Dave & Andrea – Rainy Wedding Day

11 September 2013 | Couples, Weddings

Dave & Andrea got married this past weekend! We have started preparing a little slideshow to show at the reception so wedding guests can see what we got up to. We always ask the couple in advance but so far everyone has loved it! This is a small example of what we show – there were actually more in this slideshow but I’m holding back!

The day was full of surprises to say the least! The power went out while the girls were getting ready, the rain poured down and Andrea’s dress may have got a bit dirty. These two just took everything in stride, laughed it off and embraced the day as it was. There was nothing a few umbrellas, smiles and a dunk in the bathtub for Andrea’s dress couldn’t fix. Their upbeat attitudes meant we created some stunning photos for them. I just LOVE them.

You two are so wonderful! I’m sure we’ll have more photos to share from this wedding soon.


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Dave & Andrea – Engagement

7 September 2013 | Couples, Engagement

Dave and Andrea are getting married tomorrow! I’m slowly catching up with this silly blog, and I kind of like sharing images the night before the wedding!

These two cuddled up with each other on a sunny winter day in downtown Edmonton. We had a great afternoon with them!

We’re both so excited for your wedding tomorrow, we’re honoured to be a part of it. You both are wonderful, and so wonderful together.

Here’s to you,
Shauna & Gareth

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The Kellermans – Mini Session

5 September 2013 | Family, Children

Just a few from the Kellerman’s Mini Session. We were sure the rain was going to ruin it but we rocked it!

Thanks so much for coming out in the unpredictable weather guys – we really had fun with you. Callum may have a crush on Georgia in the future, just a heads up!

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Remembering What Matters

3 September 2013 | Personal, Family

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness that life creates. Run here. Get there. Rush to do this, that and everything else.

But there are certain times when it’s important to sit back with those you love, those who love you, and take in what really matters.

Watching a sunset.

Sitting on the dock with your family watching the waves.

Sitting around a fire in the dark. Looking up to see the stars exploding by the thousands in the night sky above.

These are the moments that are going to matter in the end. This is what we hope Callum values. Time with family. Time discovering nature. Time outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

This summer is flying by way too fast. There are a few fleeting moments left. Let’s treasure them.

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Fall Mini Sessions

23 August 2013 | Family, Children

Come hang out with us for a bit on Saturday, September 14 – we will create some amazing images for you.

Please email me at shauna@roughleyoriginals.com if you have any questions or to book your spot.

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Laura and Keith – Engagement

19 August 2013 | Couples, Engagement

I met Laura years ago…I don’t even remember when. We worked together at Boston Pizza. We lost touch but I found out she has been following our work. I’m always so incredibly flattered when I find out unexpected people have kept up with us.

Laura had a vision for her photos – and I LOVE when clients come to us with an idea we can make happen. I visited the stable with Callum one afternoon to check out the place, and Laura introduced Callum to gentle giants. He was so excited to meet them! Laura and Callum hit it off right away..and if they’re buddies, then Laura and I are buddies!

Laura and Keith’s engagement session was a warm beautiful evening. We just hung out with them and documented them in their element – both Laura and Keith have a connection to horses.

Thanks so much for choosing us to document this time as you prepare for your wedding.

Shauna xoxox

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Pheadra & Dave – Engagement

10 August 2013 | Couples, Engagement

Oh my goodness!! Pheadra and Dave are getting married today!

I am absolutely shocked I haven’t blogged this engagement session yet. One of my favourites from last year – the LIGHT! The outfits! The fun! Give your head a shake Shauna.

These guys are just pure awesome. We laughed, giggled and laughed some more. Pheadra rocked this session with her gorgeous eyes and flirty dress. Dave was the perfect gentleman and watched her shine.

You both are fantastic people – I am SO excited to be a part of your big day.

Lots of Love,

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Callum 5 Months

1 August 2013 | Personal, Family, Children

He turned 5 months and decided this was it – things needed to happen. In a week he rolled over, sprouted his 2 front teeth and started standing while holding our ottoman. He hasn’t rolled since, he’s too busy being a crazy man in his jolly jumper. He squeals and shrieks and fills our house with more happy sounds than has ever come out of one person.

He’s becoming such a little boy. A happy, curious (snoopy) little boy.

He’s just the best.

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Ashley & Brett – Winter Wonderland Wedding

23 July 2013 | Couples, Weddings

When I start to think about this wedding I get a little bit emotional. Maybe it’s because it was such an incredible day. Maybe it’s because Ashley and I have become really great friends since her wedding. Maybe it’s because I was popping pregnant when we shot this wedding and I was SUPER emotional on the day. Maybe it’s all of it.

Ashley is a winter fanatic. She starts her countdown to Christmas before we’ve hit the longest day of the year. She adores the snow, the shimmer, the magic of it all. As you would expect for a winter wedding, we were worried about the weather, but oh man did it deliver. It was so gorgeous that day, we couldn’t have asked for better. The bridesmaids may tell you differently now, but they they braved the cold and never once complained as they shivered for the outdoor pictures. That’s just the type of group this wedding party was. Everyone was amazing – we’re so grateful!

Ashley and Brett had a First Look – in which they saw each other before the ceremony. It was beautiful and intimate and a moment that was all theirs. I’m so glad they decided on this.

I have to say a massive thank you to Michel Feist of Ampersand Grey, who second shot for us for part of the day. I was seriously swollen at 37 weeks pregnant, my belly absolutely massive. We decided really last minute I wouldn’t be able to shoot the entire day (obviously!) so in came Michel to the rescue. THANK YOU so much my friend for capturing amazing photos of the guys getting ready, the First Look, the ceremony and all the rest. And for being there for us.

Ashley and I had an agreement that I wouldn’t go into labour until after the first dance. Callum obviously liked her because he obliged (he’s since proven it, he loves her!)

You both are amazing. A true thank you for having us be a part of your day – and for trusting I wouldn’t go into labour on your wedding day!

Lots and lots of love,
Shauna & Gareth


p.s. it’s taken so long to share this because I couldn’t choose which photos to post…they’re all so beautiful xoxox

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Elsa & Avery – Sneak Peek!

19 July 2013 | Couples, Weddings

This past weekend Gareth and I headed to one of my favourite places Рthe Rocky Mountains. Elsa and Avery were married on a stunning day in Canmore  with the majestic Rockies standing guard behind them as they repeated their unique and beautiful vows to one another.

The whole day was full of detail, of thought and of love. Elsa has a smile that lit up the entire town – it was infectious! Avery is a true gentleman – kind and loving.

Congrats to you both – it was our honour to be a part of your day, thank you for having us!

Shauna & Gareth

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