To Istanbul

5 February 2014 | Travel

We missed Travel Tuesday due to a small family emergency, but we’re back at it this week!

We left Mumbai, India on a hot, humid, sweaty day. Our long journey took us from Mumbai Istanbul, Turkey, via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The flight was a strange one. As we boarded the plane in India, all of the staff were acting extremely happy to see us. They ushered us to the front of the line, big smiles on their faces, ready to help us in any way possible. We soon figured out why. The Arabs boarding the flight weren’t used to flying, and they seemed scared, confused and completely out of sorts. We started heading to the back of the plane, but it took ages to get to our seats because of the people in front of us. They zig-zagged back and forth between the rows, even though the flight attendants kept telling them where their seats were.

Once we reached our place we sat and watched as the flight attendants struggled to help everyone find their place. They eventually did, and we were off.

We made it to Istanbul after dark. Gareth had a near miss losing his tripod, which he had strapped tot he outside of his bag on every flight. His luck had finally ran out and it fell off on the plane. Luckily the staff were extremely helpful and they found it! Success.

We arrived at our lovely guest house, and although it was late we each had a need – Gareth was coveting a snack, and I was in need of a glass of red wine.


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Patrick Turns One

2 February 2014 | Children

Handsome Patrick! This little man is seriously one of the most classically handsome babies I have ever seen. Can’t you just see him getting dressed in his suit, picking up his briefcase and heading off to the office?

We met Patrick in our mom’s group, and him and Callum have been buds ever since. We’re so lucky to be surrounded with so many adorable babies with so many incredible mammas. Patrick’s mom has made me laugh more times than I can remember this past year, and some days I really, really needed it. We’re lucky to have met you guys!


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Elsa and Avery – Canmore Wedding

23 January 2014 | Weddings

Elsa and Avery’s wedding was a dream. Gorgeous weather. Epic location. A kind, charming couple. She smiled and laughed and stunned us all…he looked at her like she was his whole entire world.

These two have a love that’s real. We meet a lot of couples, and these two are the real deal.

Every detail was thought of. Lace, soft flowers, pearls..the works. And a wedding at the Nordic Center in Canmore was absolutely spectacular.

Thank you to Gerard from Highland Executive Chauffeur Service for being so wonderful to work with.

Congrats you two, It was truly an honour to witness and document your day.

Shauna xoxox

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Amritsar, India

22 January 2014 | Personal, Travel

Our five weeks in India wasn’t supposed to include a trip to The Golden Temple. It sounded pretty cool when we did our research, but it was a long way to go and we weren’t sure there was time. After chatting with some other travelers though, they convinced us it was somewhere we needed to see.

So we booked our tickets and packed our bags, and headed off to the Bikaner bus station. After checking in, we watched some men load the bus. A camel helped with the heavy work as they put an unbelievable amount of packages on the roof.

As evening approached, we boarded the bus to Amritsar. Our “seats” this time around was a bed at the top of the bus, much like bunk beds. Not quite the size of a double, we had to lie head to toes. Armed with a bag full of snacks and sweets we bought at Bikaner Sweets, we set off on the long journey.

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Sarah and Brent

21 January 2014 | Engagement

Autumn in Edmonton is always a gamble. Is it going to be nice? Warm? Freezing? Sunshine? Snow. You honestly never, ever know.

Sarah and Brent’s engagement shoot was a huge gamble. Storm clouds were rolling in, the wind was picking up and heavy rain was imminent. It was a challenge to get everyone’s schedules coordinated, so we decided to just go for it. I mean, what was the worst that could happen? We would have got a little wet.

We didn’t. We may have froze just a bit, the wind may have howled and we may have been running back to our cars by the end of the session, but we beat the rain and created some beautiful images.

Your wedding this summer is going to be fabulous…I can just feel it.


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On This Day…

14 January 2014 | Personal, Travel, Maternity

A bit of a trip down memory lane for today’s Travel Tuesday! Ever think…oh man, a year ago today I was….3 years ago we were…..

Well here is ours! On this Day…

January 14, 2005. Gareth was in Melbourne, Australia soaking up the sunshine whilst I was back in Canada freezing in the midst of winter. This purse in the heart of the city gained cult fame thanks to a naked Billy Connolly who also sat here. Hopefully it was washed before Gareth climbed aboard!

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2013 in Review

We started out 2013 with me – massive, uncomfortable, exhausted, nervous. Gareth was carrying the load of most things in our life so I could rest. He was a superhero, as he continues to be.

Our first wedding was a couple who have grown incredibly close to our hearts. Ashley had such faith in us that our news of a little one on the way didn’t move her decision at all – she wanted us to be there on her day. Thank you for your faith friend, and for trusting our pact that I wouldn’t go into labour before your first dance!

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9 January 2014 | Children

This gorgeous newborn boy came to visit us, and he was wonderful! His session went so smoothly, he slept like a dream, and his parents were so laid back.

Thanks so much for coming to meet us you guys, we hope to see you again soon!


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Stewart Island, New Zealand

8 January 2014 | Personal, Travel

Some of you have started following us because of our portrait work. Some of you joined us when we were on a pretty amazing adventure a couple of years ago. For those of you who don’t know, Gareth and I spent 17 months traveling in 2011 and 2012. We never finished sharing our shenanigans, and one of our goals for 2014 is to finish up that chapter of our story.

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays. Every Tuesday we will feature a travel story. I cannot guarantee they will be in order. I can’t guarantee you will see the same country every week. But it will be personal, wonderful, silly, fun.

If you you want to check out some of our other travel stories, we would be honoured! You can find them here.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Stewart Island is the third island of New Zealand. The one a lot of foreigners don’t know about. Gareth and I had heard great things about it, so we had decided we needed to check it out.

We left Bingo the Bongo van (our home for the year we lived in New Zealand) parked at a home we had camped at the night before we caught the ferry to the island. Taking a car across is an astronomical price and given that there are only about 20km worth of roads, frankly pointless, so we stayed in the YHA on Stewart Island and used our own steam to get around. That was the whole point of heading somewhere for a hike after all.

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Maria and Tony – 1 Year Later

6 January 2014 | Couples

These two were married last summer, in a big greek/italian wedding full of fun and laughs, plate throwing and the groom serenading his bride.

Flash forward one year later. They are happy, smiling and more in love than ever. Spending time with these two is always a privilege, and this breezy fall Edmonton evening was no exception. I found out soon after this session that it meant more to them than we all realized it would – they found out they were expecting right before the session! We had a very similar photo shoot with NC Photography, so I know how amazing it is to look at the photos and know there is a family being made right then and there.

So happy to be working with you both, as always. You are both wonderful.

Shauna xox

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