Edmonton Family Photographer | Berezowsky Family

23 February 2016 | Family

There’s a few things I know about this family for sure.

They are night owls. Well, their mama is. It’s a pretty big guarantee if I need to talk to someone late night, it’s this lady who is going to answer my text.
They’ve all got big hearts. Massive. There is nothing they won’t do for us. There aren’t a whole lot of people in life that are like that, there aren’t a ton of people that you know, without question, will be there. But these guys will come whenever asked, hands down, no questions. Add to the fact that these little girls are some of my favourites. When I get a video sent to me of Kendra talking about me and pronouncing my name perfectly, my heart melts and I’m mush.

Everything seemed to run late the day of their shoot. Scrambling trying to get two kiddos ready for photos, as well as yourself, is NOT easy. We ended up starting an hour later than planned. But when you look at these photos, there’s a reason that happened. The light, the summer air, the smiles on these girls faces. The whole family just let everything go and played for an evening. It was all just perfect.

I love you guys so much. So grateful you’re part of my village xoxo