Edmonton Engagement Photographer – Mandy and Colin

Mandy and I met over Facetime, with her sitting outside of her house on her front step trying to find reception for her phone. They live kiiiind of in the middle of nowhere so their reception is pretty off and on.

I don’t usually do this. I like to MEET my clients before we book weddings. I want to hang out and drink a coffee and visit and make sure we fit. I want to make sure we’ll be buds, because that’s how I make my connection. With Mandy, this totally didn’t matter. We chatted for ages and ages, and we both knew this was it. This was a perfect fit.

Since booking Mandy and I have text a LOT…sometimes for a whole evening at a time. We just clicked, and Im so grateful. We decided to do their engagement session on their property outside of Edmonton. I printed her directions and pratically memorized them to make sure I didn’t get lost! Directions are not my strong suit.

What an evening. They have kept buildings up so we could shoot in front of them, their dog followed us around and proved to be an expert photo bomber. We laughed, we walked, we were eaten alive.

Thanks so much for having me you guys. I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back to shoot there in the future.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Your day is going to be one for the books.

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Edmonton Maternity Photographer – Nicole and Danny

Nicole and I have been friends for over 9 years now. She came into my life and we had so much typical 20-year-old fun together.  Our lives have changed and our bed times have got so much earlier, but Im so grateful you have stayed so constant. Even though there are so many things about us that are completely opposite of one another, we have come to love the opposites and appreciate them.

You guys are going to make wonderful parents. You’re are fun and caring – and Nicole that baby is always going to be safe with you around! (Nicole was always a super trusted babysitter for our boys!)

So happy we caught these spring blooms that went way too fast this year, and spent the evening together. Danny thank you for being a wonderful little assistant!

I love you guys so much. I’m so happy our kids are going to grow up together.

(the last photo was weeks after the original shoot)


Edmonton Maternity Photographer 1

Edmonton Maternity Photographer 2

Edmonton Maternity Photographer 3

Edmonton Maternity Photographer 4

Edmonton Maternity Photographer 5

Edmonton Maternity Photographer – Jessie and Andy

Last summer we spent the weekend with an amazing couple in Canmore to capture their wedding. They invited us to a casual gathering the day before the wedding, where the whole family welcomed us with open arms.

Jessie first heard about us there. She told me the day of their session she fell in love with our work watching our same-day slideshow at the wedding. And all I can say about that is lucky me!

I mean, look at this lady! She’s absolutely stunning, her eyes are smouldering – she’s a dream to photograph. Her husband Andy was a ton of fun and we spent a loooong time at their session hanging out, joking, and having a great time.

They showed up for their session with a bottle of wine, saying how excited they were to work with us for the next year through our First Year package we offer – newborn, six months and one year. I was so touched!

Thanks so much you guys. For trusting us to capture this new addition to your family. This amazing time in your lives.

I can’t wait to meet him or her…the countdown is on!


Makeup by Sen Studios
Floral Crown by Fabloomosity

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Edmonton Maternity PhotographerRoughley Originals 03

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Edmonton Maternity PhotographerRoughley Originals 01

Edmonton Engagement Photographer – Mike and Keira

Planning a wedding has so many elements. Pretty much everything needs to be booked at least a year in advance, there is so much planning and choosing vendors and so many meetings.

I feel like I met Mike and Keira in a different lifetime. I was pregnant, only dealing with a toddler, living in our cozy little townhouse and everything was status quo.

Keira was excited, Mike was quiet. We met in a busy bustly Starbucks and clicked right away. But I honestly didn’t feel like I had really got to know them. This doesn’t always sit well with me. I want to KNOW you by the time your wedding day rolls around. I want to laugh together and make jokes and feel like we’re friends. I want to know we’re a good fit and we’re going to have fun and relax on the day.

And that is why our engagement sessions are 110% crucial. These guys were one of my first shoots after Max was born. I was kinda nervous. I was still getting back to feeling like myself, but I really really wanted that camera back in my hand.

Mike drove us all out of Edmonton and into the country to this perfect little spot Gareth found us years ago. I don’t think there was a moment of silence the whole car ride. We chatted, we laughed, they told me about their jobs, I told them about my boys. We just hung out.

The whole session went the same way. I’m so happy I got know to these guys. I’m so glad they let me. They’re amazing. They’re a team. They are building a life to be so proud of. They have a system and a routine and it really truly sounds like they’re unstoppable.

