Edmonton Engagement Photographer | Scott and Jenna

22 February 2016 | Couples, Engagement

Jenna and Scott chose the locations for their engagement photos, and may I just say I was so impressed with their choices. I met them in Gibbons and they took me to a few spots Im sure I’ll be revisiting. They were stunning, really quiet and exactly what I look for in a location.

Jenna ordered smoke bombs to use in their photos, which was pretty fun! None of us had used them before so it was a bit of trial and error, which kept us laughing while we scrambled to figure them out!

As we were finishing up with them, the smoke started to clear and holy man – the most unreal, amazing EPIC light I have ever had at a session shon through the trees.

Un. Real.

Thanks so much for spending the evening with me. Thanks for beer afterwards! Your wedding plans sound beautiful and unique – I’m really excited for your day.