Christmas Minis!

24 October 2013 | Children

We are so excited to be hanging out with so many happy kiddos this year!

Our Christmas Minis are going great so far.

8 Images on Disc Included
Christmas Card Design

November 2, 4, & 9 Available

Email to book!

We do have some outfits available including the Santa Suit, the Mrs. Claus dress, the striped Baby Legs and a red tutu.
The sessions are held in our studio.

See you soon!

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Remember Forever

21 October 2013 | Personal, Family, Children

He’s moving and crawling and standing and busy. He’s curious and inquisitive and (most of the time!) he’s happy.

He’s already growing in a flash in front of my eyes, and it’s baffling and overwhelming to watch.

But when we snuggles in like this, I just want to stop and savour and remember forever.

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The Gales

20 October 2013 | Family, Children

We’ve got big love for this family. Matheson has a smile and a laugh that makes my day every time I see him.

I’ve been friends with his mom and dad since high school, and it’s always so lovely to catch up with them and see their happy family as it grows.

You guys are so wonderful xox

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The Stones

19 October 2013 | Family, Children

This little miss was one of the most alert newborns we have ever photographed. It took some work to get her to sleep, I think she just wanted to explore the world!

Her little brother was busy and excited and played with all of Callum’s toys during the shoot. Such fun!

You have a beautiful family guys, thanks for coming to see us.


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Callum – 6 1/2 Months

16 October 2013 | Personal, Children

I can’t believe I haven’t shared these yet! About 2 months late, but I can’t resist.

Gareth has been teaching Callum to roar pretty much since he was born. 6 1/2 months – nailed it.

Have a wonderful day! xoxox

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So. Incredibly. Thankful.

14 October 2013 | Personal

This weekend is always a time that I sit back and really think about the amazing things in my life. This year, I can’t even begin to count my blessings.

The past 8 months have been the absolute, hands down, most amazing time in my life. Welcoming my son to the world has meant seeing my heart outside of my body. It has taught me more about love, patience and happiness than I ever knew I needed to learn. It has given me a deep respect for my husband as he has grown into a father that goes way, way beyond anything I hoped my children would experience.  It has made my heart swell with pride at the simple notion I have these boys in my little family I can be so proud of.

But these last 8 months have been a challenge. Adjusting to being a working mom is tough at the best of time. Adjusting while your baby is still up three times a night, needing a lot of attention, is tough. Rushing downstairs to edit the second he went down to nap, rushing to pack camera bags and diaper bags and get to locations on time – it’s been a test.

And to be 100% honest – it could have broken me. There were days the exhaustion was overwhelming. There were days there was a deadline to meet and a little man who needed attention,  and there was guilt that I wasn’t providing enough to my clients and I wasn’t giving enough time to my son and in the middle of it all I was falling short on all accounts.

And then the phone would ring, and just like that someone from our amazing little village would be there. My parents would be taking him for the weekend, which happened countless weekends this summer. My brother would be strapping him into his carseat to take him to a volleyball tournament so I could prep for a shoot. My cousin would be switching shifts so she could watch him so I could  shoot a wedding. Along with all of our friends and family who have welcomed him with open arms so we could continue to build this business into something we are so, so proud of.

This time could have broken me, instead it has been a time if joy and love and pride.

And then there are our clients – the people who are trusting us to document monumental times in their lives. The trust and faith that has been put in us still astounds me, and I am constantly humbled and honoured to be part of the team they have chosen. Thank you for helping us continue to acheieve our dream.

Every single person who has supported us and helped us and cheered us on – thank you. For every person who has offered your help and loved Callum and us enough to contribute to this dream of ours – thank you. To everyone who loves us and has automatically extended that love to Callum – THANK YOU. That immediate love and acceptance fills my heart more than I can ever, ever express.

I am so utterly thankful. For everything. For everyone. For this life I have been blessed enough to be living.

So. Incredibly. Thankful.

Shauna xoxo

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Children’s Chirstmas Minis

10 October 2013 | Children

Yes, I know it’s early, but we’re thinking of Christmas already! We need time to get your Christmas Cards ordered, and let’s face it, I’m a Christmas nut so I don’t mind at all!

Here’s the info:

8 Images on Disc Included
Christmas Card Design

November 2, 4, & 9 Available

Email to book your spot!

We have some outfits available for you to use – including the Santa suit below, as well as the Mrs. Claus dress. Let me know the age of your child and we’ll see if they fit.

So excited! Christmas is coming!

*Full payment is required to reserve your session time*


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Pheadra & Dave – Wedding

8 October 2013 | Couples, Weddings

When we meet a couple like Pheadra and Dave, we secretly do a little happy dance. We knew their wedding would be amazing. They’re kind, fun, happy people. And they’re gorgeous. We were in for a good day.

Their wedding day was way more than we hoped. I walked into Pheadra’s house in the morning and I was welcomed with laughs and smiles and complete openness. These girls were there to celebrate their friend. Pheadra was told more times than I have ever heard how beautiful she was – before the ceremony ever begun. These girls were the best.

The whole wedding party was fun and silly and slightly…wacky at times. They were comfortable in front of us immediately, which meant we could really capture their personalities in the photos.

Thank you so much for having us be a part of your day guys. Pheadra – you were stunning. Absolutely stunning. Dave, I’ll never forget when you told Pheadra how much you loved her freckles. It melted my heart. You two are the real thing.

Lots of Love, Shauna xoxox


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The Coons

29 September 2013 | Family, Children

I know I’ve said this before, but one of the greatest things about this job is meeting so many amazing people.

We met Shannon, Aaron & Charleigh at Charleigh’s newborn session. I was VERY pregnant with Callum and it was really nice talking with such a sweet new mom. We kept in touch and we have spent some time with our little ones together.

I’m so grateful so many of our clients keep in touch with us, and I just love when we connect and become friends.

You guys are so wonderful, and we have been honoured to document your family in Charleigh’s first year.

Shauna xox

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Katrina and Andy – Engagement

16 September 2013 | Couples, Engagement

We met Katrina and Andy for their wedding inquiry meeting, and ended up hanging out for quite a while. We felt like we were spending an evening with friends! They left and Gareth and I both said – “these guys are awesome, we hope they choose us”. About an hour later I got an email form Katrina – they thought WE were awesome and wanted to book! It made my heart happy – everyone loves hearing they’re awesome!

Since then Katrina and I have chatted and text a lot. The day of their engagement session went from a horrible downpour day with hail and horrible winds, to a gorgeous evening with the most beautiful sky.

You both are wonderful people, and we’re truly honoured we get to document this time in your lives. Thank you for being awesome, and thinking we are too.

Lots & lots of love,
Shauna & Gareth

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