Getting Ready for Kane | Winter Maternity Session

24 April 2017 | Maternity

I have NO idea how I missed blogging this beautiful winter maternity session (you can see their newborn session here). The day was FREEZING, so we headed to a local greenhouse for photos with little Noelle. It ended up being perfect, since Christmas is mom’s favourite season, and the poinsettias were out in abundance. We spent some time inside, and snuck outside for one quick family photo with Noelle. Then it was time for her to head out with Grandma, it was way too cold for her outside.

I’ll be honest this session was short and sweet. By the time we were done my fingers were so incredibly cold. The light was stunning, though, so it didn’t take long to create some amazing shots.

And of course, Ashley chose a gorgeous sweater dress for the session, so she just looked stunning.

We can now count so many sessions for them: engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, 6 month, 1 year, maternity, newborn (and mini sessions in between!) It is so incredibly cool to watch “our” families grow. Love you guys!


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Welcoming Little Sister

14 April 2017 | Newborn

Meeting this family was just another example of how small this Edmonton and area community is. Jayme booked her newborn photos with us, and then her and I ended up chatting at Millennium Place one day, as we both have a mutual friend I was there with. I had no idea she was a client, but I was my usual chatterbox self and we joked around about talking to random parents in the play park. It clicked with Jayme after we all left that I was one of their photographers! It made it even cooler when it was time to welcome this little sister with some adorable photos.

Big sister Gus had some fantastic facial expressions, and her pigtails were just the absolute cutest! She cuddled Margot tight and was so enthralled with her. With some time and patience and letting her run around a bit as she wanted to explore our whole house, she got in a ton of shots. It’s so worth it to work with toddlers, because these photos are just the best.

Thanks so much you guys! You have two unbelievably beautiful girls. We hope to see you again!

Shauna & Gareth

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A Prize Winning White Session

10 April 2017 | Children

Another White Session in the books! As always, our White sessions are so pure and focused on the kiddo. How amazing is that?! And then you win one, it’s pretty perfect.

This family won their White Session when we teamed up with Edmomton (a wicked blog about being a mom in Edmonton) – and I’m so glad they did! The session turned out wonderfully, and it was perfect timing with this little beauty turning one.

So happy you guys won the session, and came to see us!

Shauna xoxox

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City Vibe Maternity

9 April 2017 | Maternity

Booking a session in February means we’re usually guaranteed tons of snow, a white, winter wonderland and freezing cold weather. But the weather in Edmonton decided to throw us a curve ball this year, so we decided to turn on the city vibes for this maternity session.

Turns out it fit perfectly with Catherine and Mark’s style, as they are wayyyyy trendier than I am! It was still chilly weather so we made their session quick.

Mark was the kind of husband who told his wife she looked amazing, and you could tell me meant it.  Trust me – that’s what every pregnant woman needs to hear!

Thank you so much you guys! I’m really excited for your newborn session in April.


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Handsome Simon

4 April 2017 | Newborn

I met these guys for their maternity photos on a warm summer day in downtown Edmonton. We had a blast documenting their upcoming arrival, and now here he is! Welcome Symon!

They cuddled and enjoyed focusing on their new little man, and Simon was absolutely wonderful! And can we all just agree how gorgeous mama’s hair?! They brought dad’s baby blanket (the blue one in the photos) – we always encourage our clients to bring any props or meaningful objects to their sessions.

We had so much fun hanging out with you guys, and we can’t wait to see you again!


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2 April 2017 | Newborn

These parents were the first two to book us for their wedding while we were away traveling a few years ago. I went to high school with Veronica, so it’s been pretty cool to watch her choose a pretty awesome husband, and then welcome her two kiddos. Mila is such a beautiful girl!

Newborn photos take a lot of time and patience, and that’s good with us! The results are always worth it.

Welcome Mila. You have been born into a wonderful family, you lucky girl!

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Owen | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

I can’t believe I didn’t blog these! I’m trying to get our website revamped, and that means going through a lot of photos. We have been photographing these guys since their wedding, then their first son, and now their latest – Owen!

Thanks so much for coming to see us! It’s a bit of a drive for you to get into Edmonton, and we so appreciate you coming to the studio!

Can’t wait to see you again xox



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Golden, Wintery Edmonton Light

14 March 2017 | Maternity

It really, really impresses me when a guy books photos. Most guys aren’t overly excited about the idea of having a photo shoot done, but most women love to docuemnt these moments in their lives. So when guys book a session, it means they know how much it means to their lady, and they want to make her happy. Pretty amazing, right? Mike heard about us through a mutual friend, and got this all set up as a surprise for Sara. He told her a couple days early, and we chatted back and forth about outfits and colours to wear (she was even messaging me pictures from the store. This is a common occurrence!) We ended up picking a stunning day – when I get this perfect golden, wintery Edmonton light, I swoon.

We hung out for a while in a path that is well used in our photos. But I dont even care. When we consistently get results like this from a location, I’ll use it over and over and over again.

So happy you guys came to hang out with me!

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Hi Jacob

7 March 2017 | Newborn

This little man was SO amazing for his newborn photos! We sailed through them without a problem at all. He even kept his dad’s dirt bike helmet clean, which is always nice for dad!

Stephanie and Will came adventuring with me for their maternity session. It was a windy, chilly day so we sped through the photos. Newborn sessions are definitely the opposite feeling – we crank the heat up to almost 30 degrees and make that babe nice and cozy. Us adults are all sweating it out, but hey, you do what you have to do to make sure these babes are happy.

Jacob was cozy and content and his parents were so obviously smitten with him. I have known Stephanie for quite a while now, so it was really cool to document this huge change in their lives for them.

Thanks so much for bringing Jacob, and all of the cool props, and for hanging out with us. Can’t wait to see him when he’s grown a bit!

Shauna & Gareth

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Skating in Snowy Edmonton

3 March 2017 | Engagement

What a beautiful day we had for Amanda and Jordan’s engagement session. We recommend choosing a different season for your engagement session so that the pictures look different to your wedding. Amanda and Jordan wanted a winter session skating in the river valley, which worked out perfectly. Skating in snowy Edmonton is always a fun idea, and Jordan is an avid hockey player so it added a personal touch to their session.

The Bundziak family has been a part of our lives for a long time. Aside from the fact Shauna has known them since high school, we have photographed them through two weddings, two newborns, and countless family shoots. On the horizon there is a lot more to come, more babies, more family sessions, and this summer another wedding!

This year it is Amanda’s turn to wear white!

Let me start by saying, I can’t skate. I have never even been skating! Apparently neither had Amanda. I remember learning to ski when I was 24 at Lake Louise. It was three days of getting bruised falling down a mountain. For Amanda to agree to go skating for the first time whilst I ran around taking pictures I think takes a huge amount of bravery. She rocked it! Wearing borrowed, 30 year old skates on dirty ice just adds to the legend. Jordan was a pretty good teacher too.

What could be better than spending a beautiful afternoon surrounded by families skating in snowy Edmonton. Amanda and Jordan thank you for spending the time with me. Thank you for showing me that learning to skate may not be such a  painful experience.

For anyone that wants to find out more about Edmonton’s ice-ways check out this article from global news. Apparently there are three ice-ways for those of you who can skate! You can also find out more about to make the most of winter from the Edmonton winter city guide here.


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