Jack’s Fresh 48 Session | Edmonton Newborn

28 August 2019 | Newborn

These Fresh 48 Sessions are so amazing! Jack’s Fresh 48 Session is a true testament to family coming together.

This isn’t birth photography, and it isn’t a newborn session like you’ve seen from us before. This is an opportunity to capture those first hours of your baby entering the world. Once the birth is over, once you’re moved into your hospital room, or in your home, that’s the time we come see you.

We want to capture your older child meeting their new sibling. We want to photograph the looks on Grandpa and Grandma’s face the first time they lay eyes on their new grandchild. We want to capture those raw, real, first moments for you. Giving birth is one of the hardest things you’ll do, so there is a good chance the time will be a hazy memory in the years to come. So let’s have those emotions, those connections, those moments captured forever.

When I gave birth to both of my boys, the experience was amazing, exhausting, wonderful, and overwhelming. There are so many moments that Gareth talks about, and I don’t have a clear memory of them. We have some photos that Gareth took, but having those first hours documented (with Gareth in the photos!) would have been so special.

Being parents has changed our perspective of our photography over the years. Connection over perfection. Moments over poses. Those are some of the reasons we are so excited to be offering Fresh 48 sessions!

Feel free to email us about more info.

Shauna & Gareth

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Playing in the Edmonton Paths

Engagement session time for Chelsey and Brett! They have the most beautiful boy named Matteo, so he obviously had to be a part of the session. We always encourage kiddos to be a part the photos . We always start off with family photos, and then Grandma (usually) comes to whisk her grandchild away and have some one on one time while mom and dad can cuddle up. I absolutely adore these guys and had a blast playing in the Edmonton paths.


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Edmonton Summer with the Ruff Family

12 August 2019 | Family

Another year with this fun family! Last year we did their photos in the beautiful autumn colours, but this year we met in the summer, and it was actually warm and sunny, which has been a bit sparse this year. So nice to hang out in the Edmonton summer with the Ruff family.


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Photography and a Story about Camping in Jasper

30 July 2019 | Personal, Children, Travel

When Shauna and I were travelling through New Zealand we realised that photography and the story go hand in hand. In a saturated photography world the story is just as important as the photos. It’s how you stand out. Stories about people are what make the difference when across the world millions of photos are taken everyday. So whilst Shauna tries her best to make me feel thoroughly awkward in Instagram stories I thought I’d take a stab at being a better blogger. Click more to see some photography and a story about camping in Jasper.


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Shantel and Colten

20 July 2019 | Couples, Engagement

After a week of adventuring and self discovery we are all back home and back at it. Shauna and I have a busy couple of weeks coming up starting this weekend with Shantel and Colten.

Earlier in the year when the snow still blanketed the ground I photographed their engagement session. Despite the deep chill settling over Edmonton, we ventured outside.


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Lace Cake Smash in the Park

16 July 2019 | Children, Cake Smash

I absolutely adored Jade’s cake smash! Her mom had a beautiful vision of white, lace and being outside. We added some flowers, headed out, and ended up with a Pretty Lace Cake Smash in the Park.

They decided to add on family photos to their session, which is always a great idea. Kids grow SO fast, and moms never seem to get in the photo, so it’s always really special to have updated photos with the kids. And I always think that getting to that first year is a celebration just as much for mom and dad as it is for the kiddo, so you deserve to get in there.

I would love to chat with you more about booking a cake smash with us! Use our contact form here to get in touch.

Thanks so much for coming to see us you guys! I loved bringing this vision to life.



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Kane 6 Months | Edmonton Photographer

15 July 2019 | Children

Our First Year Package with our newborn packages includes a 6 month photo shoot. Kane’s mama has told me many times that this age is her favourite of her children’s photos. They’re just sitting, they can’t move yet, they’re excited to be there and just really happy. It was a pleasure photographing Kane’s 6 Month Session | Edmonton Photographer.

I’m pretty sure I’m a gazillion years late in posting this, but better than ever right?! Blogging is one of those things about this job that I love doing MOST of the time, but I never seem to have enough time to actually do it. Alas, here we are. Kane is 2 by now, and I’m just working on his 6 month session blog post now

You can check out Kane’s newborn session here.

Thank you once again you guys for coming to see us to capture your kiddos as they grow! It is an honour to watch so many kiddos grow up before our eyes.

Lots of love,
Shauna xox


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The Andersons in the Edmonton Blossoms

| Family

There are some people that come into our lives and we just know they’re going to stick around forever. I’ve known this girl for so many years. We met waitressing and we’ve stayed a constant in each other’s lives. It’s pretty amazing to have a friend who continued to email me while I was traveling the world, who I still talk to on the phone most days. Who I text endless photos of outfit choices and potential shopping purchases. She just gets me. It’s an honour to photograph these guys every year, to watch my best friend’s family grow and change. To laugh about her choosing outfits, and her husband pretending he hates photos. (Right, Danny? Pretending, right?) I love doing these photos of the Andersons in the Edmonton blossoms every year.

I just love you guys so much! Love being Auntie to Emily, love watching her giggle and play. These kiddos all grow up so fast that it is pretty cool to be the one photographing them year after year.

Love our yearly photo date.

Shauna xoxox

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Lauren and Adam’s Alberta Lake Engagement

24 June 2019 | Couples, Engagement

The air hung in a heavy green haze as I headed north of Edmonton. Forest fires and strong winds in Northern Alberta had sent smoke billowing southward to engulf Edmonton as well as much more of the province. Lauren and Adam’s Alberta Lake Engagement session had been planned for weeks. After checking and double checking with air quality readings we decided to go for it. But, and at the time it felt like a massive BUT, the air seemed to grow thicker the further North I travelled. By Highway 643 I could have cut it with a knife.


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The Leachmans | Spring Photos in Edmonton

20 June 2019 | Family

My dear friend has wanted family photos in the spring blossoms for a LONG time. We have tried to organize it for a few years, but both mom and dad work shift work which has made it tough to coordinate in the short time these beautiful blossoms are their vibrant, beautiful colours. This year everything finally lined up and we got the The Leachmans | Spring Photos in Edmonton.

I have photographed this family since Gavin was a baby, and this year felt like such a big shift in how we photographed them. The kids are getting bigger, they’re tall and have opinions and personalities of their own. Things are changing! Just like I’ve found our kids are changing so much, our clients are growing alongside us too. It took a few minutes to chill out, slow down and let them connect as a family without the throwing up in their and babies on their hips.

I am a firm believer that families should get photos done as their kids grow. Once children are in school we find a lot of clients stop booking annual family photos. I want to be comfortable photographing kids at any age, so it’s something I’m going to work hard on. I want a beautiful photo with my mom just as much as I want beautiful photos with my kids! Both are important. Relationships may become more complex as everyone grows, relationships change, and the family dynamic shifts, but documenting it is still just as important.

So I guess what Im getting at. Get your photos done. Keep doing them as your kids get older. Their height will change. They way they cuddle you. The way they lean into you. The way they smile at you. It’s al going to change and develop over time. I have no doubt mamma from this session will (she loves her photos!).

Love you friend!

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