What to Wear for Newborn Photos

31 May 2022 | Newborn

Your newborn photo shoot is coming up, and that is so exciting! It can be overwhelming to plan outfits for your family, so I have put together a few sessions that had really great outfit choices. Let’s chat more about what to wear for newborn photos.

Remember you don’t need an outfit for your newborn. Most of the time, newborn outfits don’t quite fit right, so we either swaddle baby, pose them nude, or use a plain white onesie. If you do have an outfit for baby you want to use for the session, please let us know in advance, and we’ll let you know if it will work. Our style is very minimal, so please keep that in mind. We have lots of swaddles to use too!

My biggest advice:
– Keep patterns to a minimum if not at all. Solid colours allow the focus to stay on baby.
– Soft colours go so nicely with a newborn session.
– White always looks so lovely. It keeps the vibe pure and new, which I always think should be the vibe for a newborn session.

Start the process of choosing outfits by deciding what mom is going to wear. To be frank, moms can have a tough time choosing clothes right after having a baby. I’m going to give you a big hint – wearing maternity clothes is a-okay! A lot of moms think they need to “wear” regular clothes, just choose what fits well and makes you feel good. Choosing ill fitting clothes will make it a lot harder to pose you in a flattering way. Once you choose mom’s outfits, build everyone else’s outfits from there. Lay moms outfit down on the bed, and add everyone else’s outfits out and see how they look. Once you think you have everyone set up, feel free to take a photo and send it to me. I’ll let you know what I think, and if we need to make any changes.


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Grand Imperial Wedding \\ Cody + Ashley

30 May 2022 | Weddings

I don’t even know where to start talking about this wedding. There are so many things I want to say, I feel like I could ramble forever. Let’s chat about this Grand Imperial Wedding.

I’ve known Cody’s family for a really long time. First I was an awkward high school kid hanging around their house with Cody’s brother. Then I became good friends with his sister – spent tons of time with her when we had kids at the same time. Through the years our family has been included in birthday parties and get-togethers with the LeClairs. We’ve gone ages not seeing each other, and it always picks up right where we left off.

Through the last few years we have ran into Cody at SO many weddings. To start with he was often working as a DJ, then he seemed to be the constant guest. When we had the opportunity to meet Ashley I liked her instantly! I was so excited when I heard there was a proposal in the works, and it really meant so much when Cody said he knew we would be their wedding photographers.

It was an extreme honour to photograph this wedding. I cried my eyes out, and hugged so many people I haven’t seen in a long time. Best of all, we got to know Cody and Ashley even better, hear some REALLY awesome stories about the two of them, and see how perfect they are for one another.

From our very windy photos at the top of the Muttart Conservatory, to playing some games at Home and Away, we had such a fun day. There were so many thoughful details for this STUNNING Grand Imperial wedding.

Cody and Ashley – our most sincere congratulations. We are SO incredibly happy for you. It was such an honour being chosen to document your day.

Shauna & Gareth

You can see their engagement session here!


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Newborn Twins // August + Lachlan

27 May 2022 | Newborn

We had the sweetest newborn twins in the studio! Newborn twins August and Lachlan came to our studio with their beautiful family, and we had the most wonderful time with them all. These two slept like a dream, they were calm and quiet, and they made our job so easy! These newborn twins are so gorgeous aren’t they!

I truly love how our newborn sessions have evolved to have a mix of posed shots, and more relaxed poses as well. You can check out how the studio is set up right now here.

Thank you so much for coming to see us! We had such a wonderful time.

Shauna & Gareth

Looking to book a newborn session? Check out all our pricing and package info here.


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Lois Hole Park Engagement // Cody + Ashley

26 May 2022 | Couples, Engagement

I had the best evening with Cody and Ashley! We planned their session right at the tail end of the beautiful fall colours, so I spent some time searching for the perfect spot. I always have clients worrying about locations, so I’m here to remind you – that’s OUR job! We will search and hunt and find the best spot for your shoot. The colours were still absolutely gorgeous in St. Albert. I’m absolutely smitten with this Lois Hole Park engagement session.

I really love Ashley’s outfit she chose. We always offer that couples can change, but she said she wanted to wear one thing she really loves, and not worry about changing for the sake of change. I love that attitude! Some couples love bringing jerseys, or they have casual look they want and a dressy look they want in their session. That’s totally cool! We’ll always make time for an outfit change. Just don’t feel pressured to change if you don’t really want to.

We walked a nice loop around Lois Hole Park. Wearing shoes that you can easily walk around in makes for fun candid walking shots. We got a really great mix of posed shots and fun, candid photos. This Lois Hole Park Engagement session was relaxed and full of laughter, my favourite kind!

Thank you so much you guys. Photographing your wedding is a huge honour (I’ve known Cody and his family for a really long time!), so I’m incredibly excited for it.


You can check out Cody and Ashley’s wedding here!

Interested in chatting more about us photographing your wedding? Read more here.


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Studio or In Home Newborn Sessions

25 May 2022 | Newborn

Thank you so much for booking your newborn session with us! We are so excited to work with you. We offer studio and in home newborn sessions. For some people the choice is easy. For some, they’re not sure what to choose! I’m going to explain the differences in our Studio and In Home Newborn Sessions.

In Home

Some people choose in home sessions because they’ve worked really hard on the nursery. They want to show it off. It’s really fun to document all that work you put in.


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Elk Island Maternity // Rachel and Taurian

What a way to kick off spring! We had such a blast at this Edmonton maternity session. Dad to be requested water in their photos, so we headed out to Elk Island Park. It was such a great choice for beautiful scenery, especially before the leaves began to pop. And since Elk Island is only about 40 minutes away from Edmonton, it’s a no brainer for a beautiful Elk Island Maternity session!

