The Dock and The Sunset – and Learning to Trust Myself

23 July 2014 | Maternity

For years I have wanted to do a photo shoot here. I have been coming to this lake for 25 years this summer – and I swear to you the beauty of the place only seems to grow for me. I must have taken advantage of it when I was young, but as a photographer, and as a mom, I continue to look around in wonder.

There have been countless times I have spotted a location – “ohhh that would be amazing!” or “oh wow that’s a perfect spot” and yet we’ve never done it. I asked clients to come up last summer for a camping themed engagement session, but the timing never worked out so it never happened. No one’s fault, it just didn’t work out. But I got really discouraged and assumed no one would want to make the 2 hour drive for their photos.

On a whim I tried again. I asked a family who started out as clients and have become wonderful friends if we could do their maternity session at the lake. I was nervous, even bashful, asking them if they would drive that far. And what do you know, they were thrilled to make the trip!

We made a day of it, the kids played in the water and the sand, we ate yummy camping food, and Gareth cooked us all a beautiful steak dinner over the fire.

Then our set time to start the photo shoot hit, and it was still WAY too bright at the dock. I panicked a little. This wasn’t looking the way I wanted! The photos are going to be horrible! I dragged them all the way out here for nothing!

Deep breath, Gareth took over for a minute, and we wandered around the campground while the light softened. Kara and Grant are so easy going and go with the flow – they just wanted the shoot to go well and to hang out.

I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. The sun turned to liquid gold and enveloped Kara – showing off the gorgeous little life that she’s growing inside of her. We took a few photos. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes to wait to see what the sun was doing. We’d shoot a bit more. Wait a bit more. We were just friends sitting on a dock witnessing a stunning sunset. And we were lucky enough to capture it.

I learned so much from this shoot.

– Always ask. Keep asking. Even if I keep hearing no, I need to keep asking.
– Take a deep breath. Don’t panic. If things aren’t going exactly the way you thought they would, just changed directions for a few minutes and see where it takes you.
– Take the time to enjoy. Don’t rush. Sometimes sitting and waiting for the sun to set is the best thing I can do.
– Enjoy. Every. Moment.

Thank you so much for indulging me for this photo shoot you guys. You have a beautiful family already and adding the next little girl is just going to enhance it. It was an absolute honour to capture this moment in your lives, and I can’t wait to help you celebrate when the next phase begins.

if you’re booking a shoot with us and you’re up for the drive, let me know and I’m there. In a heartbeat.

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Milano – Newborn

18 July 2014 | Newborn

Mr. Milano came out small and mighty! He’s so sweet, so loved, and so calm. His mamma doted on him and his dad proudly watched him the whole session.

It just melted my heart.

Thanks for bringing him to see us you guys. It was my pleasure to meet him, and our pleasure to help welcome him into the world.

Gareth and I have decided to really focus on the connections of families during newborn sessions. Instead of just setting up the perfect set (which we still want to do!) we really want to help show the love between a family, how welcomed and loved and cherished these new little lives are.

Welcome Milano. I can’t wait to watch you grow.

Shauna xoxox

Be sure to check out Maria’s maternity photos here! Such a stunner.

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Tyson and Jill – Edmonton Wedding Photography

16 July 2014 | Weddings

Jill and Tyson were married this past Friday. Wow – what a day. Honestly these two got married with more intention than anyone else I’ve ever seen. They were so focused on their marriage. It was truly amazing to watch.

The day was relaxed, the entire wedding party a blast. It was a hot summer day, but these guys took it all in stride (even swatting all of the misquotes away).

A big congratulations to both of you. Everyone who attended your wedding were definitely rooting for you!


Ceremoney Venue: Citadel Theater
Reception Venue: Yellowhead Brewery

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Kara and Grant – Maternity Sneak Peek

This photo shoot meant a lot to me. For many reasons. I have a massive blog post to write about it, so let me just say for now that this is my favourite place in whole world.

It’s been a big dream to host a photo shoot here.

More on that later. Thanks for making the drive you guys, I really really think it was worth it.


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Tyson and Jill Sneak Peek

People always say they want their wedding to seem like a fairytale. Theirs did.

Can’t wait to share more with you.

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Brooke – Newborn

11 July 2014 | Newborn

How have I not blogged this session yet?!

