These Beautiful Edmonton Fall Colours | Engagement

7 July 2017 | Engagement

Fall is fleeting in Edmonton, there is no doubt about that. But there are some spots that have the most beautiful, vibrant colours. I adore when we find a bit of red in the trees, beacause that doesn’t happen very often in Alberta. I planned out this engagement session by parking on two ends of a park we love to shoot at – Amanda and Ryan’s car at one end, mine at the other. That way we could walk and have a lot of variety in their photos, without having to backtrack. It worked perfectly!

We spent the evening walking and chatting. I love to get to know our clients before their wedding day. It makes the wedding so stress free. We get rid of the nerves and everyone realizes that this picture thing isn’t so bad!

Amanda and Ryan both said they were nervous, but they did so great!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me! (and since I’m posting this AFTER their wedding day, their wedding photos are coming!)

Shauna xox