Baby Benjamin | Edmonton Newborn

21 March 2018 | Newborn

I met this beautiful mamma while photographing a Mommy Connections event, and I’ve seen her a lot at many of the classes! She’s always someone I look forward to seeing – she’s always so happy and friendly. Such an honour to have them in the studio when she had her second son, and welcome Benjamin into the world with them. And to say – welcome to the mom of boys club!

Older brother Caleb is two, so it always takes some tricks of the trade and some patience to get them into the photos. It’s normal. Completely, utterly normal for a two year old to not want to sit still and pose and take the perfect photo. Toddlers aren’t being bad or misbehaving, they’re being toddlers. Luckily we HAVE toddlers, and we have photographed countless kiddos. So with some patience, some tricks, and maybe a little magic, they settle quickly enough for their portion of the photo shoot.

Parents, please remember during your newborn photo shoot – or any photo shoot with kids –  they’re good kids. When a newborn comes along, their whole world is turned upside down, and they’re adjusting just like you are.

Congratulations to all of you! It was an honour to document baby Benjamin’s first days in the world.

Shauna xox