Jackson Edmonton Newborn

7 May 2019 | Newborn

Well…I know it’s a bad sign that it’s MAY and I’m blogging a session with Christmas themed photos. Geez! One step forward 5 steps back with blogging I tell ya. Here we go again, I shall keep trying. Here is Jackon’s Edmonton newborn session.

I met Shayla at a really fun session for Fit Your Life (a really amazing fitness studio in Edmonton!)

She was expecting this babe, and ended up booking us for their maternity session as well as their newborn session. Their maternity session was done in their home, especially in their GORGEOUS nursery, and Gareth rocked that session. Check it out here.

They came to the studio for their newborn session, and it was a blast. We had a really great time hanging out with them, they’re a really lovely couple and their babe is ADORABLE!

It doesn’t get old that we keep meeting so many amazing people through this business, we appreciate the community that has built around us so much.

Thank you so much for coming to see us you guys! Can’t wait to see you again.





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Laura and Neeraj’s Hotel MacDonald Wedding

1 March 2019 | Weddings

We met Laura a long time ago now, when we photographed her grade 12 graduation photos. We drove through the countryside and hung out in an abandoned barn, and we had the best time! Fast forward to her wedding, and she said that we’re “her” photographers so of course we were doing her photos! That hit me straight in the heart making it such an honour to be a part of Laura and Neeraj’s Hotel MacDonald wedding.

The day started with a total snowstorm! The flurries swirled around outside the window as the ladies got ready in their hotel room in the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. I had images of beautiful snowy photos, but once we finally got outside, it was RAINING. But these two didn’t care. At all. They were chill and happy and they just really wanted to enjoy their day and be together.

The day was spectacular, and it was really obvious how much time and energy they put into their plans. Their ceremony in the Hotel MacDonald ballroom was all sorts of beautiful, and it held such a classy feel. The atmosphere was light and happy and joking, and everyone was so excited to be there.

Lucky Laura had a dress change, as did the ladies because the reception was a full on Indian celebration! So so, SO fun! The decor was stunning thanks to Dress my Day, the speeches were unforgettable, and the dance was incredible.

We adored being¬† a part of this day and we are so happy we got to know this incredible couple! Congrats Laura and Neeraj, we couldn’t be happier for you!

Shauna & Gareth


Thank you to the wonderful vendors who helped make this day possible!

Wedding Dress: Bridal Debut (they helped Laura with a ton of alterations!)
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Hair: Amber Ali
Bride’s Makeup: Sandeep from Glamourai Studio
Bridesmaids – Hair and Makeup by KD Artistry
Reception Decor: Dress My Day
Cake: The Art of Cake
Flowers: Petals in the Trail

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Brand New Baby Girl in the Flowers

3 February 2019 | Newborn

It was so good to see this family again! Gareth met these guys while I was away on a trip for their family maternity session, and the photos were GORGEOUS! We were so excited to see them again when Mila was born. Her mom came with some really beautiful ideas for the session, so here is their brand new baby girl in the flowers.

Newborn photos are always a big priority to us.¬† I remember desperately wanting photos of the boys together when Max was born! Most toddlers are busy, full of energy, and not interested in sitting still and looking exactly where we ask them too. Kids aren’t built like that! It takes snacks, toys, silly singing, we have a whole host of tricks up our sleeves!

Big sister Blakely was wonderful. She was so excited about her baby sister, so easy to pose, so willing to sit and cuddle Mila.

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Lamb Family Newborn Session

30 January 2019 | Newborn

We met this lovely family for the first time in our studio! It’s so cool as our business has evolved and grown. It’s meant that we are constantly meeting wonderful new families. We just love The Lamb Family Newborn Session. Cuddles, smiles and so much sweetness as they welcomed baby Jennifer to their family!

What a game changer when we added the bed into the studio! Newborns stay safe as older sibling wants to cuddle. It’s a great space for families to cuddle on, and get some really natural, beautiful photographs. We use the bed now for almost every newborn session that involves an older sibling, because it just works so perfectly.

Our newborn sessions always focus on the child, so our use of props is minimal. Mom brought a few sentimental items, and other than that we stuck to our classic style.

As always, I loved the baby snuggles and the time hanging out with this wonderful family!

Shauna xox


If you’re curious about our newborn sessions, check more out here!

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Summer Maternity Session in Millcreek Ravine

29 January 2019 | Maternity

There are so many hidden gems in Edmonton! There are so many locations to use, so many places that just feel like summer is seeping from our pores. This summer maternity session in Millcreek Ravine just felt like summer. The sun streaming in, the air warm, a wonderful family laughing and playing in the water.

When planning any of our sessions, we know so many locations it’s never up to our clients to figure out a spot for their photos. If they have ideas, that’s amazing, but more often than not, our clients just have a general vibe they’re going for, and we can help with that!

Gareth photographed this session, and he loves shooting down here. So he met these three (almost four!) and they went exploring.

There is a huge benefit to investing in a maternity session, and one that didn’t occur to me before we experienced our maternity session when I was pregnant with Max. When you’re pregnant and it’s not your first child, it’s hard to really take some time and think about this new life who will be joining you soon. During a maternity session, we almost always witness our clients taking a deep breath, settling in, and really enjoying the time together. It’s so nice to really think about the baby coming. It’s so nice to daydream and really start to envision it.

This lovely family played and explored and just really enjoyed their time together during their maternity session. Just a lovely summer evening in Edmonton.

(We also met their beautiful newborn not long after this! It’s coming up on the blog soon!)

