Beautiful Fall in Edmonton | The Harke Family

13 October 2016 | Family

The Harkes come to see me every year, and almost always in the fall. They love these beautiful Edmonton fall colours!

Last year they came to see me with their extended family, which was awesome! Check out the post here. And aren’t their outfits perfect?! These guys always coordinate so well.

We had to reschedule this year due to this weird and FREEZING weather, but thank goodness we caught the leaves! So happy we were able to hang out and explore. They laugh and play and connect as if I’m not even there, and I love that so much. I’m always happy to catch those photos of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but there is so much more than that! I want to capture you playing and smiling and looking at one another in the way only you do. I want to make sure we show your connection, not just how well your kids can smile at the camera.

Let me capture YOUR family, your fun, you playing and laughing and being the way you are at this moment in time.

Thank you guys. You truly are wonderful, and I’m so happy I get to see your smiling faces every year.