Nicole & Danny ~ Engagement ~

7 March 2013 | Couples, Engagement

I cannot believe how much I have neglected this blog in the last few months! Lately we have had a little one at home that just loves to cuddle, so when we haven’t been shooing I’ve been hanging out with him. We have tons to share with you, from way back in the summer, so I’ll do my best to get some photos up here.

Nicole and Danny are two amazing friends. We heard they were getting married while we were sitting in a motor home on a rainy day in New Zealand. We were so excited, and a million questions were immediately asked; the boys sat by as Nicole and I talked a mile a minute, as we always do. Saying this Skype chat made me homesick was an understatement. It was moments like that that made me want to come home and be around the people I loved. Once we hung up I almost immediately got a text message saying “Oh, and will you be my bridesmaid?”

Of course! I was beyond honoured to be asked to stand by this beautiful girl.

The next one: “And will you and Gareth do our photos?” …that would prove to be a challenge being a bridesmaid, but yes! We were up to the challenge.

Fast forward 7 months, when we found out we were pregnant, and the due date was within weeks of the wedding…but we’ll save that story for another day. We saved their engagement photos for a beautiful fall afternoon, and what could be better than hanging out with friends capturing this time in their life?

Love you both.

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Meet Callum

21 February 2013 | Personal, Family, Children

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog the past little while. I do apologize! But we have been a little preoccupied. We spent January anxiously awaiting February to come…and we have spent February getting to know this new little man in our lives.

Everyone, meet the newest member of the Roughley team – Callum. Our little guy was born on February 5 at 3:51 am. He had to wait until Gareth’s birthday passed (February 4) so he could have his own day. Since then he has been making us laugh with his hilarious faces and his squirmy energy, and he’s been keeping me warm with his cuddles. He’s a keeper, and we’re so excited to watch him grow.

Thanks for understanding if we’ve been slow to get back to you. He’s quite distracting.

Lots of love,

Shauna, Gareth & Callum

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2012 in Review – Roughley Style

1 January 2013 | Personal, Family, Travel, Maternity

Holy man…looking back on these pictures I can’t believe what a year this has been. 2012 proved to be a year of dreams coming true and more fun than I could have imagined.

We kicked off 2012 with my parents in NEW ZEALAND! We were still in New Zealand a year ago today! They spent 3 weeks with us as we showed them this country that we had grown to love so much through our eyes. We jammed as much as we possibly could into the time, but 3 weeks didn’t even begin to do it justice.


New Years Eve in rainy Napier

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Merry Christmas!

24 December 2012 | Uncategorized

A year ago today it was Christmas Day in New Zealand. An incredibly random series of events led us to hike off a mountain. This included me having a little cry on the side of the mountain (I was sick). Once off the mountain Gareth ran about 15km to retrieve our van, I then caught a ride from a lovely American couple who picked Gareth up on the way to the van, and we ended up at Lake Taupo where we spent the rest of the day in bathing suits in the water.

Random? Absolutely. The most memorable Christmas ever? You better believe it.

Whatever you do this Christmas, make sure you laugh, create some memories with those you love, and be content to be exactly where you are.

Merry Christmas from us, straight to you.

Shauna & Gareth

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Ron & Caitlin Say I Do

28 November 2012 | Couples, Weddings

Some people you just know are meant to be together. Some people you will throw your money down and bet your life savings that they will make it for the long haul. This is true in friendships, and in marriage.

I would bet money on these two in both counts. They are two of the most important people in our lives. They are true, dear friends to us, and we love them like there’s no tomorrow.

Their wedding was a small, intimate weekend in Banff. Every detail was touched with love from their family, from the bouquet to the centerpieces to Caitlin’s gorgeous dress and shoes which were found in Vancouver.

We were beyond honoured to be a part of this weekend. What was planned as a mountain autumn wedding turned to a winter wonderland in under 2 hours on their wedding day. Neither Ron nor Caitlin cared. All they wanted was to say I Do. All they wanted was to see one another, and celebrate their next phase in life. These two have been together for 11 years already, so they have had many phases. We have watched them grow and change and evolve.

We love you both so, so much; we are so honoured to call you our friends. To have you as a part of the family we have chosen to create.

Congratulations on your wedding, and in this next adventure you have begun.

Love Always,
Shauna & Gareth

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Normandeau Family

21 November 2012 | Family

Ages and ages ago we donated a photography session to the wonderful organization Isabella’s Umbrella. The Normandeau family purchased the session, which led them to us! It ends up being such a small world, as they have a lake lot 2 spaces down from my parents!

They had a really great idea for their family photos – they wanted them shot at a local car wreckers. What an incredible idea! The location was perfect, we had to much fun there, and we had a blast with these guys as we spent the afternoon investigating the old cars.

Leona was also our favourite kind of client – easy going and so happy to have her family captured at this time. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback!


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The Score Family

12 November 2012 | Family, Children

We met this fun loving family on a chilly but beautiful autumn day. I have to tell you the landscape in Edmonton is quite different now!

Ashlyn was careful about giving out her smiles, but she was eager to run and play and explore, all the things little ones should do. Baby Stan melted my heart with his laughs and giggles that seemed to come straight from his toes.

A big thing we love about what we do is watching our clients as their families grow. We shot Ashlyn’s newborn photos before we left on our trip, so it was wonderful to reconnect again and see these guys again. They’re fantastic!

Thanks for such a lovely afternoon!

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Ashley & Brett – Engagement

13 October 2012 | Couples, Engagement

Where do I start about these guys. Ashley has been a faithful blog follower for years now. We photographed her and her sisters one fall afternoon and had an absolute blast with them. When Ashley messaged me THE DAY she got engaged and asked us to be their photographers, I was beyond excited. Beautiful girl, whose loads of fun – absolutely! Meeting Brett was just as promising. They balance one another perfectly, and you can just tell how much they love each other.

Their session was full of blooms, beautiful light and lots of laughs – I’m sure your winter wedding will be exactly the same.

Can’t wait for January!

Shauna xox


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Sweet Gabriella

1 October 2012 | Uncategorized, Children

We met Gabriella when she was 11 days new. Despite a long night of very little sleep, the whole family was ready for pictures and excited to document their new addition. Gabriella was such a happy, sweet baby, so easy to spend a few hours with.

It’s been so nice getting to know all of you!



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The Chiodo Palazzo Family

28 September 2012 | Family, Children

This poor blog has been seriously neglected! I do apologize – we have so much to share.

We spent a lovely summer evening with this gorgeous family. The light was beautiful, the weather warm, and the location perfect (we just found out the barn was torn down, which makes us so happy we made use of it while we could!)

Thanks so much for spending some time with us you guys, you’re all pretty awesome, especially the little guy who seems to steal the show.

Shauna & Gareth xox

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