Pretty in Purple Cake Smash | Edmonton

19 September 2017 | Children, Cake Smash

Our year with Emily has come to an end – what a pleasure watching this baby girl grow from a tiny newborn, six months, and now at one years old as this happy, smiling girl she has grown into. So much fun to see her all pretty in purple at her cake smash!

I worked with Emily’s mom to create a set that worked with her vision – she wanted something classic and beautiful. I think we hit the mark! I absolutely love that we can see all of Emily’s delicious rolls in her purple outfit. Those kinds of details disappear so fast it’s necessary to document them.

Thank you so much for having us follow Emily this year, it was so much fun!

Shauna xox

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An Outdoor Wedding is Always a Good Idea!

Sunshine, a nice breeze, the appearance of dramatic clouds and then some rain. You never know what’s going to happen on a wedding day, but trust me when I say an outdoor wedding is always a good idea!

Sarah and Braden live in Edmonton, Alberta, but we traveled to Saskatchewan for their wedding. They planned their day at Firesong Resort on Fowler Lake. They wanted a wedding that gathered their families together, and the resort allowed them to have everyone stay at the same location for the weekend.

The day gave us every mixture of weather – wonderful sunshine, dramatic rainclouds (and then rain!), and then a stunning sunset. I will always, always encourage couples to have their first dance outside, in the open air, in that incredible light. It’s priceless!

Sarah and Braden chose to have a First Look, and we had it on the dock of the lake. What an incredible location for a First Look! The perfect way to have additional time together, and to have a private, intimate moment together before the wedding day runs away from you.

When the rain came, she ran for shelter with a huge smile on her face. He watched her with complete love on his face. What a fun, perfect wedding day memory.

We had a blast at this wedding, and we’re so honoured we were chosen to photograph it. Thank you so much for having us Sarah and Braden!

Shauna & Gareth

Wedding Venue: Firesong Resort at Fowler Lake
Wedding Dress: Bridal Debut

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Tyler and Evangelene Twirling in the Fields | Edmonton Engagement Photographer

18 September 2017 | Engagement

Tyler and Evangelene have worked really hard to make their wedding really personal to them. From the sounds of all the plans, the location, the structure to the day, it’s going to be amazing, and it’s going to suit them perfectly. So when they asked if we could do their engagement photos on his mom’s property, it seemed to fit in perfectly with their vision. We drove just outside the city and had a beautiful evening in gorgeous light. No better way to spend an evening that twirling in the fields, walking in the canola, and laughing right from our toes.

When I saw Evangelene’s STUNNING floral dress I’m pretty sure I squealed a little. It’s so gorgeous!! Can I photograph dresses like that every day?! (There have been tons of questions on Facebook and Instagram – ladies she got it from Modcloth)

We spent some time on their property, and then we took a drive and found some beautiful spots that are just so Alberta – dirt roads and rolling canola fields as far as the eye can see. The smoke we’ve had in the air this year provided a soft, hazy light that surrounded these two perfectly.

I had such a fun evening with you both, and it’s made me really excited for your wedding day. Thanks so much guys!


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First Year Package

Documenting a brand new baby is pretty incredible, there’s no question about that. It’s so amazing to see how parents are interacting with their brand new baby, to see how they’re becoming a unit. The unconditional love, the awe parents feel about this new wonder. It makes our job truly fulfilling.

There is something even better though –  photographing a baby through their first year. Seeing them go from this teeny tiny bundle as a newborn, to a 6 month old so curious about the world, just sitting, finding so much joy in their surroundings. Then one year hits, and this child is now a bundle of energy! Laughing, playing, sometimes walking.

Our first year package allows us to document this transition for parents, and it is so amazing!

When the year is up I always feel a bit sad that I’m not going to see the parents as regularly. But we still get to see most of them yearly for their family photos.

It truly is one of my favourite things about this job – watching these kiddos grow into themselves.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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Amanda and Josh | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

28 August 2017 | Weddings

Amanda and Josh are the type of people we want to hang out with. They’re easy going, laid back, and really fun. I showed up the morning of the wedding to a calm happy house, all the girls getting ready surrounded by Amanda’s family. She couldn’t help but be surrounded by family – all three of her sisters were bridesmaids, along with her childhood best friend. This was a day that was all about connection. This became even more clear to me when I saw a patch on Amanda’s dress – she had sewn a piece of her late grandpa’s shirt onto her dress.

