Edmonton Engagement Photographer – Mike and Keira

10 July 2015 | Engagement

Planning a wedding has so many elements. Pretty much everything needs to be booked at least a year in advance, there is so much planning and choosing vendors and so many meetings.

I feel like I met Mike and Keira in a different lifetime. I was pregnant, only dealing with a toddler, living in our cozy little townhouse and everything was status quo.

Keira was excited, Mike was quiet. We met in a busy bustly Starbucks and clicked right away. But I honestly didn’t feel like I had really got to know them. This doesn’t always sit well with me. I want to KNOW you by the time your wedding day rolls around. I want to laugh together and make jokes and feel like we’re friends. I want to know we’re a good fit and we’re going to have fun and relax on the day.

And that is why our engagement sessions are 110% crucial. These guys were one of my first shoots after Max was born. I was kinda nervous. I was still getting back to feeling like myself, but I really really wanted that camera back in my hand.

Mike drove us all out of Edmonton and into the country to this perfect little spot Gareth found us years ago. I don’t think there was a moment of silence the whole car ride. We chatted, we laughed, they told me about their jobs, I told them about my boys. We just hung out.

The whole session went the same way. I’m so happy I got know to these guys. I’m so glad they let me. They’re amazing. They’re a team. They are building a life to be so proud of. They have a system and a routine and it really truly sounds like they’re unstoppable.

We get to watch them turn this into forever tomorrow.

I cant wait.