Hi Jacob

7 March 2017 | Newborn

This little man was SO amazing for his newborn photos! We sailed through them without a problem at all. He even kept his dad’s dirt bike helmet clean, which is always nice for dad!

Stephanie and Will came adventuring with me for their maternity session. It was a windy, chilly day so we sped through the photos. Newborn sessions are definitely the opposite feeling – we crank the heat up to almost 30 degrees and make that babe nice and cozy. Us adults are all sweating it out, but hey, you do what you have to do to make sure these babes are happy.

Jacob was cozy and content and his parents were so obviously smitten with him. I have known Stephanie for quite a while now, so it was really cool to document this huge change in their lives for them.

Thanks so much for bringing Jacob, and all of the cool props, and for hanging out with us. Can’t wait to see him when he’s grown a bit!

Shauna & Gareth

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Skating in Snowy Edmonton

3 March 2017 | Engagement

What a beautiful day we had for Amanda and Jordan’s engagement session. We recommend choosing a different season for your engagement session so that the pictures look different to your wedding. Amanda and Jordan wanted a winter session skating in the river valley, which worked out perfectly. Skating in snowy Edmonton is always a fun idea, and Jordan is an avid hockey player so it added a personal touch to their session.

The Bundziak family has been a part of our lives for a long time. Aside from the fact Shauna has known them since high school, we have photographed them through two weddings, two newborns, and countless family shoots. On the horizon there is a lot more to come, more babies, more family sessions, and this summer another wedding!

This year it is Amanda’s turn to wear white!

Let me start by saying, I can’t skate. I have never even been skating! Apparently neither had Amanda. I remember learning to ski when I was 24 at Lake Louise. It was three days of getting bruised falling down a mountain. For Amanda to agree to go skating for the first time whilst I ran around taking pictures I think takes a huge amount of bravery. She rocked it! Wearing borrowed, 30 year old skates on dirty ice just adds to the legend. Jordan was a pretty good teacher too.

What could be better than spending a beautiful afternoon surrounded by families skating in snowy Edmonton. Amanda and Jordan thank you for spending the time with me. Thank you for showing me that learning to skate may not be such a  painful experience.

For anyone that wants to find out more about Edmonton’s ice-ways check out this article from global news. Apparently there are three ice-ways for those of you who can skate! You can also find out more about to make the most of winter from the Edmonton winter city guide here.


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Ready to Become Four

2 March 2017 | Uncategorized, Maternity

Joyce found out about us by the beauty of social media. She posted on Facebook that she needed a photographer, and someone suggested us! We’re so lucky to be working in this day and age – where people can spread the word about our business with the click of a button. She can’t remember who it was that recommended us, so whoever it was – THANK YOU! We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of the support we receive.  How cool is it that we can capture this family ready to become four.

The weather in Edmonton in February is ALWAYS cold. We always have a ton of snow, we always freeze during outdoor sessions. But this year, it turned so warm that all of the snow started melting. In February! What the heck. Anyway, we had to search to find somewhere that wasn’t mucky and full of puddles. And we did! This path looked perfect and was the perfect spot for their little guy to run and play.

I love these maternity sessions with an older siblings, because it’s a huge transition time for the family. The nerves of having another being join the family are huge, and it’s hard to imagine how another child is going to fit in.

Thank you so much for having me capture this for you!

Shauna xox

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Isla’s White Session

1 March 2017 | Children

This was one of the very first White Sessions that was booked. Isla’s mom saw them and needed to book right away!

Isla is 9 months old in her session. A white onesie and the cutest little bow is exactly what we had in mind when we created these sessions.

Isla crawled and played and smiled at her mom. She is close to walking, so mom ended up getting in on the session. We don’t technically include parents in these sessions, but we’ve had moms sneak in a couple photos in most sessions so far. I think one of my favourite parts was when we tried to get Isla to lie on her back and grab her toes, and she completely stafished! It was hilarious.

Thank you so much for booking a session so quickly! We love these sessions so much, and we so appreciate that everyone is loving them too.

Shauna xox

(Read all about our White Sessions here, and email me shauna@roughleyoriginals.com to book)

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Lydia Newborn | Edmonton

26 February 2017 | Newborn

Gareth photographed this lovely family’s maternity session, and holy man he nailed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to go check it out here. Now it was time to welcome Lydia, and to capture her as a newborn.

Salish brought along her great grandmother’s shawl to both the maternity session as well as the newborn session, so we used it quite a bit with Lydia. When people bring something like that along to a shoot, it’s like great grandma is holding this new baby. It’s so meaningful.

