Edmonton Engagement Photographer | Crystal and Dean

16 March 2016 | Couples, Engagement

It wasn’t long ago that we first me Crystal and Dean to talk about their wedding. From the start it was like chatting with old friends. After booking the big day we talked over plans for their engagement session. We always suggest a different season for the engagement shoot so that your pictures have a different look and feel to that of the wedding. For Crystal and Dean that meant braving the winter chill.

We met down in the river valley, slip-sliding our way across an icy parking lot to cross the river and hit the trails.

I had a feeling the wind was going to be tough to deal with, so I filled a thermos with hot chocolate and packed a couple of our mugs for these guys to cuddle up with.

Thanks for braving the cold guys, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Even the light snowfall seemed timed to perfection.