Tyler and Evangelene’s Alberta Beach Wedding

17 October 2017 | Weddings

Choosing a wedding venue is a huge decision. Every venue has its own nuances and challenges you have to address in order to ready it to welcome your guests. The venue can also contribute to the days emotion if it has been important to your family for years prior. Tyler & Evangelene spend a ton of time at Alberta Beach. Tyler grew up going to the family cabin, a tradition started by his grandparents with their first cabin along a little tree lined lane. The family has since moved to the waterfront, and the their connection to the lake has only grown. Thinking of all this, Tyler and Evangelene’s stunning Alberta Beach Wedding was in the perfect place!

I had such a blast with Tyler and Evangelene at their engagement session, and any wedding near the water is bound to be beautiful, so I was really excited!

A chilly and cool day greeted us as Evangelene was getting ready. We watched people pull their docks out of the lake for the season hoping one of them would be left for us to use for some dock photos. And (hurray!) there was one that was perfect.

I had no idea their ceremony would be so incredibly emotional. Tyler was so proud to be marrying the love of his life, and it was so obvious on his face. He let the tears roll and the laughter ring true as Evangelene walked towards him down the aisle. Tyler’s grandfather even spoke during the service, and it brought everyone to tears.

Tyler and Evangelene were so happy to be with one another that their photos were a breeze. They cuddled up, forgot the rest of the world, and reveled in their day. They laughed with their wedding party as we walked around the Alberta Beach Family Camp, and we enjoyed the day.

The reception was much the same, family and friends gathering together and celebrating this lovely couple. Stunning details exuded the care and attention given to every moment of the day.

The day was wonderful. Laid back, stress free, and so much fun.

Thank you so much for having us be a part of your amazing wedding day! We are so happy for you both, it is so obvious how much you love each other.

Shauna & Gareth

Wedding Dress and Tuxedo: The Bridal & Tuxedo House
Flowers: Beau Villa Flowers
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sunset Point Christian Camp

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Welcome Tate | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

16 October 2017 | Newborn

What a wonderful job we have! We were honoured to help welcome Tate to the world and watch this lovely family snuggle up together. They were so wonderful to spend the morning together, and Tate’s dad had such pride on his face the whole session.

They brought some meaningful props to the session so we could include them in the photos, which is always welcome in our studio!

A big thank you to the Appleyard family for having us document such a wonderful time in your life. We’re so happy we got to meet you all and help you welcome Tate to your family.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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Six Month Summer Session | Edmonton

13 October 2017 | Family

We photographed this family when Oliver was brand new for their newborn session. It was wonderful to see them in awe of their brand new baby, and I can tell you that nothing has changed in the last six months. They signed up for our First Year Package, and they added on family photos, making this the perfect six month summer session.

We hung out and walked and laughed, taking the time to document the three of them together. Codi brought a quilt along that her grandma made, so we could showcase a generational bond between great grandma and Oliver.

This family is really great, and I always have a fun time when I see them. I’m so happy that they added on the family photos to their six month session, these are some of my favourite!

Can’t wait to see you for Oliver’s one year session!


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Downtown Edmonton Maternity

12 October 2017 | Maternity

Carly and I were so excited to work together again after their Christmas session last winter. When Carly explained to me what she wanted for their maternity session, I knew just the place. She wanted to make sure their maternity session was fun and playful. She didn’t want the photos to be posed and still, she wanted them to be full of life and vibrant, and to showcase their family as they are right now, before the new addition arrived. I have wanted to plan a family session at the Edmonton Legislative Grounds for a long time, and this was the perfect family to bring this vision to life. We had a beautiful summer morning, and for most of the session not another soul around. What a perfect day for this Downtown Edmonton maternity session.

They played in the fountains, the girls laughing and running and chasing mom and dad. We wandered through the upper fountains, and then down to the big pools. We couldn’t believe no one else was around, it was just perfect! By the end of the session the girls were soaked, and mom and dad were too! A water fight broke out, and everyone had a blast.

Gareth captured their lifestyle newborn session soon after this maternity session – we’ll have that session up soon!

Thank you for such a wonderful morning!

Shauna xox

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Sawyer’s Woodsy Cake Smash

What a wonderful cake smash! Sawyer’s mom had such an amazing vision for this one year session and we were such a good team bringing her ideas for Sawyer’s woodsy cake smash to life.

