Dave & Andrea – Rainy Wedding Day

11 September 2013 | Couples, Weddings

Dave & Andrea got married this past weekend! We have started preparing a little slideshow to show at the reception so wedding guests can see what we got up to. We always ask the couple in advance but so far everyone has loved it! This is a small example of what we show – there were actually more in this slideshow but I’m holding back!

The day was full of surprises to say the least! The power went out while the girls were getting ready, the rain poured down and Andrea’s dress may have got a bit dirty. These two just took everything in stride, laughed it off and embraced the day as it was. There was nothing a few umbrellas, smiles and a dunk in the bathtub for Andrea’s dress couldn’t fix. Their upbeat attitudes meant we created some stunning photos for them. I just LOVE them.

You two are so wonderful! I’m sure we’ll have more photos to share from this wedding soon.