Fun | Project 52 – Week Two – Gareth

26 March 2018 | Personal

Fun is the key word for week 2 of our 52 week project. Thankfully it coincided with some fresh snow and slightly warmer temperatures.


Here in Edmonton winter is a reality for a large portion of the year. Because of this we try our best to embrace it, and get outside. Callum and Max have both been learning to skate and ski. When the chance comes we also head down the street to our little toboggan hill. So one evening Max and I decided to zip up our jackets and do exactly that.

It turned into a bit of a mad dash to get down the street before darkness swallowed us. So with Max sitting high on my shoulders, toboggans tucked under an arm we stomped off.


The hill was ours! For a glorious hour we skidded down the hill and Max bumped over jumps. We watched the sun set with no other soul to give us pause.


When the darkness brought a fresh wave of chill air it was time we headed home for dinner.


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