Edmonton Child Photographer | Callum is Three

The week before Callum’s birthday it kind of hit me in the gut and took my breath away – my Danger Man was turning THREE. I had been a mom for THREE years already. It blew my mind, and it really threw me off.

This past year has been really busy – we moved into a new house, Gareth renovated a ton of it, and as I was adjusting to life with 2 kids, I was right back to work.

This all meant that Callum pretty much growing out of the baby phase, and into the little boy phase, kind of sort of took me by surprise. Yes, I noticed his speech was a thousand times better, his imagination had grown into a crazy amazing tool he used to create new worlds and build stories in his mind. But I don’t think that I actually let it all sink in. I don’t think I took the time to really and truly appreciate the change that was happening.

As Gareth seems to do for me time and time again, he knew something was up. And he came up with the most amazing idea to celebrate Callum.

Easel set up, paint all lined up, him and Callum came up with a plan to create a painting to show him at 3.

I made myself a cup of tea, sat back out of their way. And I watched. And listened. With tears in my eyes watching this boy of mine, he told us about all of his plans for the blank canvas, he talked about which colours were just perfect, how to stroke his brush. He congratulated himself and told himself when things looked “just perfect”, which made me realize just how much he’s listening to every single word we say.

He created a masterpiece that we’ve now hung up in his room. This is Callum. This is Callum at 3. I’ll forever look at that painting and remember him describing the blue road he painted all around the outside. How he put his brush down when he was finished and said “There, it’s bootiful now”. I’m so glad I didn’t rush back down to work when they started. I’m so glad I just sat back and took the time to see him.

I’ll remember taking the time to sit back and watch him create. Because that’s what 3 is. He’s learning to create, to find his own way, to develop his own ideas.

Danger Man is 3. How I love him so.

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Edmonton Maternity Photographer – Bilodeau Family

I met Shannon and Jarratt during a very similar day a couple of years ago, photographing their first maternity session, in the dead of another Edmonton winter.

Fast forward to now – we had Holly to keep warm and a new baby on the way to celebrate.

I’m so excited to meet your next baby girl!

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Project 52 | Week 4 – Winter | Shauna

Winter in Edmonton is a big reality for us. It takes up over half of our year, and when the air is unbearable and we’re stuck inside. it can become tiresome.

This winter has been, 100% honest, magical to me. Having a little boy who just wants to be outside has forced me to get out there and revel in the magic the snow creates.

This little boy of mine made the Edmonton Ice Castle magical. He barely stopped, he just kept exploring and looking and peering around corners. I’m not sure if he actually realized it’s completely made of ice, but he thought it was amazing.

I thought it was spectacular.
Winter, you’re not so bad.

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Lake Louise

We’re in Banff & Lake Louise this weekend to photograph a very, very special couple who are expecting their first child.

We have spent a lot of time with these guys the last few years.

They were married in the mountains.
We went to Banff for the weekend 3 days before Max was born with them.

So coming here so celebrate their upcoming addition is pretty perfect.

Here’s the view we’re enjoying!


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Jeremy and Alex | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Alex and Jeremy told me right from the start they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

That might have been the case, but damn you made this day look good.

Their whole wedding party was full of laughter and fun, the day felt so incredibly festive.

I was so caught up in the obvious connection between Alex and her mom during the morning while the girls were getting ready. It was a strong bond that you could just feel, and it was so touching to witness.

Your day was stunning, Thank you so much for having us be a part of it.

Shauna & Gareth

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