Blossoms and the Muttart

25 February 2023 | Engagement

Hanging out with Lisa and Alan is such a pleasure. They are kind, lovely, people. They’re so easy to spend time with, and so easy to photograph. We had the best combination of Blossoms and the Muttart for their engagement session!

The evening was lovely, the weather was warm, the sun in those photos at the Muttart was absolutely perfect. Shooting at golden hour is my favourite! We always plan engagement sessions in the evening, so we get that soft, glowy light. Engagement sessions are the time we get to really be creative. We’re not held by timelines of a wedding day, and we can really play around and having some fun.

Thank you for being so wonderful! Thank you for choosing us to document your journey. We’ve been there since Alan proposed (you can see it here!)

You both are so wonderful! Thank you for a lovely evening with the blossoms and the Muttart


You can see their snowy proposal here!

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Testimonial from Lisa:
“Shauna and Gareth are the best photographers we could ever ask for. There’s just so much to say about them I don’t even know where to start.

We have known them since 2018 when they did our engagement photoshoot. It was surprise engagement, and they were so helpful in setting up the scene to make it flawless. Not to mention the photos were amazing. They caught a great photo of me with my mouth wide open when I realized my boyfriend was proposing – this photo still makes me laugh to this very day.

They also did our pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding day photos. They are the easiest, most fun people to work with. They were so patient on our wedding day doing photos, and always had a smile on their face. To them, it doesn’t seem like a job, they truly enjoy what they do. They work so great together – a few of our friends mentioned how it’s so obvious they’re a great team.

They’re very intuitive, so they know how to catch good angles of you without making you pose too much which can make you feel awkward. What I love about their photos is that they look so natural. Me and my husband are not great models, but I always tell them how they work magic and make us look so good.

Not only do their photos look good, they’re so fun to be around. They’re such genuine people, and extremely professional. My husband and I have felt so comfortable around them from the very beginning, and we’re not people who like to show a lot of PDA.

Shauna and Gareth will be our forever photographers. Since we’ve met them in 2018, we’ve had such good chemistry. They’re just the best people to hang out with, and they create ever lasting memories that we will cherish forever. See you at our maternity shoot, Shauna and Gareth! ;)”