Fall Photos at the Tree Farm

27 March 2023 | Family

What a fun session with this family! When Christina emailed me about updating their family photos, we realized we haven’t updated their family photos in YEARS now! We knew we needed to make this happen. Christina loved the idea of Fall Photos at the Tree Farm, so that’s what we did!

I really find that as kids get older, people book family photos less and less. I get it! Life gets busy, kids are involved in so many activities that its hard to find a date that works. But it’s SO important you guys! It’s so important that we document these different phases of life, that we remember their ever-changing faces and their personalities as they’re growing. I love how this family got such a great mix of posed & playful photos. That is always my goal!

Also fun fact, Christina and I have known each other since grade 7! Our oldest kids are almost at the same age we were when we met. Now that is mind blowing!

Thanks so much for such a great evening you guys, I truly enjoyed this session so much!

Shauna xox

Our goal when photographing families is to have a good mix of posed shots and candid, real life photos. If there is something fun you do with your kids, we want to capture that. As well as the classic – everyone look and smile at the camera! We want to document your family as you all change and grow together. Because life is beautiful. For more information please check it out here.