Callum – 2 Months Old

8 April 2013 | Personal, Family

Little Mr. Roughley is already 2 months old (as of last Tuesday). And at the risk of sounding completely cliche – time really has flown. We had every intention of doing a 1 month post, but just as that hit, Callum came down with his first cold, which was scary, as any new parent can agree.

Once we got over that little hump, life has been a whole new world. I cannot imagine our lives without our third, he makes us laugh every day with his signature scowl and crazy faces. To say being a mom is the best thing ever is an understatement. We’ve traveled and seen the world, but nothing I have done compares to this. I was told by someone that this is the best reason to be exhausted. I couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy our little man. We sure are.