An Evening by the Water | Paly Family Photos

17 September 2018 | Family

A warm summer evening, time spent with a really great family, and the most beautiful golden hour light. There is nothing as good as an evening by the water.

We’ve worked with this family since the beginning – we photographed their engagement and wedding, and we’ve seen them every year since. It makes me incredibly happy every time we get to connect!

They made the drive up to our lake lot for these photos, and I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS happy to photograph a session up at the lake.

They splashed and they played, threw a ton of rocks in the water and explored every nook and cranny of the shoreline. There is a beautiful innocence of watching a child play in the water. Ryley is absolutely in her element when she’s playing in the waves.

You all are wonderful, and I’m already excited about next year!