Amritsar, India

22 January 2014 | Personal, Travel

Our five weeks in India wasn’t supposed to include a trip to The Golden Temple. It sounded pretty cool when we did our research, but it was a long way to go and we weren’t sure there was time. After chatting with some other travelers though, they convinced us it was somewhere we needed to see.

So we booked our tickets and packed our bags, and headed off to the Bikaner bus station. After checking in, we watched some men load the bus. A camel helped with the heavy work as they put an unbelievable amount of packages on the roof.

As evening approached, we boarded the bus to Amritsar. Our “seats” this time around was a bed at the top of the bus, much like bunk beds. Not quite the size of a double, we had to lie head to toes. Armed with a bag full of snacks and sweets we bought at Bikaner Sweets, we set off on the long journey.