We’re a team in every aspect of the word. We’re married, we’re raising two amazing boys, and we both work full time in this crazy photography biz.

We’ve been through the wedding. We remember the planning and the stresses and the uncertainty of every detail very, very well. We’ve got your back. We made our home in Edmonton, Alberta but we want to see as much of the world as we can. We’re always up for an adventure, so don’t be shy about asking us to travel! Twist our arms and chances are we’ll be there.

This English guy and this Canadian girl have traveled the world – in fact we met in Australia!

We’re parents now. Guys – we REMEMBER those uncertain first few days. Newborns are the most amazing and the most terrifying things you will ever hold in your arms. But after two kids and countless newborn shoots, trust me I still feel like they are – HANDS DOWN – the best.

We’re a team now, the four of us. Callum and Max are pretty rad little boys. If you’re ever over to the studio, chances are you’ll meet them.

Our clients become our friends, I love catching up with everyone, and I am truly thankful we get to see so many families grow year after year. Come join us over here, let us capture this moment in your life.


  • I’m English.
  • I watch football (not soccer)
  • I drink tea, a lot
  • I carry a handkerchief
  • I’m a dad to two brave, enthusiastic, inquisitive, thoughtful, roaring boys!
  • I like bare feet
  • We lived in a van for a year in New Zealand. I could still live in a van. Although it would have to be a pretty big van since there are now four of us.
  • I love to travel (see above)
  • My first photography passion was Landscapes.
  • I’m in love with film photography all over again.


  • I’ve always loved telling stories. My first love is writing – I actually have my degree in Professional Writing. Photographs are just another way for me to tell stories. My story, and yours too.I don’t like bare feet anymore. I used to! I’m always in flip flops now. I’m pretty sure it’s because my floors are always gritty from the boys coming in and out of the house…it’s easier not to feel the mess.
  • I’ve never dyed my hair.
  • I wear my sweats a lot.
  • I want to get outside, anytime I can. Skiing, camping, walking, sipping my coffee in the backyard while the boys are playing at 7am. Anytime.
  • Our lake lot is my happy place. Sitting on the dock is pretty much top of the list. Sitting there at sunset…the best.
  • Sometimes we just need to crank the music, pick up a boy in each of our arms, and dance around the island in our kitchen. It always, always makes life better.
  • I’m smitten with London
  • I have cried at every single wedding I’ve photographed. Every single one.

Loving Life

There is nothing like setting off on an adventure. To see the ocean crash and the locals go about their day. But there is a comfort in being surrounded by people who love me. And at the end of the day, there is no place like home.

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