Holy man can you say beautiful family? Kellie and Keith are really amazing people, they were so relaxed during the session and happy to sit back, relax and watch up dote on their little girl for a few hours.

Brooke is beautiful! She was a little frowny during her photo shoot, but I think she was just concentrating really hard on this new crazy world of hers.

I’m pretty sure she’s ready to take it all on.


p.s. check out her parent’s maternity session here!

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Lydia and Tyler and the Tree Swing

7 July 2014 | Engagement

Lydia and Tyler are the perfect combination. Tyler is organized and meticulous and pays attention to every detail. Lydia loves things to be pretty and lovely, she is full of smiles and laughter and happiness.

They wanted something different for their engagement session (technically their second engagement session, their first one is here). Between us we brainstormed and came up with this set up. Lydia’s dad made the tree swing and I spent a good few evenings gluing lace onto mason jars (thanks for the help mom!)

The session was perfect. All day I worried about rain, but it was a lovely evening – the type of beautiful Edmonton weather we dream about (and never seem to get enough of!)

You two are really, really wonderful, and I’m SO excited for your wedding!

Thank you for the lovely flowers Janice’s Grower Direct

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Jay & Michelle – Canmore Wedding

4 July 2014 | Weddings

I feel like we go way back with Jay and Michelle now. Michelle’s mom bought them a gift certificate with us – I THINK 2 years ago now, to have engagement photos done. By the end of the session we were laughing and joking around like we had all known each other for ages. They were so fun, and so happy!

Fast forward to wedding planning. They contacted us to photograph their wedding in Canmore (woohoo! Yes!) – the plans sounded wonderful, the location perfect, the couple so lovely. We were all in, and so excited.

Now fast forward to wedding day. The casual girl we met at their engagement session – the one who wore jeans and a plain white tee, who had a short, no fuss hairstyle – well, that girl was no more. I’m sure she still sports those looks most of the time, but I showed up in the morning to see a stunning, confident woman. Wow, Michelle. Once you put that dress on and the shoes (THE SHOES) and your headpiece, all of your planning and your attention to detail came together and  you looked amazing.

The day was better than we could have hoped. Sun shining down, a small wedding with those closest to the couple, and more smiles and laughs than we ever hope for. Gareth said it’s the most fun he’s ever had with a wedding party, and the most he’s laughed while the guys were getting ready.

Thank you so, so much for having us document your day. Thank you to both sides of the family who invited us to the BBQ the night before, chatted with us and made us feel so welcome. We had already photographed Michelle’s family before, and getting to know Jay’s side, and all of the extended family was lovely. Gareth’s British accent came back in a heartbeat!

Congratulations to you both.



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The Moddes – Edmonton Family Photographer

26 June 2014 | Family

Once upon a time Gareth and I were on our last couple of weeks on our 17 month trip. We were hanging out in the UK at his parent’s house, and one day I noticed an Edmonton photographer had a Kelly Moore camera bag for sale. Gareth and I had decided that I was going to work full time for our company when we got back, so I think I kind of convinced myself that buying this bag would make me legit. Trust me when I say I was beyond scared to become a full time photographer. So this bag was my way of fakin’ it till I made it I think.

Nicole was selling the bag. I didn’t even meet her when we got home and I picked it up. I met her husband Shawn in the parking lot of their condo with their two dogs. But somehow Nicole and I got to talking and became Facebook buds. We finally met in person and clicked instantly. Nicole photographed Gareth and I when I was freshly pregnant, she was one of the first people I told because I felt weird and strange and outside my body – not in a state to be photographed. She made me feel beautiful in her “When Life Gives you Lemons” photos and I’m so grateful to her for that.

Fast forward 2 years and Nicole and I talk constantly. I don’t get to see her often but she lends me constant support as a photographer and as a mother. I greatly admire her work and look up to her professionally, and I am thankful for her friendship as a fellow mamma and just as another girl.

It was an absolute honour to photograph you my friend. Your family is beautiful – fun and happy and glowing. Callum and Mason are already friends and I can’t wait to watch them grow together. Now hurry up and move here!


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Shandell and Dusty Sneak Peek – Edmonton Wedding

20 June 2014 | Weddings

My dear friend got married on Saturday! I have so, so many photos I’m going to want to share, so there will definitely be another blog. But I shared these two over on our Facebook page, so I wanted to share them here too.

Congratulations Shandelly. So very happy for you.


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