Edmonton Maternity Photographer – Nicole and Danny

14 August 2015 | Maternity

Nicole and I have been friends for over 9 years now. She came into my life and we had so much typical 20-year-old fun together.  Our lives have changed and our bed times have got so much earlier, but Im so grateful you have stayed so constant. Even though there are so many things about us that are completely opposite of one another, we have come to love the opposites and appreciate them.

You guys are going to make wonderful parents. You’re are fun and caring – and Nicole that baby is always going to be safe with you around! (Nicole was always a super trusted babysitter for our boys!)

So happy we caught these spring blooms that went way too fast this year, and spent the evening together. Danny thank you for being a wonderful little assistant!

I love you guys so much. I’m so happy our kids are going to grow up together.

(the last photo was weeks after the original shoot)