My friend Ashley made this wicked plaid banner (she makes most of our props these days), Sawyer’s mom hunted down this awesome lantern, and this gorgeous cake was made by Tiers by Teresa.

We hung out on Thanksgiving weekend with this awesome family. It’s rare both Gareth and I are at a cake smash session, but we were both there for this one.

This session concluded Sawyer’s First Year package – newborn, six months and 1 year. Thank you so much for having us document Sawyer’s first year!

Shauna & Gareth

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Handsome Theodor | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

11 October 2017 | Newborn

Handsome Theodore came to see us in spring, which is so fitting to document a new life, new growth, a new season. Since he’s six months old already it’s way past time I get them on the blog!

Theodore had a great time keeping us on our toes. Some babies take some time to get to sleep, but we persevere, get the baby nice and cozy and warm, and we (almost) always get them to sleep. That’s why newborn sessions can take 3 hours, because if a baby needs to eat, or cry a bit, or do whatever they need to do, we wait them out. The outcome is always worth it!

I can’t wait to see Theodore for his six month photos. I keep hearing stories about him being a big baby and it reminds me so much of my boys!

Thanks for bringing Theo to see us, we’re so happy we can document him as he grows.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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Fall Family Fun | Edmonton Photographer

| Family

When I started chatting with Erin about their session, we planned and had to reschedule. Plan again, reschedule again. We were both starting to get worried that this session wasn’t meant to happen. Luckily we were wrong! Those cancellations obviously needed to happen so that we could capture these AMAZING fall colours, and have a bit of fall family fun.

These boys are a very similar age to mine, so it’s easy for me to sit and chat with them, get them to start dancing in the path, and to run around and play. Kids aren’t meant to stand still for long! They’re meant to dance and play and run, so let’s capture that!

We have photographed these guys quite a few times now, and it is always an absolute pleasure to hang out with them. They’re all really amazing people.

Thank you thank you for being so flexible with your session. Being able to reschedule meant we captured this perfect fall evening.

Shauna xox

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Four Generations | Edmonton Family Photographer

10 October 2017 | Family

This was an incredibly special session. I’m always happy when moms book sessions – they’re never in photos enough. But to have four generations of women come together to document their love and their bond, that is something special.

We met on a warm spring morning. One of those mornings that holds the promise of a whole summer ahead of us. The blossoms weren’t quite out on the trees, but the trees were a vibrant green and the sun was shining.

These women cuddled and played with the beautiful baby girls that came after them. The bond between them all was so beautiful to witness, and to document.

Mother/daughter sessions are so gorgeous to document. Thank you so much for having me photograph this lovely morning.

Shauna xox

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Smiley White Session | Edmonton Child Photographer

A pure, no fuss, clean looking session is the perfect way to document a child. It’s timeless, classic, and beautiful. Add to it an adorable outfit and a beautiful girl, this was one smiley White Session.

Most kids will sit still for the first few minutes of these sessions. They’re in a new place, they’re looking around and curious what’s around them. Then I get all silly, making faces and singing to them, and we have a hit! This beautiful little girl was so happy to laugh and smile at me, and she even started making faces back! How perfect is that. This session was close to bedtime, so we had to work fast, but it didn’t take long at all for her personality to come out and the smiles to start.

One of my favourite things babies do that this age – anywhere from 6 months to about 11 months – is they usually grab their toes and play with their feet. I think it’s the cutest thing!

I loved documenting this smiley little girl for her White Session!



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Becoming Five | Edmonton Maternity Photographer

9 October 2017 | Maternity

There is absolutely nothing like the anticipation of a new baby joining the family. We weren’t sure if this photo shoot was going to happen, for so many reasons. This lovely family lives in Edson now, and they weren’t sure they would make it to Edmonton before the baby was born. Laurie and I chatted and tried to plan, but we just weren’t sure if it was going to happen. Everett gave Laurie the nudge she needed to book the photos, reminding her she would regret it if they didn’t have them done. So they packed up the van and they headed to Edmonton. We needed to document them becoming five, and I am so happy this worked out.

This session was short and sweet. The combination of two young boys, the time close to bedtime, and a mama who needed rest, we hustled and made sure we captured everything we needed to in a very short amount of time.

I am so, so happy that we took the time to document Annie while she was still inside her mom. This was a dream session, the summer evening was warm, and everyone was happy to concentrate on this baby about to arrive.

Thank you so so much for making the effort to come and have these photos done. I am so happy to be the one document these moments for you, for these final days as you were preparing to become five.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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