We get to watch them turn this into forever tomorrow.

I cant wait.


Edmonton Engagement Photographer Roughley Originals 1

Edmonton Engagement Photographer Roughley Originals 2

Edmonton Engagement Photographer Roughley Originals 3

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Roughley Originals Photography001

Edmonton Family Photographer – Carozza Family

Time is passing so quickly. We photograph new families with their new additions and we get to see them grow.

We met Milano when he was brand new, and he’s one already! Maria wanted to do his cake smash outside, which I love. Anytime I can shoot outside, I love. There is just something about it…and we have to get it in as much as we can while the weather is nice here in Edmonton.

Congrats to all of you for making the first year so wonderful. It’s a celebration for the parents that you got through and made it work and it amazing. It’s a celebration for Milano because it’s his birthday!

Happy birthday handsome boy.

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Edmonton Family PhotographerRoughley Originals 03

Edmonton Family Photographer – Urban Family

Kim was a lucky winner from our Facebook Christmas giveaway. As soon as the snow was gone she was ready for her photos!

The evening turned chilly really fast – typical Edmonton spring weather. But we found shelter in the trees and worked super fast. So happy with the results!

Thanks so much for coming out to meet me – and thank you for following us on Facebook! It was a pleasure to meet your wonderful family and I hope to see you again!



Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 17

Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 18

Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 19

Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 20

Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 21

Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 22

Edmonton family PhotographerRoughley Originals 23

Edmonton Wedding Photographer – Amyn & Ayesha Engaged

I met these two and immediately was excited for their wedding. They were friendly, excited, easy going.  I really wanted to photograph this wedding – they’re gorgeous, fun, and there is so much thought going into their day. It’s going to be amazing, I know it already.

We wanted to do something really different for their engagement session – well what could be more different than Edmonton in the fall (which is when they are having their wedding) – but the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter!

There were a lot of reasons this session shouldn’t have gone this well. I was super pregnant (I had Max 3 days after we shot this), they both were under the weather. We all thought about cancelling, but no one did.

Thank goodness!

We met just outside of Banff,  braved the Alberta winter, and the results were stunning. I am beyond excited for their traditional Indian wedding this fall and to spend some more time with these two.


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Brett & Ashley – Edmonton Maternity Photographer

A gentle soul for a dad and a cheeky fun loving mom. This baby is going to get the best of both of them and be spoiled with love.

This session was supposed to be one of our last before Max arrived, but with him coming 3 weeks early, Gareth got us home from the hospital, settled in with my cousin and my best friend, and he was out in the beautiful Edmonton winter to photograph one of our very favourite couples. I was SO sad I missed it, but he did such an amazing job, the session couldn’t have gone better.

It’s going to be a big summer as I’m photographing his or her aunt’s wedding in the fall, I have a feeling they will be playing a big role.

Love you guys so so much, so happy for you, and I just can’t wait to meet this little one.

Edmonton Maternity Photographer 01

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Edmonton Maternity Photographer 03

Edmonton Maternity Photographer 04

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Edmonton Maternity Photographer 07

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Edmonton Maternity Photographer 09

Leachman Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

It’s pretty amazing to be able to photograph my good friends. There is something about capturing a family that I know, that I spend time with, that I adore.

Claire is a total bundle of energy so I was all ready to chase her around during their shoot. But she was amazing! Laughing and twirling and dancing, hugging her baby brother Gavin and just being her adorable self.

The Edmonton autumn morning was beautiful, the company perfect, and I’m smitten with the outcome.

You guys are a wonderful, beautiful family. I feel so lucky to have you for my friends.

Shauna xoxo

Edmonton Family Photographer 01

Edmonton Family Photographer 14

Edmonton Family Photographer 13

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Tucker | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Oh sweet Mr Tucker. He was such a lovely newborn to photograph! I reconnected with his mom (we went to jr high school together!) at her maternity session. It’s so fun to watch these baby bellies turn into little humans.

Thanks so much for bringing Tucker in to see us. I loved the props you brought along and we’re so happy we could incorporate them into the shoot. (Tucker’s initials are TSP – hence the teaspoon in the photos!)

Enjoy your handsome little man guys.

Shauna xox

Edmonton Newborn Photographer 01

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