Welcoming Felicity | Edmonton Newborn

10 May 2018 | Newborn

I have known these guys for a really, really long time. Tina and I played baseball together through the Edmonton spring months when we were kids. We used to go out riding our bikes in the rain with a few other girls, playing in the mud and splashing through the puddles. It’s pretty amazing to see people I’ve known since we were young, growing into a family, having kids and being pretty amazing adults. It’s an honour to be the ones to help in welcoming Felicity to their family.

Everyone was so excited to celebrate her, and that was pretty cool to see. We took our time with Declan, making sure he was comfortable in the studio, and when he was ready, he was so excited for the pictures. He cuddled Felicity, hung out with mom and dad, and he did so well! Sibling photos always take some time and patience – it’s not often really young kids are expected to sit exactly in one spot, to be still, to look directly at the camera. So when we take some time to get the sibling photos done, it’s normal. Trust us, we’ve seen it many times. Declan is one proud big brother, and it was so sweet to see.

Thank you so much for bringing Felicity to see us! It was wonderful to see you guys again, and to meet your new little love.

Shauna xox

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Handsome Rowan | Edmonton Newborn

Handsome Rowan came to see us with his parents, and we spent the morning with them all in the studio. It’s so nice being able to offer our newborn studio sessions to our clients, as well as our lifestyle newborn sessions. They are very different sessions, but they both carry our same style. The studio sessions are more posed, less candid. Although we still managed to catch some smiles from all three of them!

Rowan was a wide awake, alert little man, so we wrapped him up to start off the session with the family photos. It’s always neat when we can get some photos of a newborn baby awake, because not every baby is awake for their newborn session. Sleepy, cuddly newborn babies are the best! But having the variety is pretty cool for a family to receive.

I just adore their family photos! Rowan was such a good sport; once he was sleeping we got some absolutely precious shots of him on his own.

Thank you so much for coming to see us! It was great to meet you all!

Shauna & Gareth


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Marisa & Zack Blue Meadows Wedding

20 April 2018 | Weddings

Spring in Edmonton is the perfect time to finally blog this stunning autumn wedding, right?! This poor blog has been neglected lately, so for anyone still checking it, thank you! My goal is always to keep this space consistent, but sometimes, life happens, and I need to work hard to get caught up. So while we’re feeling this beautiful warm springtime sunshine on our faces, let’s take a minute to think back to this windy fall day, when the leaves were all but gone. Marisa dreamed of a beautiful Edmonton fall wedding, so we searched and we found the last remnants of fall. And it’s always a treat when we get to head to Blue Meadows for a wedding!

Wind can be tricky on a wedding day, but it can make for some really stunning images. Zack and Marisa were up for anything to make their photos amazing, and their wedding party was right there beside them. It is so important to choose people to be in your wedding party who are going to support you and cheer you on. Be up for standing in a field in the gusting wind. Pick up your dress and keep it out of the mud. And even have groomsmen that will carry bridesmaids through a ditch to the pretty leaves!

Getting to know Marisa and Zack has been pretty amazing. Her vision for their engagement photos was so fun to bring to life! From that session I knew their wedding was going to be stunning. There was a lot of love displayed through the day – Zack surprising Marisa by wearing his uniform for the ceremony, the look on their parent’s faces through the ceremony, their wedding party doing everything they could to make the day special. All of the guests even came out in that wind to capture a photo of everyone at the wedding, just after the ceremony.

Venue: Ceremony was held at Parkland Village Community Centre. Reception was held at Blue Meadows
A big thank you to Michelle Gamble Events for all of your hard work! Always a pleasure to work with you.

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Edmonton Fresh 48

19 April 2018 | Newborn

We’ve started posting about our Edmonton Fresh 48 sessions over on Facebook and Instagram, and I’m sure some of you are wondering what exactly a Fresh 48 session is.

This isn’t birth photography, and it isn’t a newborn session like you’ve seen from us before. This is an opportunity to capture those first hours of your baby entering the world. Once the birth is over, once you’re moved into your hospital room, or in your home, that’s the time we come see you.

