Ashley and Chris | Edmonton Fall Engagement

4 October 2017 | Engagement

We headed out of Edmonton and into the country for some gorgeous fall colours and empty country roads. Fall in Edmonton is here and is it ever gorgeous. The colours are always stunning, but they’re also so fleeting. There is something about spring blossoms and fall colours that are so special because they don’t last.  It’s always a treat to spend the evening with clients and capture these final warm days before the snow comes. It was so nice to spend the evening with Ashley and Chris, and to get to know them before their wedding day. We had a ton to talk about, and the night flew by.

These two have been together for a long time – they have built a life together, they have children together, they have committed to each other in so many ways. Now it’s time to tie the knot! Taking the time for these photos, just the two of them, was wonderful. No one else to worry about, no kids to wrangle in and manage. Just the two of them spending the evening together. Of course I was tagging along with them, which is always a romantic idea, right?

Your wedding next summer is going to be amazing! Can’t wait.

Shauna xox


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Camden is One! | Edmonton Family

| Family

Camden is one, and that is a BIG DEAL! Getting through that first year of a new baby is always a dig deal for the family. There are huge joys, some struggles, and so, so much love. Camden’s mom and I talked about a ton of different ideas for Camden’s one year session, but in the end she decided on family photos to document them, as a unit, as they are now. And that is always worth documenting. Big sister Everly has a huge personality, she was hilarious and so fun to photograph!

The morning was one of the last really warm mornings in Edmonton. Fall arrived right after, and with it came the wind and unpredictable weather. We reveled the warm summer air.

We laughed and we giggled and we took our time. There is never any rushing in family photos, just playing and capturing the kids as they are.

There are so many favourites from this session! We met Camden as a baby for his newborn session, and what a joy celebrating his first birthday with them all.

Thank you so much for having me, it was a wonderful morning.

Shauna xox

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Randi and Kyle | Fox Creek Farm Wedding

2 October 2017 | Weddings

Randi reached out to us when she started her wedding planning. We chatted over email for a while,  and because they live in Fox Creek and we’re in Edmonton, all of our communication had to be done through technology. Thank goodness for Facetime! We chatted through our computer screens, messaged each other through the year leading up to the wedding, but it wasn’t until their wedding day that we actually met in person! Gareth and I drove to Fox Creek for their farm wedding, and let me tell you the day was stunning.

One of my favourite pieces from the wedding day was a gift from her bridal shower. Randi lost her mom a long time ago, and her maid of honour wanted to make sure her mom’s presence was acknowledged, felt and honoured.  The first photo in the blog is a piece made from Randi’s moms wedding dress. Read it, it’s so thoughtful and so touching.

The wedding party was a ton of fun. They were really good sports about the photo which we always appreciate! Randi and Kyle had some excitement a few weeks before the wedding, with Kyle dislocating his shoulder on a mountain biking trip in BC. It made posing them a bit of a challenge, but he was such a good sport, you would never know.

The day was amazing. It was so nice to get out of Edmonton and spend the day in such a beautiful spot. Fox Creek has so much to offer, and we’re so happy we were there to capture the day.

Congrats again Randi and Kyle!

Shauna & Gareth

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These Stunning Summer Nights | Edmonton Maternity

Lauren and Lane met me on a very, very windy evening in the midst of our warm summer. You would never know it though would you, it just looks like one of those stunning summer nights.

We walked around a park I have used a thousand times for photo shoots, but we found new spots I have never noticed before, which always feels so amazing. The light shone through the trees, and we laughed and joked around while we documented this baby coming.

It’s always a joy to document a maternity session, there is always such a buzz of anticipation and nerves, joy and fear. I remember it so well, it always takes me back to expecting our boys.

Thanks so much you guys, it was so nice to spend the evening with you!



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Welcome Landon | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

27 September 2017 | Newborn

We met this lovely family last year. They were at a wedding we photographed, and I photographed their family session the very next day. I instantly enjoyed spending time with them. They’re great company and I had a blast with them. Kipton was just a little man a year ago, but he has grown up so much and stepped up to the plate for his big brother role. What an honour to help them welcome Landon to their fold.

