Edmonton Engagement Photographer – Mandy and Colin

22 August 2015 | Engagement

Mandy and I met over Facetime, with her sitting outside of her house on her front step trying to find reception for her phone. They live kiiiind of in the middle of nowhere so their reception is pretty off and on.

I don’t usually do this. I like to MEET my clients before we book weddings. I want to hang out and drink a coffee and visit and make sure we fit. I want to make sure we’ll be buds, because that’s how I make my connection. With Mandy, this totally didn’t matter. We chatted for ages and ages, and we both knew this was it. This was a perfect fit.

Since booking Mandy and I have text a LOT…sometimes for a whole evening at a time. We just clicked, and Im so grateful. We decided to do their engagement session on their property outside of Edmonton. I printed her directions and pratically memorized them to make sure I didn’t get lost! Directions are not my strong suit.

What an evening. They have kept buildings up so we could shoot in front of them, their dog followed us around and proved to be an expert photo bomber. We laughed, we walked, we were eaten alive.

Thanks so much for having me you guys. I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back to shoot there in the future.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Your day is going to be one for the books.