DJ – One Year Cake Smash

29 May 2014 | Children

DJ’s mom has been following our work for ages. When she got in touch and knew we had been traveling for 17 months, that we had a son, she knew us! It’s extremely flattering to hear all my ramblings and blog posts were read and enjoyed. I needed to catch up with her and get to know them. We have since chatted a lot back and forth online, so I feel like we’re a bit more even now.

DJ is turning one really soon, so we celebrated with a styled photo shoot.  I’m SO grateful Tracey trusted me when I told her I had an idea, she just let me go with it. Clients putting their trust in me means so much, and the photos couldn’t have turned out better. I still have apples sitting in my house that I need to bake with!

Tracey also made DJ’s amazing cake! She put a lot of work into that rainbow, and it shows, it photographed beautifully.

Thank you so much for coming to see me Tracey, I had a great afternoon with you both! I’m sure we’ll have some playdates in the future.