Fun Family Photos in Edmonton

2 September 2022 | Family

I know what most parents think when it comes to family – did my kid even smile? That was pure chaos. Did we get a single good shot?! How do I know you think this? Because I think it too, every single time we walk walk away from our family photos. I worry if my kids smiled at all. I worry if they smiled nicely. I wonder if I looked okay or made weird faces. Seriously! Don’t we worry about it all?! But the best photo shoots I have are the ones where families take a deep breath, relax, and decide they’re going to have FUN during their session. They keep smiles on their faces, they run, they chase, they laugh. They PLAY. That is our goal – Fun Family Photos in Edmonton.

We have been photographing these guys since their engagement session. We photographed their wedding, their newborn photos with this sweet girl, and we got to see them again now that she is an adorable bundle of energy. It was so incredibly wonderful to catch up with them, and to see their family grow.

Thank you so much for being up for fun family photos in Edmonton you guys! It was so great to see you, to catch up, and to get to know your little one.


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