Beautiful Light in Family Photos

16 June 2022 | Family

Let’s talk about beautiful light in family photos. It’s a question we get asked a lot – how do we get that beautiful light I see in photos? The bottom line you guys – you have to be willing to do your photos in the evening. I KNOW it’s hard with kids to have happy, smiling kiddos in photos if they’re up too late and they’re tired. We will always work with you to make sure we pick a time that gives us the best chance to see your kids smiling. But if your kids are a bit older, and we can push bedtime a bit, then you will get that beautiful light in your family photos.

There are other factors too, the biggest thing being the weather. We can’t predict clouds, which will block beautiful sun, but we will absolutely try our best to capture that beautiful, glowy, sunset light for you.

I also absolutely love the outfit choices mom chose for the photos below! There is no need to match anymore, but we want the outfits to “go” together. The son’s yellow jeans, the daughter’s yellow top, it all helps add a pop of colour, but they go together so well.

If your kids are just too young for an evening photo shoot, that’s okay! We’ll work with you to choose the best location possible. Be flexible, and we’ll find a spot that works best. We want to capture you playing, interacting with one another, and capturing this moment in time.

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Can’t wait to work with you!
Shauna & Gareth