Georgia & Bo | Edmonton Twin Newborn

19 March 2018 | Newborn

We have been photographing this family for quite a while now, and I am always so incredibly happy when we get to spend time together. Their sessions are always a blast and I love catching up with them. We met them years ago at a wedding in the Rocky Mountains, and we’ve been working with them ever since they were expecting their first son. Sawyer’s maternity photos, newborn photos, six month photos and one year photos are all worth having a look at, every session is a favourite of ours! Georgia and Bo were amazing during their newborn session – this twin newborn session went so smoothly.

Also, check out Georgia & Bo’s maternity session

I love twin newborn sessions, I always learn so much! Bo and Georgia are fraternal twins, so they’re like any other brother and sister, just born at the same time. And yet, every time they were touching each other, they were the calmest. Every time we had them posed together, they seemed happiest. It was so interesting to witness!

These parents are absolute gems, and their kiddos are pretty spectacular. I can’t wait to see Georgia and Bo in the next year for their 6 month and 1 year photos, and for years to come as they all grow.

Congratulations you guys! I hope you’re getting some semblance of sleep, and your amazing sense of humor is sticking around 😉

Shauna xox

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Beautiful Baby Leo | Edmonton Newborn

15 March 2018 | Newborn

When a child has wonderful parents, you know the child is going to be amazing. Beautiful baby Leo has two parents with huge hearts, so I know he’s going to be a great kid.

Their newborn session was so calm, so chill. We photographed Gianna and George’s wedding two years ago, so this was such a fun time to catch up with them. They are such easy people to be around and had such a fun morning hanging out with them.

They are absolute naturals as parents, and Leo was a sleepy little man. it made this newborn session a lot of fun!

A huge congratulations to you guys! We’re so honoured we were there for your wedding, and now to document the birth of your beautiful son.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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The White Sessions | Edmonton Child Photographer

26 February 2018 | Children

It all started with a simple request from Gareth’s mom – she wanted a photo of “just Callum” when he was a baby. No frills, no props, no distractions – she just wanted to see her first grandchild. She adores babies in white. We dressed him in a white onesie she had sent him, put him on the white backdrop in the studio, and The White Sessions were born.

We have been photographing our boys like this ever since. Periodically we dress them all in white, and we capture them as they are in that moment. Sometimes their hair is long and scruffy, sometimes they are feeling silly and mischievous. But it always captures them. Their personality. Their tiny little features. The details about them that seem to change overnight.

These White Sessions have become some of my absolute favourite photos of the boys. The simplicity of the shoot has really highlighted how they have grown. They are changing so incredibly quickly, sometimes I forget until I look at the photos all together.  I’m feeling so thankful we’ve taken the time to do these so far! You can see their latest White Session HERE.

Last year we started offering these White Sessions to clients, and I have been told time and again they are a favourite. The photos are up on client’s walls, the photos are treasured and loved. These sessions are perfect if you don’t love school photos, and they’re a great session to use for birthdays or milestones.

The White Sessions

The White Sessions are only for children
Sibling photos will be offered
They take place in our home studio
15 minute session
5 Full Size digital images (full session will be available for purchase for $200 plus GST)

One Child: $200 plus GST

Per Additional Child: $75 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**


These sessions will be offered anytime we are available in our studio. We strongly suggest dressing your child in a white onesie or a white top, and very neutral bottoms. No logos, no text, no graphics. We want the focus to be on your child.

Please email me to book your session, and we’ll chat!


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Books, Light & Love | Edmonton Engagement

30 January 2018 | Couples, Engagement

A lot of photographers don’t include engagement sessions in their wedding packages anymore. We do, and there are so many reasons why. When a couple books us to photograph their wedding day, we’re still strangers to them. The engagement session give us all a chance to get to know each other, and we get comfortable hanging out together. It’s also a great opportunity to create some creative images that might not be possible on the day of the wedding (like hitting a book shop).  It also allows the couple to get any camera jitters out of the way before the wedding. All of this is necessary in our books, but I also have a purely selfish motive. I need this time to remember what our couples are like. We always meet with people before we book them, it’s so important that we make sure we all mesh and we’ll have fun on their wedding day. I’m going to confess something now. When we first started out, probably the first five years, I remembered EVERYONE. Their names, their families, their stories. I have a people memory. As we get busier in our business, and now that we have kids, my brain has had to shift. I have a mom brain now. It’s full of kid activities and schedules and all those worries moms carry in their minds. So I love to have these engagement sessions to really remember the couple. Once we photograph them, I remember. And then we have an engagement session filled with books, light & love, well you know I’m going to remember that!

