The Red Dress | Edmonton Maternity

15 January 2018 | Maternity

Winter in Edmonton can get us down pretty easily, but this winter a lot of our clients are choosing to do photos in the snow. It’s the best way to embrace this beautiful but harsh season, and it really is spectacular. I met Katelynn and her family just before Christmas, and when Katelynn pulled out the red dress for her Edmonton maternity session, I knew we were going to make some magic. Red against the stark white of the snow is such a stunning combination!

Family photos come first in most maternity sessions, let’s start there! The girls were happy to play in the snow, and that made for a fun portion to the session! We had to be quick! No jackets in the winter look adorable, but it gets cold fast. Not to worry, I work quickly! If you’ve worked with us before, we know kids lose their attention span anyway, so we’re used to getting the kids finished as soon as we can.

The girls finished up, so we sent them with Grandma. It’s always a good idea to bring someone with you to help with the kids, and it’s a great reason to have some grandparent time.

The red dress. Katelynn pulled that one and she just radiated beauty. That dress is magic against the snow, and it’s so perfect for photos around Christmastime. The sun obviously agreed, as it flooded all around us just as we started shooting with the red dress.

What a stunning end to the session. Katelynn is barefoot in these photos, so we were quick! Katelynn, thank you for such a stunning session. You said you wanted to feel beautiful in these photos, and I truly hope you do, because girl you look amazing!

I can’t wait for your Fresh 48 session, and your newborn photos!