Grayson’s White Session I Simple Perfection

12 January 2017 | Children

Grayson’s White Session took place on a cold wintery day. The perfect day to be hanging out in our cosy studio.

It is a lot to expect for your kids to come into a new, unknown space and feel comfortable enough to show us their true self. We allow enough time for everyone, parents included, to relax and understand what is about to happen. Often times if you have had to drive for more than thirty minutes many babies and toddlers will have napped so it becomes even more important to have a few minutes to acclimatise.

Grayson did exactly this!

He woke up to new surroundings, new faces and the expectation of a successful photo shoot.

Grayson is everything you would expect from an almost two year old. Shy at first, but fascinated by his new surroundings. He wasn’t phased by this new situation in the least. He plopped himself down on the paper and pierced Gareth with a stare, intent on taking in his surroundings.

Gareth made silly faces, played peek a boo from behind his camera. Grayson played on the floor and stuck out his tongue. He laughed when Gareth did the same.

It doesn’t take long at all to capture a child in this moment in time.

The White Sessions grew out of an idea for simplicity. We want to see the smiles, the frowns, the giggles, and the cheeky grins. Without complication, kids show us themselves, their thoughtfulness and inquisitiveness, their humour and excitement. Grayson’s white session was everything we hoped for.

The White Sessions

The White Sessions will only be offered to children
Sibling photos will be offered
They will take place in our home studio
15 minute sessions
5 Full Size digital images (full session will be available for purchase)

One Child: $150 plus GST

Per Additional Child: $50 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**


Just your child. No fuss, no props,  no distraction.

The White Sessions are here, and we are so incredibly excited.