Emilie and Andrew requested the book shop as one location for their photos. I adore when couples think of a setting, or a place, or an activity that resonates with them. It makes the photos more meaningful! It was also a great way to get some variety and stay warm for their winter engagement session.

Gareth and I had the rare opportunity to go to this session together. It’s not often childcare lines up for engagement sessions, so they did. Gareth photographed this whole session, I didn’t even have a camera with me. I think he gets overlooked quite often since I’m our voice through email and social media. But it was a really cool opportunity for me to watch him work, and stand back and assist him when he needed.

This whole session was a blast. We laughed so much, through trying to spray the bubbly, keeping warm, and my attempts at running around them with a sparkler! haha! Gareth tried to show me up at the end with his own sparkler run, but mine was the best. Their wedding day is going to be so amazing, I’m sure of it.

Emilie and Andrew, you two are wonderful! We really enjoyed hanging out with you, and we cannot wait for your wedding this year!

Shauna & Gareth xox

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The Cutest Chubby Cheeks | Edmonton Newborn

26 January 2018 | Newborn

A beautiful baby boy named Caleb came to see us and he had the cutest chubby cheeks! This newborn session included cuddles and laughs and a very sleepy baby.

This family is absolutely wonderful. We had such an enjoyable morning hanging out with them, watching big sister cuddle Caleb. They brought a few props to the session to use, which we’re always happy to incorporate. They even left one of the props behind as a little gift for our elephant loving Callum, which was beyond sweet!

Thank you so much for coming to see us! Congratulations on becoming a family of four.

Shauna xox

If you’re interested in booking a newborn session with us, we would love to work with you! We are now booking 2019 newborn dates

(Melissa found us through the wonderful Fit Your Life) 

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Hello 2018 White Session

Last year I had an idea in the midst of my 365 day challenge (taking a photo every day for a year). I thought it would have been amazing to start and finish off the year with a portrait of Callum and Max. Something portrait style to see the details in their features, and to document how they change in the space of a year. So on January 1, 2018 I did a Hello 2018 White Session with my boys. I plan to bookend the year with another White Session to see how much they have grown in 2018.

The boys are at an age that portraits can be tricky. Neither of them last too long sitting in the studio. Callum looks all over the room but rarely at the camera. Max has the cheesiest “CHEEESE” smile which is so common in two year olds. But you know what – this is them. Right now. Callum is nearly five. He’s leaned out and sprouted into a tall, lanky little boy. Max has lost most of his baby chub and the baby in him seems to be all but gone.

They are still my babies, but they aren’t babies anymore. They are beautiful, intelligent, funny little boys.

These White Sessions continue to hold such a big place in my heart. We have been documenting the boys like this since the beginning, and seeing the progression as they grown is quite astounding.

These boys of mine just keep stealing my heart more and more every day.

Shauna xox



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Sunshine turns to Snow in Wales

24 January 2018 | Personal, Travel

The rolling Welsh hills, a deep verdant green, stretch on as far as the eye can see. Short, thick hedgerows checker the sides separating flocks of sheep. The saturated ground gives rise to thick mist that lingers until late morning. Finally the sun peeks from behind masses of clouds sparkling on the dew covered grass. There is a reason Wales is so vibrant a land. The rain falls thick and heavy throughout the year. When the sun does shine, no matter the temperature, people flock from their doorways to absorb its warmth.

After the crisp festive days of London, finding blue skies bursting overhead in Wales was splendid. We rejoiced that we had managed to avoid a bitter Canadian winter for such glorious December days.

My mum once again played chauffeur as we toured around Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. We marveled at the views from Castle walls, the deserted beaches and peaceful country lanes unsuspecting of the change that was about to come.

Overnight snow laden clouds rolled into the valleys. The green gave way to a carpet of white. With the knowledge that a warm wood fire awaited our return indoors, Shauna and I headed outside to make the most of the day. Without winter boots we borrowed wellies (rubber boots) to tramp down the driveway and out into the lanes. No matter where you live there is something magical about the first fresh snowfall. The clean crisp sound of snow crunching underfoot before it is sullied by cars or other people is irreplaceable. It was certainly, something to savour when so unexpected.

