Stephanie & Tom | Old Timer’s Cabin Wedding

13 June 2018 | Weddings

A bride always wishes for bright sunshine on her wedding day, right? She wants to see the rays of sun shining down on her, she wants to feel that warmth on her face. But photographers LOVE a day like this. A day that the sky has some depth. A day with some clouds to help shield the sun so everyone isn’t squinting. Don’t get me wrong, we rock whatever weather comes our way. But this overcast, cool day, made our job easy. Want to know what else made our job really easy? Steph and Tom. They didn’t get shy in front of the camera, they didn’t make it a big thing. They let their joy, their excitement, their absolute love for each other shine through. Their Old Timer’s Cabin wedding was just gorgeous, but their joy on the day was even better to witness & document.

The people surrounding Steph and Tom are amazing. They have a pretty incredible village, and we witnessed many, many moments of love. Steph’s sisters & her nieces were such a big part of the day, including two of their nieces MCing the wedding. And what do you do when you have two kids MCing a wedding? Well, you give them NERF guns of course to keep the speeches to a minimum!

Their wedding was classy but laid back, precise but friendly and full of laughter (and definitely a few tears). It was everything you could want a wedding to be.

A huge, huge congrats to you guys! We are so incredibly happy we got to be a part of your day.

Shauna & Gareth



Wedding Dress: Pure Bridal
Suit – Suits by Curtis Eliot
Make up – Amber Prepchuk
Hair – Cassandra Brea Hair
First Look Photos – Little Brick Cafe & General Store
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Old Timer’s Cabin
Florist: Tickled Floral
Dessert Table – Cake Affair

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Pineapple Themed Cake Smash | Edmonton

8 June 2018 | Family, Children, Cake Smash

Summer in Edmonton is always beautiful. The air is warm and the city holds a laid back, happy vibe. Edmontontonians are happy to get outside, explore the city, and play in the water at the Alberta Legislative grounds. When it was time to book Eliana’s one year session, both her mom and I wanted the photos to be outside. We had photographed big brother Milano’s one year photos outside – (check them out here, he’s SO little!) – so it was only fitting to do the same for Eliana. When Maria said her plan for this session was a pineapple themed cake smash, I could just picture it! This location stuck out in my mind, so I knew it had to be done here.

Fresh pineapples was all I could think about, so Maria searched a few grocery stores (it seems they were hard to find that day!) and she finally found them! We didn’t need much else to bring this theme to life. I never want to use too many props in a shoot, I find it can take away from the focus, which is child! A few well placed details can add so much to a photo though, so that’s what we did.

Maria added on family photos to Eliana’s one year session, because Eliana looks a LOT different as a one year old than she did at her newborn photos – check them out here. A lot of people don’t think to add on family photos to a one year session, but it’s a year later! These little ones have changed a ton in the last year, so it’s worth documenting them as they change.

I have known this mama for many, many years. We photographed them when they got engaged, when they got married, when she was carrying both of her babies. Then came newborn sessions, family session, mom and me sessions. We have been able to maintain contact and hang out together largely because I still get to photograph her, and for that I am so grateful! Life gets busy and it’s hard to see everyone, so getting to photograph old friends is a big bonus in my life.

Thank you so, so much for such a fun evening! Love you guys to pieces.

Shauna xoxo


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Beautiful Everly | Edmonton Newborn

3 June 2018 | Newborn

What a beautiful family! We had the honour of photographing their maternity photos, their Fresh 48 photos, and now their newborn photos. It is amazing to document a family through changes and additions, it means so much to watch a family grow. Beautiful Everly came to see us in our studio, and I couldn’t love this session more.

Our studio sessions are really easy for families because you just have to get here. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your house or having messes, the studio will be ready for you. We have a cozy bed to use (a lot of people don’t realize the bed photos are in the studio!), tons of props blankets, and everything we need for your photos.

Dad brought his jerseys for some photos, which we always love; we are always happy to include sentimental props in any of our photo shoots.

The main aim of our photography is to document connection. Newness. Love. So always be prepared to cuddle up, get cozy, and let that love shine through. These guys did that and then some, it was so incredible to document them through change of adding Everly into their fold. Thanks so much you guys, we hope to see you again!


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Timbit Smash! | Edmonton Child Photographer

We’ve all seem adorable cake smashes! We’ve all loved them too. But my client had a pretty amazing idea – a Timbit Smash! if you’re Canadian, you can’t help but love this.

When you think about it, Timbits are the PERFECT size for kids. They’re small, they can hold one (or two or three) in each hand! As soon as her mama suggested it, I absolutely loved the idea.

One year sessions can always be fun, include meaningful props or ideas, and they don’t need to always be a cake smash! Timbits, donuts, macaroons, and our paint sessions are just a couple of other ideas. If anyone else has an idea, let’s chat! I want to help capture your unique ideas. Cake is always a fun idea too!

Have a happy day!


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Twin Maternity Session | Edmonton Photographer

31 May 2018 | Maternity

We first met this wonderful family last summer at one of our outdoor summer weddings. The longer we’re in business, the more and more we realize that referrals are absolutely everything when it comes to us sustaining our business. Now that these guys are expecting twins, they came to us to document their twin maternity session as well as their twin newborn session (so excited to meet these kiddos!)

Their maternity session came at a time when the snow is still melting, Edmonton was still brown and ugly, and nothing is green yet. We picked the U of A to photograph their session to use the beautiful buildings.

As always, the family was all included in their session, and Brittany’s sister even came to be in a few of the photos! Sisters both expecting at the same time.- they’re going to have loud and bustling family dinners!

