Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Mike and Keira

17 February 2016 | Weddings

Keira and Mike. The kind of couple that made us feel so comfortable, just like friends, and completely part of their day.

Their wedding was a family affair, and that was clear as soon as I showed up with Keira and the girls in the morning. Her mom and two sisters were right by her side helping her get ready, helping to calm her nerves and keep Keira laughing. They were all so comfortable together and it really showed.

When Keira walked down the stairs her dad was so proud. It was written all over his face. I tear up at every single wedding, and they got me started early.

The day was busy and full of laughs. From the guys all joking around during photos, to the girls attempting (in vain) to get out all of the grass and bugs out that gets stuck in a tulle dress (yes…bugs do get stuck in tulle!). They were a great group.

The reception held a ton of inside jokes and heartfelt, teary moments. I cant even begin to describe the laughs that were heard when Mike’s favourite childhood toy was brought out!

The highlight of my day (selfishly) was when Keira asked if she could keep texting me even though the wedding was done. I end up chatting with all of the my brides so much that they truly do feel like friends.

You both are just wonderful, you seem like such a team and I know you’re always going to have each others backs. Congratulations xox