Eli Turns Three

6 December 2013 | Family, Children

Eli was turning 3, so we went to play in a farmer’s field to celebrate. Some trucks and a a lot of room to run makes for a happy little boy.

We caught some amazing moments with him – including some true and genuine smiles. I know parents love when their children smile and look at the camera, but I just love massive, real grins from little ones.

What a beautiful evening with a lovely family! Happy birthday little guy!


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Landon – Newborn

5 December 2013 | Children

Landon came to visit us when he was 6 weeks old. His mom brought almost all of the props for his photo shoot which was so much fun! I love when parents have ideas and we can play.

Mom and dad are anxiously awaiting a sneak peek so until the photos arrive to you, here you are! Thank you so much for making the long drive in the cold winter to come see us. Landon is  a gem, congrats to your family!


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Callum – 8 Months

3 December 2013 | Personal, Children

I’m way, way behind in sharing personal photos!

On our way to the pool on a Friday night we stopped in a spot we knew had some incredibly gorgeous light.

Callum’s smile just lights up my whole heart. His hair is also kind of awesome.

Love you little man.

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Little Hobbes

My lovely friend Jen from Snow Pea Portraits had another little one.

He looks pretty happy to be here, don’t you think?

Congrats my friend, he’s so beyond perfect. (many more to come!)

Shauna xoxox

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Mark & Desiree & Lochlan

29 November 2013 | Family, Engagement

These three people hold a place in our hearts. Mark and I are related, cousins at some point down the road which we try to figure out quite often and always just end up going back to the fact we’re family.

Being able to spend some time with these guys leading up to their wedding was  a treat – most couples are so busy with wedding prep they don’t have time to socialize. So when we get to work with people we love, it makes for a good time.

Guys, all of you are wonderful. Little Mr. Lochlan is such a sweet little man, in a few years him and Callum will be tearing things up no doubt.

Love you,
Shauna xox

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Ashley – Rock the Dress

25 November 2013 | Weddings

Oh man. Working with Ashley is like…not working at all. She’s gorgeous, does makeup like nobody’s business, and her hair is uhhhhmazing. Also – she’s SO much fun. We have become really good friends in the last few years, so her Rock the Dress session was an awesome excuse for a hang out session.

Ashley is a makeup artist so we set up a fairy tale makeup table for her. The photos are magical. This whole session is magical.

Ashley and Brett said I do in January, so her session was SO different to her wedding day. That’s what is amazing about Rock the Dress! Get that amazing dress back on, let’s do something a bit crazy and really different, and let’s have some fun without the worry of timelines and if your dress will be dirty for your reception. ROCK your dress!

Thank you for an amazing evening my friend.

Shauna xoxo

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Christmas Canvas Special

19 November 2013 | Travel

Christmas is coming! Here is a unique, original gift opportunity.

We are offering these stunning photos on fine art, archival canvas.

16×24 inches – $216 (regular $270)
20×30 inches – $288 (regular $360)

This canvas special will close on Sunday, November 24, at 7pm.

Email shauna@roughleyoriginals.com with the name of the photo you have chosen and your desired size.

Orders will not be placed if we do not receive payment by Sunday, November 24 at 7pm. We accept cash, cheque and email money transfer.

Because of the nature of this special you must be able to pick up your order in Edmonton.

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The Andersons

15 November 2013 | Family, Children

A lovely family on a lovely day! These girls were busy, excited and wanted to run. And their outfits – could they be any cuter? I don’t think so.

Their mamma, Allison, is a fellow photographer at Teagan Photography, and it’s always flattering when another photographer chooses us to document their family!

Best of luck on the coming addition to your new family guys, you are all wonderful!

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Last Wedding of 2013

14 November 2013 | Weddings

I just have to share this image from our last wedding of 2013!

At the end of the season it’s really easy to get caught up doing the same poses, the same setup, the same old same old we’ve been doing all year.

Gareth and I talked in our pre-wedding meeting we always have about our goals for this wedding, and that’s the one thing we decided to focus on. Let’s think about some new poses, let’s stay creative, let’s make something new.

Gareth knocked it out of the park, don’t you think?

So much more to come from this wedding! Congrats Mark and Desiree.


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Charlie Milan- Brand New

13 November 2013 | Newborn

Little Mr. Charlie came to see us brand new. There are a lot of black and whites in this series but they seem to fit this family perfectly with their classic look.

We have already been told that we will be documenting Charlie as he grows, which we cannot be more thrilled about. One of my very favourite things about our job is watching families as they grow.

Congrats to you all!

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