We want to capture your older child meeting their new sibling. We want to photograph the looks on Grandpa and Grandma’s face the first time they lay eyes on their new grandchild. We want to capture those raw, real, first moments for you. Giving birth is one of the hardest things you’ll do, so there is a good chance the time will be a hazy memory in the years to come. So let’s have those emotions, those connections, those moments captured forever.

When I gave birth to both of my boys, the experience was amazing, exhausting, wonderful, and overwhelming. There are so many moments that Gareth talks about, and I don’t have a clear memory of them. We have some photos that Gareth took, but having those first hours documented (with Gareth in the photos!) would have been so special.

Being parents has changed our perspective of our photography over the years. Connection over perfection. Moments over poses. Those are some of the reasons we are so excited to be offering Fresh 48 sessions!

Feel free to email us about more info.

Shauna & Gareth

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Winter Bumps Bring Spring Babies | Edmonton Maternity

5 April 2018 | Maternity

Winter sessions may be freezing, but man they are beautiful. And it’s really fun to think that winter bumps bring spring babies.

We lucked out with a warmer winter day (is that even a thing?! Winter is always cold). But we were able to stay outside for a while, to hang out, change outfits and add some props. Winter sessions are never incredibly long, so we always make good use of our time!

This baby is going to arrive anytime now. It’s really amazing for us to work with couples for their maternity sessions and then again for their newborn session. We get to see the excitement, the nerves, the connection between them. We get to witness the anticipation on their faces. Our job is really special, and we’re so grateful!

I’m so happy that we got outside and documented their growing family in the beautiful snow. Winter is cold, but the photos are worth it.

We can’t wait to meet this baby!


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Project 52 | Close to your heart – Gareth

30 March 2018 | Personal

Week three of project 52 is close to your heart. This I found to be a very broad subject with a wealth of meaning. I considered a straight forward family picture, or alternatively a shot that shows us all happy and busy with some activity. These photography projects are supposed to stretch our creativity and imagination, remind us that there are different ways to convey a message. So instead I decided to look for something a little more abstract.

The picture I chose to make, at first glance might seem materialistic. In reality, each item has a story and meaning that weighs more than its physical bounds. They represent a moment in time, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my life.

  • Necklace: a gift from Shauna and Callum the day I became a dad.
  • Cufflinks: my dad bought these in memory of my grandfather after he died.
  • The silver watch: a gift from my sister on her wedding day.
  • Currency: there is money from where I was born, where I live and where I have travelled. It reminds me of past adventures and adventures yet to come.
  • Greenstone necklace: bought during our New Zealand adventure. Carved by a local Maori artist to bring luck to travellers.
  • The small blue case contains Callum’s front tooth. He had to have it pulled out after an accident when he was only eleven months old.
  • The towel upon which everything sits I have had at least twenty years. It was a gift, given to me along with a snooker cue by my Aunty one Christmas.
  • Chapstick: The least significant but most needed. I can’t go longer than a couple of days without needing one.

Keeping clutter under control with a growing family is a constant struggle. Sometimes though it is good to remember the value in the little things that have helped to define who we become.


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Fun | Project 52 – Week Two – Gareth

26 March 2018 | Personal

Fun is the key word for week 2 of our 52 week project. Thankfully it coincided with some fresh snow and slightly warmer temperatures.


Here in Edmonton winter is a reality for a large portion of the year. Because of this we try our best to embrace it, and get outside. Callum and Max have both been learning to skate and ski. When the chance comes we also head down the street to our little toboggan hill. So one evening Max and I decided to zip up our jackets and do exactly that.

It turned into a bit of a mad dash to get down the street before darkness swallowed us. So with Max sitting high on my shoulders, toboggans tucked under an arm we stomped off.


The hill was ours! For a glorious hour we skidded down the hill and Max bumped over jumps. We watched the sun set with no other soul to give us pause.


When the darkness brought a fresh wave of chill air it was time we headed home for dinner.


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Baby Benjamin | Edmonton Newborn

21 March 2018 | Newborn

I met this beautiful mamma while photographing a Mommy Connections event, and I’ve seen her a lot at many of the classes! She’s always someone I look forward to seeing – she’s always so happy and friendly. Such an honour to have them in the studio when she had her second son, and welcome Benjamin into the world with them. And to say – welcome to the mom of boys club!

