Newborn Photos During Covid

16 June 2020 | Maternity, Newborn

Congrats on your new arrival! I know this is a really uncertain time to have a baby. Our hearts are with you, and we are working hard to make your photography experience positive, fun and still create beautiful images while keeping you comfortable, and keeping everyone safe. Newborn Photos during Covid are going to be a bit different, but we’re still going to make them amazing!


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Edmonton Outdoor Newborn Photos

14 June 2020 | Newborn

It’s been a strange time for everyone! Covid has affected lives & businesses and I truly believe that every single person has been touched by this, somehow. We’ve moved some of our newborn photo shoots outside for the time being, to allow for physical distancing. We also shot this whole session not touching the baby, which is different for us. We always pose the baby and I get to spend a lot of time cuddling newborns! These Edmonton Outdoor Newborn Photos were actually really fun to do, and it was a great reminder that sometimes wonderful things happen when we have to try something new.


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Paly Family Fall Maternity

11 May 2020 | Maternity

This family has SUCH a big part of my hear! They’ve been with us right from their engagement, and we’ve had the honour to photograph their wedding, and as they expanded their family.

We lucked out, as we always seem to do, with a gorgeous evening and lovely fall colours. They played and ran and chased their little one, because we all know kiddos rarely stand still. That’s okay! That’s expected. I have two very lively boys and it would be shocking to me if they stood still for a whole session. So I run after the kids, I chase, them, I get my workout in. It’s all good!

It also hits me right in the heart that we have the honour of documenting lives. That we get to see clients year after year, catch up, connect, and see these families grow.

It is never, ever lost on me how special that is. Thank you so much you guys for always choosing us. For being so amazing. This baby is going to be SO loved!

Shauna xoxo

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Julianna’s Edmonton Newborn Session

15 April 2020 | Newborn

This girl is such beauty! I have a big love for this family, they have been coming to us to document their family since their first child was born. It is always so amazing to see them, and it is such a privilege to help welcome their newest addition into the world. Ladies and gentlemen, Julianna’s Edmonton newborn session.

Mama brought along a couple pros, including her Ukrainian Dance headpiece to use. It’s really cool because we used dad’s motorcycle helmet as a prop in big brother’s newborn session, so it’s really fun to use something of mom’s in Julianna’s newborn session.

It was wonderful to hang out in the studio, catch up, and create these images with them. I can’t wait to see Julianna at her 6 month session!

So much love,
Shauna & Gareth


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Baking Bread with the Roughleys

21 March 2020 | Personal

Welcome to Baking with the Roughleys and more importantly baking Bread with the Roughleys!

We have been baking our own bread for more than 8 years. It started way back when we travelled through New Zealand. Shauna and I both worked in a pizza restaurant where I made fresh pizza bases and individual loaves every single day.

By the time we arrived back in Canada I found that the recipe didn’t seem to transfer well. I also thought I could improve it so I combined what I had learned in New Zealand with a recipe from Delia Smith, a lady who had been ever present in the food I had grown up with.

This bread recipe is a staple in our home as well as becoming a HIT for all of our newborn clients as they all take home a fresh loaf.

Now we want to share it with you!


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Brophy Lifestyle Newborn Photos

16 March 2020 | Newborn

Toddlers running around in their own space, mom and dad comfortable enough to let the kiddos roam. The family relaxed and living their life. The Brophy Lifestyle Newborn Photos are what we hope a lifestyle session to be.

We met these guys when we photographed their wedding, and I am forever grateful we’ve become friends. It’s so crazy to think of so many people we never would have the chance to meet if it wasn’t for our business. Thank you so much you guys for inviting us into your lives, making us your friends, joining us for swim dates, and just being amazing.

Since William is already a year old it’s well past time for us to get this lovely session up on the blog.

Love you guys!
Shauna & Gareth

Ps. Our lifestyle newborn photos bring together the essence of your family in your space. We encourage you to embrace your day to day so that we can capture this precious moment in your life. We want to see the vibrance of your growing family.

For more information about newborn sessions as well as other photography inquiries just click here!