To ensure the session went smoothly, Rachel brought a pair of flat sandals to wear as we walked around. Taurian helped her change into her heels for her photos. Like I always tell my clients – wear what makes you feel your best! She loves those heels, so I’m so glad we made them happen.

Our sessions are all about relaxing, having a fun time, wandering around and just hanging out. We don’t put a time limit on the sessions, we don’t rush them, we just work together and create.

The best time of day for this kind of light is always evening. The sun is low, it’s not harsh, it’s nice and soft. We call this kind of light “butter”. It’s just soft and golden and lovely. We were out for this Elk Island Maternity session at the perfect time of day. The colour of the water, the calmness of the water, it all made for such a beautiful session!

I am so excited to meet this baby! They chose to book our First Year Package, you can read about that more here.

Thanks so much guys! See you soon with your new addition!
Shauna & Gareth


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Neutral Studio Sessions with Milk & Cookies!

11 May 2022 | Family, Children

We’re trying something new this year! Here is the opportunity to have the best of both worlds – neutral family photos in our lovely studio, which is decorated in neutral colours with pops of greenery. Then change your kiddos into their jammies for Milk & Cookies! I didn’t come up with a clever name for these, so introducing Neutral Studio Sessions with Milk & Cookies!

And yes, for the record, my children will be doing these sessions for a long time to come!

Since we’ve never offered these before, we’re trying it out for a few days in October. You can grab your spot by clicking right here.

We can’t wait to see you!
Shauna & Gareth


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Fall Family Photos // Slemko Family

9 May 2022 | Family

I am going to tell you RIGHT NOW, and I tell this to every single parent – EVERY SINGLE KID is a whirlwind at photo shoots. Kids are not made to sit still in the exact place we tell them, and look in the exact direction we tell them to. Your kid isn’t doing anything wrong if they’re hyper, or excited, or running, or emotional. I promise you, I’ve seen it all! At these fall family photos, it was no different at all. The boys were excited, hyper, the little one is a whirlwind and had me running. Mom was worried after the photo shoot that we hadn’t been able to capture anything. After I delivered their gallery, she wrote me and said “That session felt like chaos to me and I’m still in awe of the photos you were able to capture. Just freaking amazing!”

My best advice I have? Keep smiling. Stay calm. Let me chat with the kids and lead them and chase. Listen to my cues, and if I ask them to come stand with you or do a certain thing, back me up and help me, but honestly, stay calm. Kids feed off our vibes, so if you’re stressed (and most moms are! It’s a lot of work getting the family ready!) then our kids are going to feel that and mirror that.

We truly want your photos to be fun. We want it to be a fun time that you can look back on and remember with the photos. So let’s make that happen!

Bringing Grandpa and Grandma is always so special. The photos are always more posed, less candid with more people, but that’s okay! These are photos everyone is going to treasure forever. Fall family photos are a great time to get portraits of the whole family together, as well as all the different combinations we can.

So much love! Thank you for trusting us.



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Newborn Twins in the Studio // Kenna + Carter

22 April 2022 | Newborn

Photographing newborns is SO amazing. I get to cuddle them, we get so capture so many details that change so incredibly fast. Most parents tell us that their baby has changed by the time they get their photos back! How cool that those very first days, those details, are captured forever. Having Newborn Twins in the Studio is also really, incredibly cool. I have so much respect for twin parents! I vaguely, kinda sorta remember those first days, so doing THAT – but double?! – WOW. Hats off to you twin parents! Newborn Twins in the Studio usually means a longer session time, as the best way to photograph newborns is when they’re sleeping. They sometimes take turns being awake, but that’s okay! That gives us the chance to do some individual shots at that time – we always aim to capture each child individually as well as the babies together. We were told early on in our career to always photograph twins separately as well as together, as they are people on their own as well as twins. They deserve individual photos too!

We photographed Randi and Kyle’s wedding back in 2017 in Fox Creek. When they arrived at the studio, it truly felt like no time had passed. We visited, had a great afternoon together, and had such a relaxed time. We’re so honoured they chose to bring their Newborn Twins to the Studio, it means so much to document a couple’s life as they grow.

We can’t wait to capture these two beautiful babies through their first year, as mom and dad booked our First Year Package! That means newborn photos, Sitter Session photos (usually 6-8 months, once baby is sitting) and 1 Year Photos.

Now for what you really came to see! Scroll on for some serious cuteness.

Shauna & Gareth


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Alberta Temple Wedding // Zoe + Jacob

20 April 2022 | Weddings

This past Friday we had the pleasure of celebrating Zoe and Jacob’s Edmonton, Alberta Temple wedding! We were hopeful for a warm, sunny day, but it was a chilly one! It didn’t seem to bother anyone much though, the concentration was all on celebrating Zoe and Jacob and their Alberta Temple Wedding.

The wonderful couple was surrounded by family and friends, giving the sense of love and community. The whole vibe of the day was a wonderful experience. This was especially true for us; we have known Zoe for several years. I think it fair to say that we have never met a more welcoming group of people. So whilst Zoe and Jake transition to the next phase of their life, they will never be far from the love and support from those closest to them!

Zoe had the great idea of doing a First Look with her brothers and her dad, and it was so emotional! I absolutely love personal touches at weddings such as this. The last two years have truly shown that weddings can be so personalized, tailored to be uniquely about the couple and their families.

Zoe and Jake thank you so much for including us in your day! It means so much to us, it was an honour.

Shauna & Gareth

Click here to see there wintery engagement session.


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