Sibling photos are always tricky. We don’t keep this a secret, it’s always something we try to warn parents about. Patience are needed, and and we always have to try over and over again to pose them. However, Kipton seemed to be the exception to this rule. Every time I asked him to come hold his brother, he happily said “no” to me, took my hand, and walked over! haha! Obviously he’s a very typical two year old with the favourite word “no”, but he happily came along and snuggled baby Landon.

The family photos went much the same, and since Kipton was so agreeable, and Landon was happily sleeping, we zoomed through the family portion of their session. As soon as we were finished, grandpa whisked Kipton off, and we were left to document Landon. Mom and dad brought dad’s baby blanket to use in the photos, and Landon smiled as soon as it was placed on him. I don’t think that’s a coincidence!

It was really lovely to see this family move into the next phase of their story. Thank you for having us capture this amazing newborn session!

Shauna & Gareth xox

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A Balloon Filled Cake Smash | Edmonton Photographer

25 September 2017 | Children

When a cake smash is booked, I always work with the parents to create a set that the parents envision.  Kyrian Frost’s mom wanted lots of ballons – so she brought a ton of them along and we created this balloon filled cake smash.

Mom brought all of the helium balloons, and Kyrian Frost wasn’t sure of them as we got them blown up. He was a little nervous! But we finished the set, put the cake down, and he was instantly intrigued.

A lot of kids are nervous about the cake. Some never touch it. Parents are usually surprised but it happens more often than you think! This little man  was the exception! He dove into the cake, curious and happy to explore.

This mama was so excited for these photos – thank you so much for bringing Kyrian Frost and having me document this huge milestone.

Shauna xox

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Rory is One! | Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

21 September 2017 | Children, Cake Smash

Rory is one! Today is her birthday and what a perfect time to blog her adorable cake smash. I met this lovely family earlier this summer (see their family photos here!), and I was so excited when they booked Rory’s cake smash. I always think that a first birthday is something to really celebrate, just as much for the parents as for the child. That first year is such a huge change to the parent’s world, so when you reach this milestone, their first birthday, it’s time to high five eat some eat and really really celebrate!

Rory is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. She has an easy going manner and her smile comes easily. It didn’t take much convincing for her to dig into that cake! Mom just had to give her a taste and show her that it was actually good, and that was it, she was ready to explore and investigate.

What a fun afternoon with this lovely family! Thank you so much for bringing Rory to celebrate her birthday with us She has a beautiful smile, gorgeous piercing eyes, and I think it’s easy to see she had a blast!

Shauna xoxo


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Hi There Henry | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

This session really feels like our style is coming into its own. A great mix of posed and relaxed shots, the focus on the family first and foremost, and stunning shots showing off the baby. The perfect way to say – Hi there Henry.

Our studio sessions are a clean, classic look. They’re easy for the parents because they don’t have to worry about the house being in order for the session (it can be tough with a newborn baby!) The studio is cozy and warm, and allows the parents to have a nice break as soon as the family photos are done.

Thanks so much for bringing Henry in to see us. We loved documenting your family of three!

Shauna & Gareth

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Big Blue Eyes | 6 Month Old Jacob

20 September 2017 | Children

I absolutely love our First Year packages! We met Jacob at his newborn session, and he looks so different now. I just couldn’t get enough of his big blue eyes.

His mom danced and sang and made silly noises behind me. She knows ALL the Raffi songs! She told me she felt silly, but trust me EVERY MOM has to do that! I’ve heard so many songs, and trust me I sing too!

Needless to say, you can see from the photos that Jacob had a blast. He is just beautiful, and I’m so happy we captured Jacob at this adorable age!

We’ll see you at your One Year session Jacob, I can’t wait.

Shauna xox

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A Beautiful Summer Morning | Edmonton Photographer

19 September 2017 | Family

A beautiful summer morning was the perfect time to meet this new family. I had never photographed them before, but as soon as we met we quickly got chatting, and they were so easy to be around!

Their little girl Rory is 10 months old, and such a happy baby! She was curious and watching everything in the park, and she was very content hanging out with mom and dad.

Photographing families is such a cool thing, Rory will  never be in this phase again. She’ll never fit the same way into mom and dad’s arms, she’ll have new interests soon, she’ll be running and exploring and things will never be the same.

Which is why it is so important to document kiddos. I always encourage families to have photos done every year, and that’s a big reason why. I hope to capture how the kids are at this point – the nose scrunch smile, the big eyes, the wonder.

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