in the beautiful photos we have for their engagement album.

These two are a perfect fit and we cant wait for their wedding to kick off.

See you guys tomorrow!

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  1

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  2

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  3

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  4

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  5

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  6

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  7

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  8

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  9

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  10

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  11

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  12

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  13

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  14

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  15

Edmonton Engagement Photographer  16

Edmonton Family Photographer | Watson Family

This is one of my favourite family sessions from last year! I can’t believe I never blogged it. So here it is.

Cheryl booked their family photos at the perfect time! The night was warm, the leaves turning the most beautiful colours, and the sunset was gorgeous.

We walked an Edmonton trail, stopped when the opportunity struck, walked some more. Cheryl packed snacks for the kids, the dog ran free in an off-leash area.

It was a laid back evening full of a lot of fun.

These photos were the perfect summary to our 2015 season, they embody so much of what we aim to achieve at our sessions. The family is all together, their connection is obvious.

Love fall in Edmonton.

Edmonton Family Photographer 1

Edmonton Family Photographer 2

Edmonton Family Photographer 3

Edmonton Family Photographer 4

Edmonton Family Photographer 5

Edmonton Family Photographer 6

Edmonton Family Photographer 7

Edmonton Family Photographer 8

Edmonton Family Photographer 9

Edmonton Family Photographer 10

Edmonton Family Photographer 11

Edmonton Family Photographer 12

Edmonton Family Photographer 13

Edmonton Family Photographer 14

Edmonton Family Photographer 15

Edmonton Family Photographer 16