Grand Imperial Wedding \\ Cody + Ashley

30 May 2022 | Weddings

I don’t even know where to start talking about this wedding. There are so many things I want to say, I feel like I could ramble forever. Let’s chat about this Grand Imperial Wedding.

I’ve known Cody’s family for a really long time. First I was an awkward high school kid hanging around their house with Cody’s brother. Then I became good friends with his sister – spent tons of time with her when we had kids at the same time. Through the years our family has been included in birthday parties and get-togethers with the LeClairs. We’ve gone ages not seeing each other, and it always picks up right where we left off.

Through the last few years we have ran into Cody at SO many weddings. To start with he was often working as a DJ, then he seemed to be the constant guest. When we had the opportunity to meet Ashley I liked her instantly! I was so excited when I heard there was a proposal in the works, and it really meant so much when Cody said he knew we would be their wedding photographers.

It was an extreme honour to photograph this wedding. I cried my eyes out, and hugged so many people I haven’t seen in a long time. Best of all, we got to know Cody and Ashley even better, hear some REALLY awesome stories about the two of them, and see how perfect they are for one another.

From our very windy photos at the top of the Muttart Conservatory, to playing some games at Home and Away, we had such a fun day. There were so many thoughful details for this STUNNING Grand Imperial wedding.

Cody and Ashley – our most sincere congratulations. We are SO incredibly happy for you. It was such an honour being chosen to document your day.

Shauna & Gareth

You can see their engagement session here!

A collage for Roughley Originals wedding photographs. Top left the brides wedding shoes on top of her wedding dress. Top right the bride surrounded by her bridesmaids in the silk house coats. The middle photo is the bride sitting having her make up done. The bottom photo is a full length portrait of the bride in her wedding dress in black and white in front of a tall window letting in lots of sunlight.
A three photo collage. The top photo the groom is having help from his groomsmen putting on his bowtie photographed in Black and White. In the middle colour photo the mother of the groom is pinning the boutonniere to the grooms jacket. The bottom black-and-white photo is a portrait of the groom in front of a fireplace with light flooding in behind him through large windows.
A two photo collage with the top photo showing the groom walking down the aisle of the grand imperial conference and banquet Centre with his parents. The bottom photo shows the bride walking down the aisle with her parents while the guests look on from the seats.
The bride and groom hold hands at the front during the wedding ceremony whilst their wedding party looks on at the grand imperial banquet and conference Centre.
Looking up at the groom from behind his bride. The groom with his groomsmen lined up behind him reads his vows. 
Looking over the groom shoulder the bride holds her hand to her heart listening to the groom read his vows.
The bride and groom kiss and dip with their wedding party looking on at the end of their Edmonton wedding ceremony.
Three intimate photos of the bride and groom on their Edmonton wedding day.  First looking at the back of the bride and groom as they hold hands and kiss leaning into each other shoulder to shoulder. The bride is holding her dress draped over her left arm at the Edmonton sign museum. Second a close-up with the groom standing behind the bride with his arms wrapped around her their hands interlocked showing their new wedding rings. Third a black-and-white of the bride and groom nose to nose with the brides veil billowing in the wind at Edmonton's Muttart conservatory.
A two photo collage of the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom with the groomsmen on their wedding day at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton.
Traffic waits at the red light watching the bride and groom in the middle of the crosswalk. The groom holds his bride in his arms her dress trailing to the road as they stand in front of Rogers Place, the home of the Edmonton Oilers.
A collage of eight photos from the wedding reception at the Grand Imperial banquet and conference Centre, Edmonton. These include the wedding party entrance, speeches, dancing and guests smiling and laughing.
The wedding reception candy bar showing their donuts and jars of assorted chewy candies.
The bride and groom, heads together Arm in arm during their first dance at the grand imperial banquet and conference Centre in Edmonton Alberta.