Baby Rhett | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

14 November 2017 | Newborn

We first met Rhett’s mamma at an amazing fall wedding last year (check it out here, it’s stunning). We had such a great day with this whole wedding party. When I opened the front door to welcome our clients for baby Rhett’s newborn session, I said “hey! I know you!” It’s rare we forget a face after editing a wedding.

As soon as the session started it was so obvious how these parents were meant to be with Rhett. They just gazed at him with wonder, smiles on their faces. It’s sessions like this that makes it so amazing to be a newborn photographer!

Rhett’s mom asked for pure photos for their session. No hats, no props, no distraction. They just wanted to focus on timeless photographs, so that’s what we did.  More and more clients are coming to us with this desire, and it makes my heart so happy. Let’s focus on this new life in the world, with nothing else clouding the photograph.

I am so honoured to have met Rhett and documented his first weeks in the world. Newborns make way to smiley, moving babies far too quickly, these photos will always serve as a reminder to those first days.

Shauna & Gareth xoxox