We Lived In A Van In New Zealand!

7 January 2018 | Personal, Travel

Shauna and I love to travel. If you read our About Us Page you will know that I am from England and Shauna is from Canada where we now live. We met in Australia a lifetime ago and have traveled ever since. One of our greatest adventures so far happened in New Zealand in 2011. We lived in a van for a year!  

Our trip to New Zealand provided a massive turning point in our lives, both personal and professional. I love looking back at the many photos we took, remembering how different life was. I thought it would be fun to share some of our stories here, soI’m going to get some of our story up here soon. Please check back in from time to time to read more.  


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Micah is 6 Months | Edmonton Child Photographer

6 January 2018 | Family, Children

Handsome little Micah came to see us just before Christmas. How he has grown! His newborn session was a fun one for us, (check it out here) so I was excited to see them again! Now here he is – Micah is 6 months old.

Thank you so much for having us document Micah as he grows, I can’t wait to see him for his 1 year session!


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Project 52 – Week 1 – At the Beginning

4 January 2018 | Personal, Children

Here we go again, a new year, a new project! This year we’re doing a Project 52 again (Gareth and I did it 2 years ago if you remember!) Every week in 2018, we have a different prompt to get our brains working. So here it is – Project 52 – Week 1 – At the Beginning.

I took this portrait of the boys the first day of 2018. This is them at this moment in time. Callum age 4 3/4, Max age 2 3/4 (This is what they tell everyone when asked how old they are).

Callum with his gap toothed smile, that sweet look on his face.

Max with those beautiful eyes which seem to change colour every other day, always a bit of mischief on his face.

They’re never going to be the same. Everyday changing and growing and developing into who they’re meant to be.

Here’s to a new year my friends!

Shauna xox

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Spiky Haired Rhys | Edmonton Newborn

3 January 2018 | Newborn

Spiky haired Rhys and his parents came to see us in the studio when Rys was just days old – how adorable is this little man! His porcelain skin, his thick dark hair and his sleepy demeanor made this such a good newborn session.

Rhys cuddled up with both mom and dad, making the family photos so sweet. His nursery is baseball themed and dad plays the sport, so they brought along some equipment to use in the session. We love to use items that bring meaning to a newborn session. The rest of the session was true to our style, focusing on this brand new beautiful life.

I really hope to see this family again, they are all sorts of wonderful.

Shauna xox

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Christmas Fun! | Edmonton Family Photographer

2 January 2018 | Children

Four kids, the studio vibrating with energy, the promise of Christmas dreams bouncing in all of their heads. There is no other way to describe this session other than Christmas fun!

Gareth and I knew with four kids we would have to shoot this Christmas session a bit different than the rest of our Christmas sessions, so we decided to try using the bed, and it worked so well! Definitely in the plans for next year’s holiday season.

Mom and joined in some of the photos as well. They’re getting married next year (we photographed their engagement session this fall which is GORGEOUS, check it out here). It was so fun to hang out with the whole family this time, get to know the kids a bit before the wedding day.

Their Christmas session was so fun. I absolutely loved hanging out with these guys!


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Curly Haired Cake Smash

This beautiful baby boy came to our studio so we could help them celebrate his first birthday. Big blue eyes, adorable smile and that thick head of hair made for quite the adorable curly haired cake smash.

He giggled and played in the cake while his mom, sister and I looked on. It’s so fun to watch a child explore and discover something so messy and mushy as a cake.

He is such a handsome boy, his outfit was so perfect, and I had a blast at this cake smash!

Thanks for coming to see us! Happy birthday handsome boy!


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Mila Makes Them Five | Edmonton Newborn

15 December 2017 | Newborn

I met Amber when her second daughter was just a baby. We both took a Mommy Connections class and there we met. It kind of blows my mind to have them all in the studio as their family grows. When I met them they were a family of four, but now Mila makes five.

Having siblings in a newborn session always take a bit more time. We get our silly faces ready (and let’s be honest, our patience) and we’re ready for them. But these girls made our job so effortless. They sat and cuddled and were happy to be with baby Mila. I always wonder what it’s like having a sister, that built in best friend, the one who has our back. I get the impression that the older two girls are really close, so I’m sure Mila will fit right in there.

I have a lot of favourites from this session, choosing the ones to put on the blog wasn’t easy. Mom wanted pink and girly and soft and pretty. She said she just needed to embrace the pink since she has three girls now! I couldn’t agree more.

It was so wonderful to see you all again, and to meet Mila and document your family with your new addition. She’s perfect!



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Sledding in an Edmonton Winter Wonderland

14 December 2017 | Family

It’s not always an easy feat to get outside in the wintertime. Edmonton can get cold, windy and unpleasant. But having kids makes us adults get outside and find ways to play, because kids always do better when they’re outside in the fresh air (and let’s be honest – we all do better when we’ve had some fresh air!). The Willie family seems to have this figured out most days – they spend a lot of time outside playing, no matter the season. We have photographed them in the studio, in the summer evening sun, and it just seems fitting to capture them playing as a family of four, sledding in an Edmonton winter wonderland.

We knew this session was going to be quick. Even though we have been having unseasonably warm days here in Edmonton, this particular day was chilly. They bundled the girls up, popped them on this adorable sleigh they have, and they were ready.

This session really reminded me that a photo shoot doesn’t always have to be in the warm summer sun. Winter is so long in Edmonton that it’s such a cool idea to capture such a big part of our lives. Gareth and I have decided we’re going to have our own family photos done next winter to document our time in the snow while the boys are still young.

This was such a fun day! So happy we got outside and capture the Willie family adventuring on this beautiful winter day.

Shauna xox

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Contented Cuddles | Edmonton Newborn

4 December 2017 | Newborn

Dark silky hair. Creamy soft skin. Contented cuddles, smitten parents, a whole new world for the three of them.

This my friends, is why we love to photograph newborns. This kind of session, the connection that we witness and get to document. How is this our job?! How is this real life? Not everyone gets to pursue their dream jobs, but it’s sessions like this that reminds us why we love to photograph people.

These three are such a team. They’re such a strong unit already. Mom and dad have been together since school, traveled the world together. They’ve taken on so many challenges, and we’ve known them through just a fraction of them. I met Melissa working at Boston Pizza, they were our neighbours for a short time, and they’re the kind of friends we always come back to and always love to see.

Gorgeous Miss Rowen, you are already so loved. So admired. So unconditionally accepted. It’s an honour to have met you, and I can’t wait to watch you grow.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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Fall, Family & Their Pup | Edmonton Photographer

17 November 2017 | Family

The colours were nearly gone by the time I met with the Rietveld family. The wind was chilly, so we found a spot that still had some of the pretty autumn colours, and they cuddled up together to keep out the cold. There is nothing better than fall, family & their pup playing together.

By the time the third child comes around, life is super busy. There are lots of kids vying for attention, and so there aren’t a gazillion photos of that new beautiful baby in the family. We made sure we documented their new addition, and she is so alert at three months old!

They played in the leaves, the kids ran off some steam, then came back for another cuddle. It was a beautiful session!

Thank you so much for braving those last chilly days of fall in Edmonton, just before the snow came. It was worth it!


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