Winter Came Early | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

18 January 2017 | Weddings

Jenna and Mitch planned a stunning fall wedding. Their colours complemented the autumn landscape, and everything just went together perfectly. Their First Look was chilly but definitely had that autumn feel to them – but we were definitely in for a surprise when winter came early!

Jenna and Mitch’s whole day was described in two words – intimate and fun. Every single person who was at their wedding was there for a reason. There was a connection with everyone, from friends coming from New Zealand, to a guy in the band being Mitch’s former volleyball coach. It made us feel really honoured to be there. They had found us from a relative of theirs in New Zealand, while they were living there for a year. We had met a lovely farmer and his family while we were there, living in a van, and it turns out, it was Mitch’s relative! The world truly does work in mysterious ways, and they booked with us while they were still living in New Zealand. I’ve said it a million times, our trip to New Zealand did more for us than we’ll ever be able to explain.

Back to Jenna and Mitch 😉 They had their ceremony planned outside at Greenland Garden Center, and the day before the wedding they made the call – it was just going to be too cold to have all those guests outside. So we planned for their First Look to still be at Greenland, and everything else was inside.

They invited their immediate family and their wedding party to be at the First Look, and I’ll be honest and say I was skeptical of this idea. I always thought a First Look should just be the two of them. I was wrong. It was so cool to have them there. For those they love the most to witness their First Look was incredible. I would definitely suggest it again to our future couples.

These guys braved the freezing cold wind, and they were even game when we jumped out of the limo right before reaching the Ardossan Recreation Complex,  and they ran into a snowy field for a few more photos.

The reception was chalk full of life and so, SO much laughter. Such a perfect day to be a part of. It most definitely had the best parent speech from Jenna’s dad…who know he could rap?!

Best of luck you guys. We’re so happy we were there to document it for you.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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Grayson’s White Session I Simple Perfection

12 January 2017 | Children

Grayson’s White Session took place on a cold wintery day. The perfect day to be hanging out in our cosy studio.

It is a lot to expect for your kids to come into a new, unknown space and feel comfortable enough to show us their true self. We allow enough time for everyone, parents included, to relax and understand what is about to happen. Often times if you have had to drive for more than thirty minutes many babies and toddlers will have napped so it becomes even more important to have a few minutes to acclimatise.

Grayson did exactly this!

He woke up to new surroundings, new faces and the expectation of a successful photo shoot.

Grayson is everything you would expect from an almost two year old. Shy at first, but fascinated by his new surroundings. He wasn’t phased by this new situation in the least. He plopped himself down on the paper and pierced Gareth with a stare, intent on taking in his surroundings.

Gareth made silly faces, played peek a boo from behind his camera. Grayson played on the floor and stuck out his tongue. He laughed when Gareth did the same.

It doesn’t take long at all to capture a child in this moment in time.

The White Sessions grew out of an idea for simplicity. We want to see the smiles, the frowns, the giggles, and the cheeky grins. Without complication, kids show us themselves, their thoughtfulness and inquisitiveness, their humour and excitement. Grayson’s white session was everything we hoped for.

The White Sessions

The White Sessions will only be offered to children
Sibling photos will be offered
They will take place in our home studio
15 minute sessions
5 Full Size digital images (full session will be available for purchase)

One Child: $150 plus GST

Per Additional Child: $50 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**


Just your child. No fuss, no props,  no distraction.

The White Sessions are here, and we are so incredibly excited.

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Sitting on a Tree Swing with Their Love | Marisa and Zack

11 January 2017 | Couples, Engagement

Marisa has been the most fun to work with! She is so excited about all of her plans, which always makes planning an engagement session so much fun. She fell in love with the tree swing my friend’s dad made for their AMAZING family session (check it out here – seriously, go check it out!) Thankfully my friend is an absolute gem and lent it to me for this engagement session. Thank you Katrina!

When we arrived to set up for the shoot, Gareth and I realized something…getting the swing UP the tree hadn’t been thought of…I had scouted locations trying to find a good tree – and I did! But the whole idea of a ladder didn’t exactly cross my mind.

My first thought was to illegally drive our car over to the tree and stand on that, but before I could even suggest it, Gareth had dropped his bag and started shimmying up. It took less time than I thought it would! As he got pretty high up the thought occurred to me – ummmm Gareth is running a marathon in LESS THAN A WEEK…why is he climbing this damn tree?! I tried to banish thoughts of him crashing to the ground and instead tried to be encouraging and upbeat.

