Edmonton Winter Engagement Session

16 January 2023 | Engagement

Winter is cold! But, here in Edmonton, it is also a way of life. We never mind when people choose winter for their engagement session, because it’s a huge part of life here! When we’re planning your engagement session, we always suggest that choosing a different season to your wedding can be a great idea to make your photos look different to your wedding photos. Zoe and Jake braved it out on a chilly winter evening for their Edmonton engagement session!

Gareth met them at Rundle Park to walk and hang out and get to know them. Zoe actually babysat our kiddos from time to time, so it was a fun catch up! These two were so fun and their connection so obvious! They seem so comfortable with one another and they just want to have fun together.

As always, we sessions are a balance between posed shots and playful, candid shots. Everything in our sessions is somewhat guided as we want to give as much direction as our clients need while still keeping the photos looking natural. That balance is different for every couple, so the engagement session is a great opportunity to get to know our clients. We can figure out how much direction each couple needs, if they feel worried or uncomfortable with photos (so many people are nervous and unsure!)

Your engagement session is the perfect trial run for your wedding! We get to see how to pose you best, and what your comfortable doing.

Let’s have some fun at your engagement session, get creative, and create some beautiful photos.

Thanks so much for such a fun afternoon Zoe and Jake! Your Edmonton winter engagement session is stunning.

Shauna & Gareth

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