I had a blast with these guys. It was a bit of a chilly shoot, but so much fun!

I can’t wait to meet these babies! We’ll see you soon xox


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At Home Fresh 48 Session | Edmonton

30 May 2018 | Newborn

Bag packed with all the essentials waiting at the door. We were ready to get to the hospital. Everything had been planned for this lovely family’s Fresh 48 session in Edmonton. As with many babies they are on their own schedules and plans can quickly change. When the time came to leave we found out they had already been sent home. To have such easy access to a hospital is wonderful but there is nothing like being at home and settling in with your new family. Our shoot was now a comfortable, at home Fresh 48 Session. All together as a family of four.


Having photographed babies in many different situations we understand that flexibility with our schedule is key. Also every location is unique and offers something different to the pictures that we capture. In this instance we were able to capture the first days at home as the family adjusted to being four.


We met Katelynn and family for the first time for this incredible winter maternity session (remember that RED DRESS?! check it out here). It was wonderful to be able to continue the journey with them now Everly had arrived.


Fresh 48 Details

Coming to the hospital offers the opportunity for us to capture your family as you settle into your room. It is the time when you discover all the details of your new baby. Family and friends are welcome to visit whilst we are there so that we can photograph all of the raw emotion that comes with a beautiful new baby. If given enough notice we would love to be there to photograph the nurses finishing measurements and your baby being welcomed by grandparents and siblings.


An at home Fresh 48 Session offers the chance for us to capture your family settling in at home. Feeling the comfort of your own space can be much more relaxing compared to the bustle of a busy hospital ward.


These sessions are unposed, it’s all about capturing a family together in these first, fresh days. Contact us here for more information and to book your Fresh 48!

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Light and Bright Home Newborn Session | Kuryk Family

18 May 2018 | Newborn

A light and bright home newborn session is one of my favourites to photograph! So on a recent day in March, during Edmonton’s everlasting winter, the Kuryk family home was the perfect place to be. Warm sunshine filtering in through large windows masked the chill that still existed outside. With the thermostat adjusted a little to keep baby Sophie toasty warm I photographed this lovely family.

Being in someone’s home surrounded by the memorabilia of their life truly freezes a moment in time. How often do you change the pictures on your wall, move your furniture to a new spot? All of these changes are part of your life novel.  Capturing your family in your surroundings is the perfect way to make a memory. The perfect way to start a story that you can tell your children when they are older; this is what our home looked like when you were born!

In home newborn sessions are also a great option if you have older children. When I first arrived at the Kuryk’s home, Ashleigh, their older daughter, was very unsure about me being there and having pictures taken. This is a very common reaction and something Shauna and I work with on a regular basis. We take our time. I often take a few shots of just the baby or baby with mum and dad first and ask siblings to come and help. It wasn’t long before Ashleigh was comfortable on the bed with her little sister Sophie laying on her legs.

Newborn Session Details

Contact us here for more information and to book your Newborn Session!

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Cake Smash Bliss | Edmonton Child Photographer

14 May 2018 | Children, Cake Smash

This guy  knew how to do a cake smash! Lie down, dive in, soak it up. We could learn so much from kids! This is what I call Cake Smash Bliss.

We always try to take portraits along with the fun cake smash photos. We want you to have something to give to Grandma, as well as watching the kiddos interact and make a mess and show their personality. Both are so important, and both are so much fun to capture.

Him and mom hung out in the studio, and we had such a fun time!

Thank you for coming to celebrate such a huge milestone in your lives. One year sessions are not just a celebration for the child, but it’s definitely a celebration for the parents as well! That first year involves so many changes and so much growth, that it is really cool to capture this celebratory time in your lives.

We hope to see you again!

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Happy Baby! | 6 Month Session

12 May 2018 | Uncategorized

Six months old is a magical age! Babies are so full of wonder. They just started sitting, they’re in awe of their new view of the world. They’re happy, they’re bubbly, and they stay STILL. It’s a wonderful age to photography a happy baby!

I love when parents request simplicity for their photos. Focus on the baby, their rolls and dimples, because trust me, they don’t last long.

We have known this family for quite a long time now; we met them when they had their first baby girl, we’ve seen them at family weddings since, and now we get to see them again for their second little girl!

Thank you so much for coming to see us through these changes as your family grows, and thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful, happy baby! We love seeing you guys, and we hope to continue seeing you in the future.



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Paige & James Rundle Park Skating Engagement Session

11 May 2018 | Engagement

Winter in Edmonton is long, and it can be cold, but man it is always beautiful. We lucked out so huge for Paige and James. Bright, blue skies, the sun shining, the air crisp but not too cold. Paige & James decided on some Rundle Park Skating for their engagement session, and it was pretty much perfect.

They showed up to their engagement session with so many ideas. Between all their plans, a beautiful winter day, and a beautiful freezeway, we had a pretty amazing Edmonton engagement session!

The freezeway at Rundle Park gave us such an amazing location for their photos. The sun was shining, the air was warm (you know – winter warm, not beach warm!) and we had such a fun afternoon.

They tied up their skates and did a few laps. Holding hands, doing a few spins, they laughed and hung out among everyone else enjoying the beautiful day.

They had a few outfit changes, so they got a lot of variety in their photos. We’re always up for different ideas, different props to make the session fun. It’s not necessary, but if there are meaningful props to add to a session, we’re all for it! We finished the session as the light was turning to pure magic. They took off their skates, and put on their last outfits. A dressy

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