Of course he did it – he got the swing up and it looked amazing. The summer sun was at its finest and totally showed off for us, especially for the photos of Marisa and Zack over looking downtown Edmonton.

We wanted to fit a lot in for them, so as soon as the sun dropped, we raced over to the Leg grounds. It was a little windy, so Marisa and Zack definitely got sprayed by the fountains! But they just laughed and held on tight. It was the perfect end to their session.

Their fall wedding this year will be wonderful! And it will look so different from this lovely summer session. Can’t wait you guys!

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The White Sessions | Edmonton Child Photographer

6 January 2017 | Children

This all started with a simple request from Gareth’s mom – she wanted a photo of “just Callum” when he was a baby. No frills, no props, no distractions – she just wanted to see her first grandchild. She adores babies in white. We dressed him in a white onesie she had sent him, put him on the white backdrop in the studio, and The White Sessions were born.

We have been photographing the boys like this ever since. Periodically we dress them all in white, and we capture them as they are in that moment. Sometimes their hair is long and scruffy, sometimes they are feeling silly and mischievous. But it always captures them. Their personality. Their tiny little features. The details about them that seem to change overnight.

They have become some of my absolute favourite photos of the boys. The simplicity of the shoot has really highlighted how they have grown. They are changing so incredibly quickly, sometimes I forget until I look at these all together.  I’m feeling so thankful we’ve taken the time to do these so far!

Now we want to offer it to you.

We’re officially launching The White Sessions. We have been shooting this way within our sessions for ages now, but we are offering it now as a mini session.

The White Sessions

The White Sessions will only be offered to children
Sibling photos will be offered
They will take place in our home studio
15 minute sessions
5 Full Size digital images (full session will be available for purchase)

One Child: $150 plus GST

Per Additional Child: $50 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**


These sessions will be offered anytime we are available in our studio. We strongly suggest dressing your child in a white onesie or a white top, and very neutral bottoms. No logos, no text, no graphics. We want the focus to be on your child.

(psssssst – leave a comment here until January 13 and you will be entered to win a FREE session!) Check out Facebook and Instagram for more chances to win

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Preparing for Baby in Summer | Danielle Maternity

5 January 2017 | Maternity

Danielle and Luke came to us a few years ago when they got married. They are the sweetest people, and I could tell on their wedding day Danielle was meant to be a mum. She treated her nieces and nephews like the most precious people in the world, and they flourished under her attention. Now it was their turn to hang out with me and prepare for their baby on this warm summer day.

We arranged to meet at Terwillegar Dog Park, a sprawling park sitting alongside the river in River Bend. Once there it doesn’t take long to feel like you are a million miles away from the city. There are so many amazing locations it’s easy to get away from the plethora of dog walkers and families out to enjoy the evening.

We picked paths at random, basking in the glorious Edmonton sunshine, soaking up the serenity of nature all around us. It was fast becoming a maternity adventure session as there were so many places I had not had the chance to explore before. Danielle and Luke were happy to wander the endless trails discovering forts below sun dappled leaves and colourful wildflowers springing forth in the meadows. Their excitement for the next stage of their lives radiated from them filling our evening with laughter and smiles.

Danielle and Luke it was lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with you after your wedding a few years ago. We are honoured that you both chose to come and see us again to help capture this time in your lives as you take the leap into parenthood. You are going to be amazing. Preparing to be parents for the first time is a once in a lifetime experience filled with anticipation, trepidation and excitement. It is different feeling for everyone, I remember it well.


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Meet Mikah | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

4 January 2017 | Newborn, Uncategorized

The Willies are one of “our” families. They came into our life because of our business, and there have been many, many occasions I’m so grateful they’re a part of our lives. The day we got to meet Mikah was absolutely no exception.

Brooke is an extremely proud big sister. She is a busy, active 2 year old, but she was so kind and gentle around her little sister. She is one of those kids that immediately took to the new addition to the family, and seeing her cuddle Mikah (and hug her sooooo hard she squeezed her eye, hehe!) I can already imagine the adventures these girls are going to have together.

They even brought along the grey hat with the button on it – big sister Brooke wore it in her newborn photos. I absolutely love when clients bring sentimental props to their newborn sessions!

