A Beautiful Summer Morning | Edmonton Photographer

19 September 2017 | Family

A beautiful summer morning was the perfect time to meet this new family. I had never photographed them before, but as soon as we met we quickly got chatting, and they were so easy to be around!

Their little girl Rory is 10 months old, and such a happy baby! She was curious and watching everything in the park, and she was very content hanging out with mom and dad.

Photographing families is such a cool thing, Rory will  never be in this phase again. She’ll never fit the same way into mom and dad’s arms, she’ll have new interests soon, she’ll be running and exploring and things will never be the same.

Which is why it is so important to document kiddos. I always encourage families to have photos done every year, and that’s a big reason why. I hope to capture how the kids are at this point – the nose scrunch smile, the big eyes, the wonder.