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26 February 2018 | Children

It all started with a simple request from Gareth’s mom – she wanted a photo of “just Callum” when he was a baby. No frills, no props, no distractions – she just wanted to see her first grandchild. She adores babies in white. We dressed him in a white onesie she had sent him, put him on the white backdrop in the studio, and The White Sessions were born.

We have been photographing our boys like this ever since. Periodically we dress them all in white, and we capture them as they are in that moment. Sometimes their hair is long and scruffy, sometimes they are feeling silly and mischievous. But it always captures them. Their personality. Their tiny little features. The details about them that seem to change overnight.

These White Sessions have become some of my absolute favourite photos of the boys. The simplicity of the shoot has really highlighted how they have grown. They are changing so incredibly quickly, sometimes I forget until I look at the photos all together.  I’m feeling so thankful we’ve taken the time to do these so far! You can see their latest White Session HERE.

Last year we started offering these White Sessions to clients, and I have been told time and again they are a favourite. The photos are up on client’s walls, the photos are treasured and loved. These sessions are perfect if you don’t love school photos, and they’re a great session to use for birthdays or milestones.

The White Sessions

The White Sessions are only for children
Sibling photos will be offered
They take place in our home studio
15 minute session
5 Full Size digital images (full session will be available for purchase for $200 plus GST)

One Child: $200 plus GST

Per Additional Child: $75 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**


These sessions will be offered anytime we are available in our studio. We strongly suggest dressing your child in a white onesie or a white top, and very neutral bottoms. No logos, no text, no graphics. We want the focus to be on your child.

Please email me to book your session, and we’ll chat!


  • Danielle Rusk

    Love this idea ❤️ So often we get carried away with the ‘perfect setting’ and forget it’s supposed to be about capturing the amazingness that is them!

  • Jaclyn Paige

    Love how simple and gorgeous these sessions are!

  • Lindsey Resler

    So bare and beautiful! ❤

  • Lind Cee

    Very cool idea! Win!

  • Lesley Oleksiw

    I love this so much! It’s so simple but so perfect!!

  • Janice

    I love these!!

  • Carly Lefebvre

    These and your new one year paint sessions are my faves!

  • Kelsey Marie

    So simple, so raw, so beautiful!!

  • Nicole Vandekamp

    What a fantastic idea! I love how the kids stand out. I hope I win this! I would love to have some beautiful photos of my daughters hanging in our hallway.

  • Zareen Govender

    Can’t wait for my son’s next White/Birthday Session! I loved his last one! Keep up the great work you guys!

  • Tamra Mudryk

    The expressions kill me!

  • Shannon Mclachlan

    beautiful sessions and smart grandma!

  • Rayanna Tremblay

    I just love these images!

  • Becky Madarash

    Would love to get some updated pictures of my boys!

  • Kaarina Miller

    Would love to win this session for our little girl!! The photos are beautiful!

  • Amanda Hill-Sroka

    Love this! You guys are amazing!!

  • J Gartner

    So cute!

  • Britt W.

    Love these photo sessions!

  • Keira Doll

    LOVE the simplicity of your beautiful photos!

  • Jacqueline Brennan

    Very cute idea!!

  • Suzi Pletikos Medhurst


  • Alayna