Christmas Sessions 2021

29 October 2021 | Family, Children

Christmas is around the corner! It snuck up SO fast this year, anyone else?? As always, we are so excited to be offering our studio Christmas Sessions. We are changing the way we offer the sessions slightly – you have three options to choose from:

Option 1: Milk and Cookies

Our Milk and Cookies set up is always such a big hit! We keep the set clean and simple, and kids have a blast! You can dress up in a wonderful Christmas outfit, or a big hit is in Christmas jammies!

Milk and cookies are provided – if allergies or food sensitivities are a concern, please feel free to bring your own.

10 images
20 minutes
$250 plus GST

**The set will be the white backdrop, with a traditional Christmas colour theme. Not exactly as shown below. We like to switch it up!


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Edmonton Family Photo Sessions

30 August 2021 | Family

Thank you so much for getting in touch, we would love to photograph your family!

Our goal when photographing families is to have a good mix of posed shots and candid, real life photos. If there is something fun you do with your kids, we want to capture that. As well as the classic – everyone look and smile at the camera!


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Outdoor Christmas/Fall Sessions

29 August 2021 | Family

Hey friends! Last year we had the opportunity to work with A Day With Daisy! They designed an adorable Christmas set up, and we set up at a local Tree Farm. We also utilized the beautiful location we were in, and created some beautiful fall photos for our clients too. These Outdoor Christmas/Fall Sessions were such a hit, we’re doing it again this year! We are so excited for our Outdoor Christmas/Fall Sessions. This is happening on September 19, 2021.

Meet Daisy!


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Home Grown Love – The Hertlein Family

28 April 2021 | Family

We have known The Hertlein family for a long time! Our relationship started off with Kara helping me get healthy with her business as a health and fitness coach, and we have since become incredibly good friends. When they asked me to come to their home to photograph their family I was SO honoured. It means the world when people I love and respect ask us to document them, it truly is the best feeling. They are the type of people you want in your corner, and I’m so glad they’re in ours! They truly are the definition of Home Grown Love – The Hertlein Family.

It was SO special photographing the Hertlein Family on their property. How fun for them to look back on these photos in years, and remember the chickens and the kids running, and the light streaming through the trees. What a feeling to look at these photos and remember the love and the work and the laughs that were shared on this land.

We got a mixture of everyone playing and having fun, of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, as we always aim to do during our family sessions. When the kiddos were worn out and just over it, we captured Kara and Dustin together. Mom and dad should have photos together!

At the end of the session, Kara added on some branding photos for her to use online for her business. Social media has become SO huge for entrepreneurs, that we’ve had more and more clients ask to add on branding photos at the end of their sessions. We are always happy to do so! If you ever need anything during your session, please always ask. If its a particular pose, or a specific grouping of people, tell us! We will always, always try our best to make the shoot what YOU want.

Thank you so, so much for being such wonderful humans. I am honoured to know you all, beyond honoured that you are our friends.

So much love,


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Roughley Originals Studio

19 March 2021 | Family

Hey friends! We have updated our Roughley Originals Studio recently and I want to show it off! It’s helpful to know the set up you’ll be seeing when you come into the studio, so here it is. It’s neutral, we’ve added greenery, and it’s allowed us to make more of a space to capture a lifestyle vibe. There might be slight changes from time to time, but this is the general look we’re working with for now!

When you’re planning outfits, this is the space you’ll want to make sure you match/”go” with. You don’t have to ever be matchy matchy! If you have any questions about your outfits, you are always welcome to email me for help. I suggest put your clothes flat on the bed together and send me a photo of that, and I can help you tweak it if we need to.

The number one rule is to choose things you’re COMFORTABLE in! Some people are more casual, some want to dress up for photos. They are both very different vibes, so choose the look you’re going for. Sometimes mom chooses her outfit first, and then builds the rest of the family’s choices around that.

Make sure you try your kiddos outfits on the week before the session! So many times moms have bought their baby’s outfits, and haven’t tried them on until the session. When it comes time for the shoot, the clothing might be ill fitting. So take 10 minutes and just make sure they haven’t grown a ton!

Another helpful tip is to bring your kid’s clothes to the session, and change them once you arrive. Kids drool, they might spill their drink, or their car snack might stain their clothes. Better safe than sorry!

The most important thing – let’s have FUN! We want you to feel comfortable in the Roughley Originals Studio. A lot of our session is child led, so it’s okay if your child needs a minute. Let’s make sure they’re comfortable, they have a minute to get to know me, and we all settle in.

