Grace & Kaiya | Edmonton Newborn Twins

20 August 2018 | Newborn

One really cool thing about meeting so many people, and photographing so many different families, we are always learning so much about different situations. Mike and Desiree brought their twins to see them when they were brand new, and it was simply amazing. We have photographed quite a few twins by now, and I love hearing about the community for Edmonton newborn twins.

I have learned a lot from Desiree over the years. She has been my massage therapist for a long time, she’s a dear friend’s cousin, and we share a birthday! We’ve been connected by different threads. Desiree has such a peaceful way about her, and her entry into motherhood was done in the same fashion.

One thing that Desiree specifically asked for, was individual shots of both her girls. Yes, they are twins, but they are individuals as well, and she wanted to be sure to celebrate each of them. I just loved this! They are twins, but they are their own peopleĀ  and should be documented that way. Ever since Desiree said that, I’ve tried to make a point to prioritize a few individuals for each twin session. We always have, but it’s been on my mind even more so.

I absolutely love having clients like Desiree, who teach me and help me grow and change my view when photographing different situations. Thank you for putting a new spin on things for me, I love learning from you.

Welcome Grace & Kaiya, you both are so loved.

Shauna & Gareth