A New Beginning

1 July 2017 | Family

Photographing a family through their phases of life is a pretty amazing thing. To watch a couple go from the happy days of their engagement, the giddy pride of their wedding day, to the changes they go through as the family grows. I got a message from Laurie one summer day, she said she had a crazy idea. They were in Edson checking out their property as their house was just starting to build. “I know it’s super last minute and you can say no – but would you come out to Edson and photograph us on our new property” To see these old friends that I went to high school with, whose wedding we had photographed, start to fulfill a dream they had for a long time. To see them create their new beginning. You better believe the answer was yes.

I drove out to Edson, met them in the midst of the machinery and the logs and the tall, beautiful trees. They explained their plans, where the house would go, where the boys would play. It was all pretty amazing to witness, and document. Sully was just a babe at this point, Malcolm a busy, happy, exploring little boy.

I can’t wait to see what this turns into it, and I couldn’t be more happy for you xoxox