They also brought along Brian’s pink boxing glove, and his Jiu Jitsu Gi jacket, which Lydia obviously loved because she’s grinning while she’s lying in it! The final addition to their session was a bracelet that had been Brian’s as a child.

All of these things added such a personal dynamic to their shoot, and gave their photos such an original quality. It’s not ever necessary to bring these kinds of props, but if you have them, they’re so fun to incorporate.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you guys! We really hope we get to see you all again, and help document Lydia as she grows.


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Welcome Kane

24 February 2017 | Newborn

This family has been on our blog many times before. We joke and call ourselves their official photographers. We have seen them through their engagement, wedding, maternity, and now we get to photograph their beautiful babies. It is such a huge honour to be the ones to help welcome Kane.

Newborn shoots are time consuming. Babies don’t care what we’re trying to do with them – when they’re hungry, when they need some comfort, they get it. Guess what – toddlers are the same. I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. 2 year olds are NOT made to sit still. The type of calm, cuddly photos with them holding a newborn take a lot of time and patience, and in this case, a video of Callum singing for Noelle to watch! Every toddler needs coaxing to get these shots. It’s normal, we’re used to it, and trust me, we’ve been there too. (Correction…we ARE there!)  We take the time, because the result is priceless.

These photos are exactly what we hope for in a newborn shoot. Family photos, sibling photos, and photos to focus on this beautiful new boy.

Welcome Kane. I can’t wait to document you as you grow. And to watch you run around playing with my boys and your big sister.

Shauna xox


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Carter’s White Session

23 February 2017 | Children

Carter was MADE for a White Session! He pulled some of the best faces I’ve ever seen from a child before. Because we don’t use props and distractions for these photos, we could see all of these fantastic expressions.

Aren’t they the best?!

This is our goal with these White Sessions. This is what we want to capture. His faces, his personality, his nature. I hope his parents look at these in 20 years and laugh and see that he still makes the same faces.

Carter is 7 months old in these photos, and so incredibly full of life.

(parents aren’t officially part of these sessions, but a lot of moms sneak in at some point)

If you’re thinking about booking a session, bring along their little stuffed animals. They’ve snuck in to a few sessions already, and it’s the sweetest thing.

Thanks so much for coming to see us you guys

Shauna xoxo

(Read all about our White Sessions here, and email me shauna@roughleyoriginals.com to book)

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Twin Girls & Donut Kisses

Beautiful twin girls, the perfect outfits, and a whole lotta donuts. This sounds like a recipe for the perfect photo shoot! These two have an adorable connection and their donut kisses were too sweet.

We met these babes in their mom’s belly at their maternity session here, and we’ve met them a few times since. Mom had a vision for these photos, and she worked to make sure it looked perfect! The rompers – aren’t they adorable? The donuts were such a good size for the girls to pick up and taste. This is such a fun alternative to a cake smash session – unique and adorable!

Kids are usually busy exploring the food in front of them, and they’re in awe that they are allowed to have a free for all with all this sugary goodness!

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When Fall Turns to Winter | Edmonton Maternity Photographer

18 February 2017 | Maternity

Courtney booked their maternity session with us after meeting us at Felisha and Cody’s wedding. She was a bridesmaid, her husband a groomsman (that groomsman that cracks jokes and makes sure everyone is having fun). Courtney really, really wanted fall photos so she booked her maternity session a bit earlier than we normally do. As it sometimes happens in Edmonton, fall turned to winter rather unexpectedly, so instead they got some amazing snow for their photos.

Their three dogs were quite excited by the snow, and when we took them down the path all they saw was “Time to run!” It was obvious their breed is that of working dogs.

The snow ended up being a fun surprise. It hung on the trees heavily, the branches dropping from the weight of it. It looked fresh and bright and new. Just like their babe who was coming.

The snow did melt, but the leaves went with it. Fall was gone quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

Luckily the snow worked out pretty perfectly. Thanks guys!

Shauna xoxox


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The Cutest Valentines | Edmonton Child Photographer

7 February 2017 | Children

These Valentine’s Day sessions are just the sweetest! It’s not for long that your kiddos are your Valentine, so it’s the perfect time to capture. And come on, these two are the cutest valentines

Both of these kids are just lovely. Big brother Kai was ready and excited for photos. Hayden was so nervous, so Kai played the perfect big brother, holding her hand and talking quietly to her. He coaxed her into the photos and even got her giggling. I told him he could be my assistant anytime!

Thank you so much for bringing the kids to see me. They were absolutey wonderful in the studio and I had a blast with them!

Loving these macaroons from Milk and Cookies Bake Shop

Shauna xox

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