Tyler and Evangelene’s Alberta Beach Wedding

17 October 2017 | Weddings

Choosing a wedding venue is a huge decision. Every venue has its own nuances and challenges you have to address in order to ready it to welcome your guests. The venue can also contribute to the days emotion if it has been important to your family for years prior. Tyler & Evangelene spend a ton of time at Alberta Beach. Tyler grew up going to the family cabin, a tradition started by his grandparents with their first cabin along a little tree lined lane. The family has since moved to the waterfront, and the their connection to the lake has only grown. Thinking of all this, Tyler and Evangelene’s stunning Alberta Beach Wedding was in the perfect place!

I had such a blast with Tyler and Evangelene at their engagement session, and any wedding near the water is bound to be beautiful, so I was really excited!

A chilly and cool day greeted us as Evangelene was getting ready. We watched people pull their docks out of the lake for the season hoping one of them would be left for us to use for some dock photos. And (hurray!) there was one that was perfect.

I had no idea their ceremony would be so incredibly emotional. Tyler was so proud to be marrying the love of his life, and it was so obvious on his face. He let the tears roll and the laughter ring true as Evangelene walked towards him down the aisle. Tyler’s grandfather even spoke during the service, and it brought everyone to tears.

Tyler and Evangelene were so happy to be with one another that their photos were a breeze. They cuddled up, forgot the rest of the world, and reveled in their day. They laughed with their wedding party as we walked around the Alberta Beach Family Camp, and we enjoyed the day.

The reception was much the same, family and friends gathering together and celebrating this lovely couple. Stunning details exuded the care and attention given to every moment of the day.

The day was wonderful. Laid back, stress free, and so much fun.

Thank you so much for having us be a part of your amazing wedding day! We are so happy for you both, it is so obvious how much you love each other.

Shauna & Gareth

Wedding Dress and Tuxedo: The Bridal & Tuxedo House
Flowers: Beau Villa Flowers
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sunset Point Christian Camp