First Year Package

18 September 2017 | Children, Newborn

Documenting a brand new baby is pretty incredible, there’s no question about that. It’s so amazing to see how parents are interacting with their brand new baby, to see how they’re becoming a unit. The unconditional love, the awe parents feel about this new wonder. It makes our job truly fulfilling.

There is something even better though –  photographing a baby through their first year. Seeing them go from this teeny tiny bundle as a newborn, to a 6 month old so curious about the world, just sitting, finding so much joy in their surroundings. Then one year hits, and this child is now a bundle of energy! Laughing, playing, sometimes walking.

Our first year package allows us to document this transition for parents, and it is so amazing!

When the year is up I always feel a bit sad that I’m not going to see the parents as regularly. But we still get to see most of them yearly for their family photos.

It truly is one of my favourite things about this job – watching these kiddos grow into themselves.

Shauna & Gareth xox