Next week, as the cold lingers we head off to Edinburgh for Christmas and Hogmanay (New Year) in Scotland.



Check out our post about London at Christmas
The original We lived in a Van! post

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Amanda and Jordan’s Edmonton Autumn Wedding

18 January 2018 | Weddings

Imagine a day in the last warm rays of sunshine that Autumn brings. It’s those rays of sunshine that remind us of the wonderful summer we’ve just experienced. Those rays of sunshine mix with the falling leaves and create the smell that is quintessential Autumn. This is the best way I can describe Amanda and Jordan’s Edmonton Autumn wedding. Warm sunshine on our faces while we photographed their First Look. The perfect smell of autumn while we were in the paths before their ceremony. It was such a beautiful day, and we were surrounded by a really amazing group of people. This is what I call a perfect wedding day.

We’ve known Amanda for a long time now. I want to say she was still a kid when her and her sisters hired us. We were just starting out, finding out footing, and they believed in us then. They believe in us now. Photographing this wedding was the last of the three sisters, and it was an absolute honour to photograph all three weddings.

The wedding day involved a First Look, which we’ll always suggest! A First Look gives couples a unique opportunity to see each other for the first time, just the two of them. Everyone can feel their emotions and it usually gives them more time together on their wedding day.

The ceremony was really emotional. It was tender and intimate and incredibly family oriented.

The whole day was wonderful. Amanda’s dress (the DRESS!), the decor in the reception, and their rockstar wedding party. It all added up to a stunning, fun day.

Thank you so, so much for having us there. We wish you both nothing but the absolute best.


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In The Beginning | Project 52 – Week One – Gareth

16 January 2018 | Personal, Family, Children

In the beginning of the new year Shauna and I started a new project 52. For those that don’t know, this project consists of taking and picking a photo or photos once a week for a set theme. Week four is already hard on my heels. It’s generally a bad sign when it seems I am playing catch-up from the outset. In reality though, I am firmly in the game, trying to shoot on a regular basis capturing life around us. I have not posted much as yet because I am also making a concerted effort with screen time and being involved rather than taking pictures from the Sidelines.


Week one started with “In the Beginning”.

Having children makes you infinitely more conscious of the passing of time so it only seems right to start the year with looking to our boys. What they play with and how they play is a constant revolving door. With this in mind I thought to capture what their interest is at the years outset. Christmas of course has a massive effect on where their play begins because anything new has a certain novelty value. In our house the train set is once again the favourite thanks to two new motorised trains – Diesel and Salty.


Keep an eye out for Shauna’s pics for each category.

This is what is coming up in the next couple of weeks:

02. Fun

03. Close to your heart

04. Light



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The Red Dress | Edmonton Maternity

15 January 2018 | Maternity

Winter in Edmonton can get us down pretty easily, but this winter a lot of our clients are choosing to do photos in the snow. It’s the best way to embrace this beautiful but harsh season, and it really is spectacular. I met Katelynn and her family just before Christmas, and when Katelynn pulled out the red dress for her Edmonton maternity session, I knew we were going to make some magic. Red against the stark white of the snow is such a stunning combination!

Family photos come first in most maternity sessions, let’s start there! The girls were happy to play in the snow, and that made for a fun portion to the session! We had to be quick! No jackets in the winter look adorable, but it gets cold fast. Not to worry, I work quickly! If you’ve worked with us before, we know kids lose their attention span anyway, so we’re used to getting the kids finished as soon as we can.

The girls finished up, so we sent them with Grandma. It’s always a good idea to bring someone with you to help with the kids, and it’s a great reason to have some grandparent time.

The red dress. Katelynn pulled that one and she just radiated beauty. That dress is magic against the snow, and it’s so perfect for photos around Christmastime. The sun obviously agreed, as it flooded all around us just as we started shooting with the red dress.

What a stunning end to the session. Katelynn is barefoot in these photos, so we were quick! Katelynn, thank you for such a stunning session. You said you wanted to feel beautiful in these photos, and I truly hope you do, because girl you look amazing!

I can’t wait for your Fresh 48 session, and your newborn photos!


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