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6 January 2017 | Children

This all started with a simple request from Gareth’s mom – she wanted a photo of “just Callum” when he was a baby. No frills, no props, no distractions – she just wanted to see her first grandchild. She adores babies in white. We dressed him in a white onesie she had sent him, put him on the white backdrop in the studio, and The White Sessions were born.

We have been photographing the boys like this ever since. Periodically we dress them all in white, and we capture them as they are in that moment. Sometimes their hair is long and scruffy, sometimes they are feeling silly and mischievous. But it always captures them. Their personality. Their tiny little features. The details about them that seem to change overnight.

They have become some of my absolute favourite photos of the boys. The simplicity of the shoot has really highlighted how they have grown. They are changing so incredibly quickly, sometimes I forget until I look at these all together.  I’m feeling so thankful we’ve taken the time to do these so far!

Now we want to offer it to you.

We’re officially launching The White Sessions. We have been shooting this way within our sessions for ages now, but we are offering it now as a mini session.

The White Sessions

The White Sessions will only be offered to children
Sibling photos will be offered
They take place in our home studio
15 minute sessions
5 Full Size digital images (full session will be available for purchase for $200 plus GST)

One Child: $200 plus GST

Per Additional Child: $50 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**


These sessions will be offered anytime we are available in our studio. We strongly suggest dressing your child in a white onesie or a white top, and very neutral bottoms. No logos, no text, no graphics. We want the focus to be on your child.

  • Lindsay

    What a great idea!! I would love a shoot like this for Elise and Dane

  • Mercedes Bender

    Great idea! I always get critiqued for dressing my kids, especially my son, in white.

  • Sheena

    Would love to win this!! Such beauty in simplicity!

  • Gemma Miller

    Love!!! This will be such a beautiful session! 🙂

  • Alyssa Berube

    I would absolutely love to have a sibling photo session in this style. So clean and simple. Just perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Shannon Rondeau Alvarez

    Would love to win. This is such an awesome idea

  • Ali

    Love your work !!

  • Jamie Straker

    Absolutely love this idea!

  • AmberG

    LOVE the idea, definitely have to get Nicolas in for some!

  • Jackie Fuga

    I love the simplicity of this photo shoot idea! You’re so creative!

  • Jocelyne Strahle-Lockler

    Love this, really brings out the features of the boys as they are the main focus.

  • Cassidy Mann

    I love the White Session! So simple and so cute!!

  • Jamie Nielsen

    I really like how having them in white accents each of their unique features! Great photos!

  • Justine Parrotta

    these are awesome! love the simple statement they make!

  • Kelly

    Love this!

  • Jen

    Amazing pictures! Great idea! I’m

  • Jennifer

    Awe they are so little!

  • Alana Kornik

    Love these sessions <3 simple yet stunning

  • Lisa m

    Love the simplicity, and the personality that shines through

  • Brittany Meaver

    Love how simple these pictures would be and how the kids features would be highlighted!! Sloan’s red hair would sure stand out!

  • Brianne Mudryk

    LOVE this! So beautiful!

  • Melissa Martz

    Love this! Would be ecstatic to have something like this of my boys.

  • Mekaila Frajman

    Love the focus on what matters most 🙂

  • Steffi Belisle

    Thank you for the chance!!

  • Suzi Neurauter

    I would LOVE to win this!! Fingers crossed!

  • Kathleen

    Super modern!

  • Cortney Phillips

    So fun!

  • Giselle

    Love this so much!!

  • Kelly Maclean

    Love this idea!!

  • Paula Bryn

    I would LOVE a session like this for my little guy. So beautiful!

  • Paula

    I would ❤️ this for my 3 boys each are different from scruffy to mischievous to sneaky! Thank you for the chance! Paula

  • Kelsey Whattam

    raw & simple & i love it!!

  • Stephanie Rivera

    LOVE this idea! So simple and so perfect.

  • Angela Fleming

    I absolutely love this! Nothing distracts from their sweet little faces and personalities. Brilliant in its simplicity.

  • Amber Wackenhut


  • Bree Beach

    Love it! <3

  • Ashlee Smears

    This is great! I love the simple look
    of this. So sharp!

  • Ashley Brown

    Pure and simple

  • Kelly

    Would love these!

  • Nikki

    Would love to do this. It’s adorable

  • Melissa Burrows

    Hehe! I just love your boys.
    I love the family session we did with you guys 2 years ago! Wonderful photographers and beautiful family!

  • Sara Jessica Coulter

    What a brilliant idea 🙂 gorgeous photos of sweet littles!!

  • Melanie Sweetman

    This is such a great idea!

  • Leah Wiebe

    Beautiful in it’s simplicity!

  • Rayanna Tremblay

    Love these images!!!!!

  • Erin

    What a beautiful idea!! I’d love to win!!
    @erijenni on instagram. 🙂

  • Kelsey Preus

    What a great idea! I would love this for my daughter!

  • Lana Barr

    I think it is adorable….but would my rugrats sit still???? xo

  • Sarah Schilling


  • Kimberly Barber

    Such an elegantly simple idea! I love them!

  • Candace Pettie

    I love the idea of this, white is classic and pure just like little ones. It allows you to really see the true beauty of the child without static

  • justinandalison

    I LOVE the white sessions!! Thhey are my favorite.