Fit Your Life | Edmonton Commercial Photographer

7 October 2016 | Maternity

Kellie Willie is the amazing woman behindĀ  Fit Your Life fitness classes. She has worked incredibly hard to build a supportive community for Edmonton moms, and trust me it’s a pretty great high. Every time I leave her workout classes I feel full of enough positive energy to last a good few days.

She’s not just a fitness instructor – and trust me she’s a damn good one – she’s the type of woman you want in your life. Grateful to have Kellie in MY life!

We spent the evening together creating these fitness prental photos for Fit Your Life. We laughed so much, these ladies were so much fun! I don’t do commercial work a ton, but this didn’t even feel like that. These photos feel intimate and honest and completely embody Kellie.

If you need a workout class in Edmonton, trust me, check Kellie out. She’s just the best.