You might recognize mama Kellie from Fit Your Life! She runs amazing workout classes, and she aims her knowledge at pregnant and postpartum ladies. She is an asset to me, you should check her out!

Thank you so for coming to see us you guys! Thank you for spending so much time with us and having us document your family through all of these stages. We’re grateful to be around.

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Magic Light | Edmonton Engagement Photographer

17 December 2016 | Engagement

Amanda and Josh had a really simple request when they booked their wedding with us for next year – they really wanted their engagement photos taken at Josh’s family farm. We really love when couples have a location in mind that is so meaningful, and when the evening broadcasts this kind of magic light, well the answer will be always be yes!

This was the first time that I met Amanda and Josh. Up to this point all of the correspondence had been with Shauna. Like most newly engaged couples they were nervous of their first professional photo shoot. This is totally understandable and why we put so much importance on including an engagement shoot in our wedding packages. We want to get to know you and vice versa months before your wedding so that everyone knows what to expect come the wedding day.

So after a very brief introduction in a car park we headed East out of the city the sun beginning its slow decent to the horizon. I wondered about all the possibilities a farm in the country would offer for engagement photos. Shauna and I have photographed several rural weddings and families in the past so I automatically had some preconceived ideas. Nothing though prepared me for the gorgeous countryside and stunning sunset that awaited.

Josh had two locations in mind. The first a short drive from the farm, the second around the farm itself. Both gave a completely different atmosphere, both stunning in their own right. The sun, a blazing golden orb, hung on the horizon making the air feel magical around us. I felt like I could slice the rays of light like a piece of golden cake.

Josh explained the importance of the farm in his life. Despite being born a city boy the country is in his heart and soul. This brought home to me the importance of the images we were making together. For logistical reasons they wouldn’t be able to have their wedding out here so this was their chance to capture a place that would always be very prominent in their lives.

Thank you for taking me to such a special place and sharing the evening.


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We Have Been There | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

15 December 2016 | Newborn

There is a lot of worry and uncertainty that comes with bringing 2 kids into the studio for a newborn session. The older sibling is adjusting to life with a baby in the house, mom and dad are tired and adjusting to life with 2 kids. Trust me when I say to you – we have been there! A lot of times kids need some time to warm up to us, and to the studio. Parents get nervous and feel the need to apologize for their kiddos.

You don’t have to. We’ll take the time. We’ll take our cues from your children. Because we’re parents too, we get it! We remember the transition to 2. We know how big this is for the older one. So we’ll take the time. And most of the time, after some playing and come coaxing (and yes, sometimes some candy) sibling photos like this will happen.

Thank you so much for allowing us to get to know your little boy, to help him get comfortable and eventually pose for us and capture this time in your life.

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Beautiful Edmonton Summer Wedding | Danielle & Andrew

13 December 2016 | Weddings

Danielle and Andrew’s big day was the epitome of a beautiful Edmonton summer wedding. Everything was perfectly planned in advance so that the only worries and cares left were the I do’s.

Earlier in the summer when we met Danielle and Andrew to get to know them better and capture some fun engagement photos, it was so obvious they are a perfect fit. They are one of the most easy-going couples we’ve worked with. This is how I will always think of them.

Every detail on the wedding day was so well thought out. They planned a First Look (which we always love!) and a later ceremony so the guests weren’t having a big gap of time in the day. Danielle had a very precise vision – she wanted it to be easy for the guests, she wanted it to be photo-friendly (yay for us!) and she wanted everyone to have a good time. Danielle worked her butt off to ensure all of the details were just right, and did it ever show. The signs, the decor, and all of the little extra details tied the wedding together so well.

It was a lovely, relaxed day, full of loved ones. It was exactly what a wedding should be.

Thank you for having us, it was the perfect preparation to run the Edmonton Marathon the next morning!


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Brand New Ada | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

30 November 2016 | Newborn

Look at the hair on this brand new girl!

Ada’s grandma booked their session with us, and I can’t tell you how much I love that! I wish we could get on the email list of every grandma; I think they adore lots and lots of photos of their grandbabies.

This session was so fun and relaxed and we chatted and joked the whole time. These guys are going to be just fine – parenting takes a great sense of humour, and they definitely have that!

They just came for Ada’s Christmas session, and I realized I hadn’t blogged this yet.

Hope to see you again soon! I’ll be sure to email grandma 😉


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