Older brother Caleb is two, so it always takes some tricks of the trade and some patience to get them into the photos. It’s normal. Completely, utterly normal for a two year old to not want to sit still and pose and take the perfect photo. Toddlers aren’t being bad or misbehaving, they’re being toddlers. Luckily we HAVE toddlers, and we have photographed countless kiddos. So with some patience, some tricks, and maybe a little magic, they settle quickly enough for their portion of the photo shoot.

Parents, please remember during your newborn photo shoot – or any photo shoot with kids –  they’re good kids. When a newborn comes along, their whole world is turned upside down, and they’re adjusting just like you are.

Congratulations to all of you! It was an honour to document baby Benjamin’s first days in the world.

Shauna xox

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Christmas & Hogmanay in Historic Edinburgh

19 March 2018 | Personal, Travel

Historic Edinburgh

Our nine hour drive started upon icy roads, amidst swirling snow. Our route took us across country through Wales before hitting the motorway to take us North into Scotland. The going was easy enough so that we made good time. Still long enough that by the time of our arrival there was not much of the day left for taking in historic Edinburgh. We had come to Edinburgh with my parents to spend Christmas and Hogmanay with my sister before the next leg of our journey began to the far East.

As with London, Edinburgh was filled with festive spirit. The winter markets bustled with life. Low ceilinged pubs were warm and inviting. We strolled the cobbled lanes and closes and admired the castle upon its volcanic pedestal from both near and far.

We visited Queensferry along the banks of the Firth of Forth and Peebles further in land. Had tea with old ladies in a tiny coffee shop. Climbed more castle walls at Craigmillar. All as temperatures dipped as low as minus thirteen. That may not seem cold when considering the average Canadian winter. Combined with the famous damp, British, weather the chill seeped through our clothes and into our bodies with the feeling easily 10 degrees colder.

Christmas came and went with a flash until Hogmanay, the UK’s greatest street party, was upon us.


Hogmanay is the Scottish celebration to bring in the new year. It’s origins reach back to the celebration of the winter solstice among the Vikings with wild parties in late December. All across Scotland there are a variety of Hogmanay festivities (read more here). For the really adventurous I would recommend the Loony Dook on the 1st January.

The street festivities did not begin until the evening so we took a short trip to Dunbar to pass the day. Dunbar has a working harbour, with lobster pots, thick ropes holding the boats to the land, and colourful nets lying in heaps along the docks.

That evening the wonderful Edinburgh bus service delivered us safely to Princess Street. The street itself is closed to traffic for the evening and gated for ticket holders only (get tickets and information for 2018 Hogmanay here).  Stages adorn each end of the street as well as down below in in the gardens of the same name. A mass of people hummed and thrived along the road with a combined spirit that I have yet to experience anywhere else. Despite the fullness of the mass of seething bodies we moved around with ease until finding the perfect spot to await the countdown to midnight. At midnight fireworks exploded above the castle, smoke drifting through the air due to their frequency.

It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011.




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Georgia & Bo | Edmonton Twin Newborn

We have been photographing this family for quite a while now, and I am always so incredibly happy when we get to spend time together. Their sessions are always a blast and I love catching up with them. We met them years ago at a wedding in the Rocky Mountains, and we’ve been working with them ever since they were expecting their first son. Sawyer’s maternity photos, newborn photos, six month photos and one year photos are all worth having a look at, every session is a favourite of ours! Georgia and Bo were amazing during their newborn session – this twin newborn session went so smoothly.

Also, check out Georgia & Bo’s maternity session

I love twin newborn sessions, I always learn so much! Bo and Georgia are fraternal twins, so they’re like any other brother and sister, just born at the same time. And yet, every time they were touching each other, they were the calmest. Every time we had them posed together, they seemed happiest. It was so interesting to witness!

These parents are absolute gems, and their kiddos are pretty spectacular. I can’t wait to see Georgia and Bo in the next year for their 6 month and 1 year photos, and for years to come as they all grow.

Congratulations you guys! I hope you’re getting some semblance of sleep, and your amazing sense of humor is sticking around 😉

Shauna xox

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