Shauna xox

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One Year Birthday White Session

28 January 2019 | Children

A White Session with a birthday twist! A lot of people have been asking if we still actually offer our White Sessions. Yes, we do! Our White Sessions are an ongoing offer that we do in our studio, and this mama wanted to book one for her son’s first birthday, so here the One Year Birthday White Session was born!

We love the simplicity, the focus on the child, and the clean setting. Our White Sessions are never meant to include props, and it really helps to capture the child’s features and their personalities in this point in time.

If you love these sessions, click here for the pricing and more information about the White Sessions.

Happy birthday beautiful boy! We loved helping you celebrate.


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Taurian and Rachel’s Terwillegar Park Engagement Session

27 January 2019 | Couples, Engagement

Warm summer evenings in Edmonton are my favourite. The air is warm, the sun doesn’t go down until late into the evening, and everything feels like summer is going to last forever. It never does – summer is way too short in Edmonton, but man on summer days like this, it really feels like it’s going to last forever. Taurian and Rachel’s Terwillegar Park Engagement Session felt just like, like the perfect summer evening.

Engagement Session felt just like, like the perfect summer evening.

Taurian found us just with a google search. So if you’re here, and you’re actually reading this, thank you! Every time you spend some time on this blog, it helps our google ratings, which means we’ll show up higher on the list, which gives us more of a chance for people to find us.

Okay, back to the engagement session. The session was so relaxed, we walked and chatted so much, and it was a wonderful way to get to know these two. There were dogs everywhere, but we managed to find some quiet spots to hang out and capture these two together.

After their session, they booked us for their wedding! Some people don’t realize that our wedding packages come with an engagement session, but they do! So we added it into the wedding package, and now we’re making plans for their wedding day.

Can’t wait to share that with you! It’s going to be a really fun wedding.

Shauna xoxox

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Edmonton Engagement Session at the Farm – Rachel and Daniel

24 January 2019 | Couples, Engagement

Rachel grew up in the country. Running through the fields, getting into mischief while being outside all day, it sounds like a wonderful childhood to me. Her dad still lives there, so it was the perfect spot for their Edmonton Engagement Session at the Farm.

Like most people, Rachel and Daniel told us they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Here’s the thing – you don’t have to have experience in front of the camera, you don’t have be comfortable, you don’t have to know what to do. That’s what our engagement sessions are for! We hang out, we get to know you, Gareth tells really lame jokes to make you laugh (sorry when you read this Gareth! haha!) Our engagement sessions are prep for your wedding in a big way, but they’re also symbolizing a huge stage in your life!

We are always happy to choose a location for your session! We have lots of ideas and spots that we have used in the past. But if you have somewhere that means a lot to you, somewhere that holds meaning, let’s use it. You will love your photos more, they will mean more to you, and you will feel more comfortable. Plus we’ll have the opportunity to photograph a new location, which is always a big win!

Rachel and Daniel, your wedding is going to be so gorgeous! We can’t wait.

Shauna & Gareth


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Edmonton In Home Newborn Photographer – Mason and his Dogs

21 January 2019 | Newborn

What a fun in home newborn session! We have known Pheadra and Dave for a long time now, since we photographed their wedding! I’m sure it sounds so cheesy to say, but we truly love when our clients come back to us to photograph different stages of their lives. One of the biggest reasons these guys chose to have their newborn session in their home is so they could include their dogs in the session. So here it is – Mason and his dogs in this Edmonton in home newborn session!

Gareth photographs all of our newborn sessions – a little fact for ya! We get asked a lot if he still poses our clients even if they aren’t in the studio. The answer is yes! His goal is definitely to make these look as natural as possible, while still making you look your best. So he will pose you, shift you, make you feel comfortable and make sure the angles are flattering.

In home newborn sessions are still us – they still have the same vibe, the same attention to detail, the same cozy, intimate feeling. It’s just that some people want to remember how they decorated the nursery, how the house looked, how they felt in their space those first few weeks with their new baby.

Whatever you choose to do, the photos will be amazing!

Shauna & Gareth

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Theresa and Massimo’s Edmonton Winter Wedding

20 January 2019 | Weddings

The day was crisp, cold, the classic Edmonton winter day. The girls donned their retro dresses, Theresa’s mom sat in the living room finishing up her speech. The house was buzzing with anticipation, with excitement, with complete love. Massimo’s house was much the same: the family gathered, generations coming together to celebrate this momentous moment in two people’s lives that they love. The older I get, the more I realize how much joy a wedding brings the whole family. It truly is about two families joining! As Theresa’s grandma cried as Theresa got her dress on, I tried to imagine how it would feel to watch my kids get married, then my grandkids. Wouldn’t that be the craziest feeling?! Theresa and Massimo’s Edmonton Winter Wedding was definitely one for the books.

We met Teresa when she was a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding (check it out here!), and so we knew the day was going to be amazing. These two are incredibly family orientated, and it showed through the whole day. They thought through so many details, and added so many personal touches to make the day their own. From Theresa wearing her grandmother’s fur coat, to the coke bottles, to the lovely cake, it all just helped their personalities shine through.

Theresa and Massimo, your wedding was classy, friendly, so family orientated and so FUN! Let’s be honest, it was pretty darn cold too, but we were quick, and the cold was easily forgotten.


THANK YOU for having us. For such a wonderful day. For the fun, and for braving the snow!



Wedding Dress: Bridal Debut
Hair & Makeup Artist: Blush Artisty
Cake: Art of Cake Yeg
Reception Location: Doubletree by Hilton


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