Golden, Wintery Edmonton Light

14 March 2017 | Maternity

It really, really impresses me when a guy books photos. Most guys aren’t overly excited about the idea of having a photo shoot done, but most women love to docuemnt these moments in their lives. So when guys book a session, it means they know how much it means to their lady, and they want to make her happy. Pretty amazing, right? Mike heard about us through a mutual friend, and got this all set up as a surprise for Sara. He told her a couple days early, and we chatted back and forth about outfits and colours to wear (she was even messaging me pictures from the store. This is a common occurrence!) We ended up picking a stunning day – when I get this perfect golden, wintery Edmonton light, I swoon.

We hung out for a while in a path that is well used in our photos. But I dont even care. When we consistently get results like this from a location, I’ll use it over and over and over again.

So happy you guys came to hang out with me!