See you soon!
Shauna & Gareth


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Beautiful Newborn Luna

9 March 2021 | Newborn

You know what they say – the family who plaids together stays together! Beautiful Newborn Luna showed up matching with her mom and dad, and it was BEYOND cute! We always love the focus on our newborns to be about the family photos as well as the newborn photos. It’s a big transition for everyone, and it’s your first family photo! I promise it’s worth the effort of getting ready!

You can find our full pricing guide for our newborn sessions here.


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Koch Family Maternity Edmonton

18 February 2021 | Family, Maternity

Winter in Edmonton can make it hard to get outside! But when winter is as long as it is for us, we have to make it happen! We lucked out with an absolutely amazing day for the Koch Family Maternity session! The sun shone, the weather was cold but bearable (which is a big win in Edmonton in winter!) The Koch Family Maternity session was so much fun! As soon as I met mamma, I felt completely at ease with her. We joked around, laughed, and it felt SO nice to hang out with someone who instantly felt like a friend.

Photographing kiddos in the winter can be tricky, but I’m always pretty quick! I make sure we catch them while they’re warm, and it almost always results in some laughs.

We love offering our different packages for families expecting babies. You can check those out here.

Documenting families as they grow is SUCH an honour! We met this babe soon after their maternity session, I’ll be sharing their stunning at home newborn session soon!

Thank you, you guys! You are such a lovely family, and it was so nice to hang out for the afternoon and capture these stunning images. The light was gorgeous, the laughs were heartwarming, and the Koch Family Maternity session was definitely a highlight of sessions this winter.

So much love,

I just loved this session at Rundle Park!


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Spaghetti Smash in Edmonton

19 January 2021 | Children, Cake Smash

What an incredibly fun session! Cake smashes are always a great idea for first birthdays, but we also love when clients bring fresh, new ideas into the studio. This Spaghetti Smash in Edmonton was all mom’s idea, We clearly aren’t afraid of a little mess in the studio because this Spaghetti Smash in Edmonton definitely made a mess!

We have worked with this family for a long time now, through big bro’s maternity, newborn, 6 month, 1 year, and then these younger siblings – right from their maternity session here. So. Much. Fun! I love that they chose the twin’s favourite food, it made for such a unique session! I have never seen a Spaghetti Smash in Edmonton before, and it turned out SO good!

I am SO late in posting this – in fact it is their third birthday today! But – it’s worth posting late because this session is just amazing!

Thank you so much you guys, for always trusting us and letting us into your life. It is such an honour to document these beautiful kiddos of yours growing up!

Happy very belated birthday to these very messy, very full kiddos!


If you ever have a fun, unique idea you want to use for your kiddo’s session, let us know! We love new ideas, we love trying things out, and we love capturing kiddo’s personalities! Not every child loves cake, not every child will smash the whole thing up. More and more, clients are choosing their child’s favourite food, and the result has always been so much fun!


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Edmonton Maternity and Family Session

13 January 2021 | Family, Maternity

Hey hey friends! It’s that time of year that I try to get all caught up with the blog! I feel like I say that every year, but alas, here we go again. This Edmonton Maternity and Family Session was such a fun session to do, especially since we have photographed this lovely family as this beautiful girl was welcomed into the world. You can see her maternity session here.

Winter can be daunting when it comes to outdoor photos, especially with kiddos! I love how they had their jackets on for a bit, off for a bit. Mix and match not only for a different look in your photos, but for warmth too! Here in Alberta we might as well embrace the winter, it’s a big part of our lives!

It was so wonderful to work with this family one more time before they moved away. We love seeing clients as their family grows, and it means so much to get to document so many amazing moments.

We hope you guys are doing well! Thank you for choosing us to document your Edmonton Maternity and Family Session.

Shauna & Gareth

Expecting a baby? You can see our maternity and newborn pricing here


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Pumpkin Pie Smash

14 October 2020 | Children, Cake Smash

I absolutely love when clients choose something a little bit different for their child’s one year photos. This Pumpkin Pie Smash was ADORABLE! So much fun, and something so fitting for an autumn baby.

They also added on family photos onto their one year session, which we’re always so happy to do! Gareth met them at an outdoor park, and then came back to the studio for some fun.

We photographed their wedding a few years ago (you can check it out here!), and it is always SO nice to see clients come back and watch their families grow! Thank you for such a fun afternoon, we had a wonderful time with you three.


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