Brand New Baby Girl in the Flowers

3 February 2019 | Newborn

It was so good to see this family again! Gareth met these guys while I was away on a trip for their family maternity session, and the photos were GORGEOUS! We were so excited to see them again when Mila was born. Her mom came with some really beautiful ideas for the session, so here is their brand new baby girl in the flowers.

Newborn photos are always a big priority to us.  I remember desperately wanting photos of the boys together when Max was born! Most toddlers are busy, full of energy, and not interested in sitting still and looking exactly where we ask them too. Kids aren’t built like that! It takes snacks, toys, silly singing, we have a whole host of tricks up our sleeves!

Big sister Blakely was wonderful. She was so excited about her baby sister, so easy to pose, so willing to sit and cuddle Mila.