The ceremony was an emotional affair, all the big feelings coming out, laughter and tears, a lot of it at the same time.

The rest of the day was relaxed, full of laughter and teasing as the sun shone down on us.

The reception was so personal, right down to having a cobbler instead of a wedding cake, and having a backdrop behind the head table made by Josh. We had a blast at the reception, we even ran into some old friends, which is always fun!

Amanda and Josh you two are WONDERFUL. We truly think so much of you and we couldn’t be happier for you.

Our sincerest congratulations!
Shauna & Gareth

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How to Smash a Cake | Isla & Finlay

25 August 2017 | Children, Cake Smash

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? I thought I knew how to smash a cake; get a cake, hit it with a bat and you’re done. But where is the fun in that? One swing of the bat and the cake is finished.

Then I met Isla and Finlay.

As with any endeavour, it is important to start slow and get comfortable with the endeavour that lays before you.

How to smash a cake Edmonton Photographer

But once you are ready you have to be willing to dive right in and take the opportunity.
How to smash a cake Edmonton Photographer

If any doubt does remain you can always ask for help! Everything is more fun with a friend.
How to smash a cake Edmonton Photographer

How to smash a cake Edmonton Photographer

Above all, it is most important to have fun.

How to smash a cake Edmonton Photographer

This adorable brother and sister just turned one. Like any toddlers, they are busy and inquisitive so I was kept on my toes capturing their smiles as they chased around the studio, often in different directions. Thank you for coming to visit and letting us help you celebrate the first of many milestones in your life.

How to smash a cake Edmonton Photographer

Milestone sessions for the little person in your life are a lot of fun. We offer options in our studio as well as on location. For more information get in touch with us here.

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The Ruff Family on a Warm Summer Morning | Edmonton

20 August 2017 | Family

We met Kathleen a long time ago now. She was a bridesmaid in the first wedding we photographed back from our 17 month trip. She hasn’t been in front of our camera since then, but she has become a HUGE supporter of us. She has referred so many people our way, so we have seen her at so many weddings! So when she was ready to get in front of the camera I was more than happy to photograph the Ruff family on this warm summer morning.

Leo is such a happy, fun little boy, and he was such an easy baby to photograph. Except when the bikers went by on the trail! Then he had no interest in me at all. But with a lot of singing and peek-a-booing, we kept him interested and laughing.

I had a wonderful morning with you all! Your support means to much to us, thank you thank you xoxox


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Beat to Their Own Drum | Twin Cake Smash

16 August 2017 | Uncategorized, Children

These two cuties were SO MUCH FUN! They definitely had us on our toes to make sure we got photos of them together, plus individual photos. Once the portraits were finished, it was time for them to beat to their own drum! Cake smash time.

I definitely think we captured their personalities in these photos, one completely going all out, one curious and watchful.

I love that they shared their cake, and I love that we had so much fun during the session. These two are so lucky to have each other, and it was so cool to capture them celebrating their first year!

Shauna xox

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Beautiful Maternity Session in My Favourite Place

15 August 2017 | Maternity

We meet some pretty incredible people because of our work, and this family is really high up on our list. We photographed their wedding last fall, and so it was pretty perfect to create this beautiful maternity session in my favourite place for them.

We had a fire and dinner and a great afternoon, then we headed out for a walk and their photos. It was so fun to show them around our lake at the same time as documenting their family.

Thank you so much for making the drive out to Chump Lake. We loved having you, and we’re so happy about the arrival of Hendrix.

Congrats you four!

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Eliana Newborn | Edmonton

14 August 2017 | Newborn

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Maria anymore. My oldest school friend has graced this blog so many times, from their wedding to maternity to newborn to family, to their mom and me sessions! What an incredible honour to help welcome her second child, and her first daughter, and photograph Eliana’s newborn session.

Just like with every other session, newborn sessions with a toddler takes time, patience, and just maybe some sweet treats to keep them sitting for a few minutes. We took our time getting big brother Milano comfortable in the studio. The studio is a strange, new place, and it’s completely understandable when toddlers get nervous down here. So we chat and we play and we wait until they’re ready to begin the session.

With some jumps on the bed, time tickles and some laughs, we got smiles out of Milano and captured the newness of Eliana.

I’m so grateful we could hang out, catch up, and capture this new chapter in your family’s life.

Check out their spring maternity session here

Shauna & Gareth xox


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