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Edmonton Newborn Twins

21 February 2020 | Newborn

Our Edmonton Lifestyle newborn sessions have become such a big hit since we started offering them. I remember being so nervous when we opened it up; we had tried it a time or two and it never really went the way we wanted it to. But I’ll be honest, back in those days we were trying to find our own style, our own voice, and it ended up that we were trying too hard to be like other photographers. Since then we have found our style, and we bring that to our sessions whether it is in the studio or in a client’s home. These Edmonton Newborn Twins were so much fun to photograph, and their home was the perfect space for their newborn session.

I don’t normally go to Gareth’s in-home newborn sessions. Since having the boys we have had to learn to divide and conquer, and use our time wisely. This was a wonderful exception – it was Christmas holidays, our boys were happy with Grandpa and Grandma, and I thought Gareth could probably do with the help with twins.

I was so happy to be there! What a lovely family with a calm relaxing vibe. I know everybody feels stressed the day of their photo shoot, because I feel stressed every time we have photos done! It’s a big reason why we book photos every year, to be reminded how much time and thought goes into a session on the client’s end. But these guys really seemed to enjoy the time with their kiddos, and I’m so happy about that.

Are you unsure of what you would rather for your newborn session – in studio or in your home? Have a look at this studio session with multiple kids – the vibe is still the same, just a bit of a different process. The biggest difference is that we don’t do nude newborn photos at an in-home lifestyle session. Check out this twin newborn studio session compare and help you decide.

Thank you SO much for having us into your home to document your growing family. It was an honour!

Shauna & Gareth

Lauren found us through our friends at Fit Your Life, who we adore!


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Rachelle and Derek’s Outdoor Edmonton Wedding

13 January 2020 | Weddings

An outdoor wedding, at a tree farm, surrounded by her family and friends. That was Rachel’s vision for her wedding, and she had thought of every detail. Her DYI game was strong, and they had all worked so hard to ensure this was the day of her dreams. Rachelle and Derek’s Outdoor Edmonton Wedding was going to be unforgettable.

Just before the ceremony was set to start, the rain began. And it didn’t just trickle. The clouds opened up and the sky exploded. It was a storm of epic proportions. They tried to hold off to see if the rain was going to pass, but finally they had to call it. It was no use, that outdoor ceremony was not going to happen. The guys rushed all the chairs inside, the guests pitched in, and together they transformed the barn into a beautiful ceremony site in no time.

Rachelle was disappointed, of course she was. But she took a deep breath and decided to make this the best day she could. And you know what? She did. She made it INCREDIBLE. Her eyes were only on Derek, they laughed and cried and had the best time. The rain even let up enough for us to head outside for some photos before it started up again.

This day was all about family coming together to make this day magical for the couple. The whole family played a part in helping, and the love they all put into the day shone through.

We can never predict the weather, but these two – and all of their guests – proved that it’s just as much fun to dance in the rain.

So much love to you guys!
Shauna & Gareth xox


Venue: T & N Tree Farm
Desserts: Milk & Cookies Bake Shop
Bar: The Old Fashioned Mobile Bar


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Roughley Originals Wedding Photography

8 January 2020 | Weddings, Engagement

This is the day you have been planning for and dreaming of. Your favourite people in the world are gathering, the dance floor is waiting, the champagne is chilled. Every little detail has been tended to and now it’s time to walk down the aisle and join forces with your one true love. You will remember these moments for the rest of your life; the family, the friends, the cake, the music, the tears and the laughter. You deserve to have this beautiful experience thoughtfully documented as you share the story of your wedding with family and friends in the decades to come.

Roughley Originals Wedding Photography in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Keats Family Newborn Session

6 January 2020 | Newborn

We met this family a long time ago through mutual friends (such great timing for them, those mutual friends just had a baby as well and we did their photos too! Check them out here. We were so happy for them when they wrote us and told us they were expecting a third baby! And now baby Girl Makes Three – Keats Family congrats!

We get asked all the time if people can “sneak in” sibling photos, or “add on” family photos to their newborn session. They are ALWAYS included you guys. Always. We believe those family photos are so important, so we will always make a huge effort to get those sibling photos done first. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get the older kiddos comfortable, sometimes they’re really agreeable and it’s quick. We’ve seen it all my friends, so never worry about the time it’s taking. It’s all part of the job!

These big brothers were super cooperative, and they made our job so easy! It was really obvious they’re proud of their baby sister and they were more than happy to show her off.


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